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Disney Villainous Yzma Strategy – Character Villain Guide

Yzma is one of the villains you can play in Disney Villainous: Evil Comes Prepared. Yzma is themed to play just like her character from The Emperor’s New Groove. In this Yzma strategy guide, see how you can win as Yzma and how you can stop Yzma from winning!

As Yzma in Disney Villainous, you want to get rid of Kuzco so you can rule the kingdom for yourself! Can you do it?

yzma disney villainous
Yzma from Disney Villainous surrounded by cards from her Villain Deck

In this strategy guide I look at:

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  • The Yzma Villain Guide
  • Strategy to win as Yzma
  • Yzma’s Villain deck cards
  • Important cards in Yzma’s Villain deck
  • Yzma’s Realm board
  • Yzma’s Fate deck
  • How to stop Yzma from winning

The Yzma Villain Guide

Before we dive into the Yzma strategy in detail, let’s see what the Villain Guide can show us.

Yzma’s Objective

To win, Yzma must defeat Kuzco using Kronk.

This sounds like a simple objective to accomplish, Kronk is your Ally after all. But it’s not easy at all! Kronk can turn against you, and Kuzco is hidden in one of your 4 Fate piles!

Special Setup

Yzma doesn’t just have one Fate deck. Instead, at the start of the game, shuffle her Fate deck and split it into four even piles and put them above her Realm board. One above each location.

Finding Kuzco

To defeat Kuzco, you need him in your Realm. Your opponents won’t want to play Kuzco and will do their best to hide him again if he is in your Realm!

Fortunately, you have ways to find Kuzco!

  • Eavesdrop lets you look at all the cards in a Fate deck. You’ll need to shuffle them all and put the pile back, but it’s a safe way to find Kuzco.
  • After Them! also reveals all the cards in a Fate deck, but you have to play all the Heroes you find in it to that location! If you know that Kuzco is in that pile then it’s probably worth it to get him into your Realm. But if you reveal a Wrong Lever, you lose half your Power rounded up!
  • Smash It With a Hammer is a fun, but a risky card to play. You can choose one Fate deck and reveal two random cards from it but you must discard them. That includes Kuzco!

It’s fun one to play on a Fate deck that you know hasn’t got Kuzco in. But if you play it on a Fate deck and reveal Kuzco, he is discarded and all your Fate decks are reshuffled! Then you have to go searching for him again. Smash it With a Hammer is a good card to play on a Fate deck that you know doesn’t contain Kuzco to get rid of cards that will cause you issues!

Controlling Kronk

You need Kronk to defeat Kuzco to win. But, although Kronk starts off as your Ally, he doesn’t stay that way! Whenever he’s moved, 1 Power from the Supply goes on him. If he has 3 Power or more on him, he moves to the top of your Realm and becomes a Hero!

No more Power is added to Kronk if he’s moved when he’s a Hero. And taking Power off Kronk doesn’t turn him back into an Ally.

Well, it’s no good! You need to get Kronk back!

There are two cards which can help you. The Path That Rocks lets you take the Power off Kronk and keep the same amount of Power for yourself! Nice.

The second card is Right-Hand Man. If Kronk isn’t in your Realm, you can use it to search through your Villain deck, find him and put him in play. Or if he’s already in your Realm, as an Ally or Hero, you can scoop him up and put him back in your hand. A nice way to reset his Power if he’s just about to turn!

Yzma’s Fate

Because Yzma has a Fate deck at each Realm location, when an opponent Fates you, they can choose which Fate deck to use. Your opponent can pick up a Fate deck, secretly look at all the cards, and choose which card they want to play. The card they choose must be played at the same location as the Fate deck.

The remaining cards in that Fate deck are shuffled and the deck is returned to its position.

If a Fate deck is empty, don’t shuffle your Fate discard pile. Your opponents can just choose another Fate deck to play a card from. But when all the Fate decks are empty, shuffle the Fate discard pile and deal it out to form 4 new Fate decks.

Strategy to win as Yzma in Disney Villainous

Find Kuzco

Searching for Kuzco is one of your main tasks! When you know where he is, you can prepare to Vanquish him. Use Smash It With A Hammer, After Them! and Eavesdrop to find him as quickly as you can.

Keep a poker face

Whenever you look at your Fate decks keep your best poker face.

You don’t want your opponents to know if you’ve found Kuzco in a Fate deck! Then they’ll know which Fate deck to draw from so they can discard him.

Likewise, use Superiority which allows you to say which Fate pile your opponents must look at when they Fate you. Make them look at the same Fate deck multiple times so they don’t have access to much information!

Find Kronk

You need Kronk to be able to win and he is your only Ally that can defeat stronger Heroes without the Dagger or additional Allies. Use Right Hand Man to find him and get him into play.

Use Kronk to defeat Heroes

You only have 4 Allies – Kronk and 3 Imperial Guards. Your Imperial Guards are only Strength 3 so you need to use Kronk to defeat stronger Heroes like Pacha and Chica from your Fate deck.

Yes, you’ll need to add 1 Power to Kronk each time you move him, but you have Right-Hand Man and The Path That Rocks to reduce that Power back down to 0.

The only cards that can add Power to Kronk from your Fate deck are the two copies of The Path of Righteousness. They can add a maximum of 2 Power if Kuzco is in your Realm. It’s worth the risk to have Kronk in play to defeat Heroes.

Spread out your Imperial Guards

Kronk isn’t strong enough to defeat Kuzco. You need to equip Kronk with the Dagger or have him team up with an Imperial Guard. It makes sense to put an Imperial Guard at 3 different locations so you’ve got most places covered for when Kuzco comes into play. If not, you can use Finish the Job or a Move Item or Ally to get one to the right location.

With your Imperial Guards spread out, it means you can play A Cruel Irony at any of those locations to get an Effect back from your discard pile. And Yzma has plenty of Effects in her deck!

Have an epic turn to Vanquish Kuzco

Beauty Sleep is an amazing card to let you have an epic turn on your next go. It lets you gain 2 Power, draw two cards and move a Hero to an adjacent space. Because Yzma doesn’t have and move Hero abilities in her Realm, this card is the only way she can move Kuzco to a location that suits her.

If you take your next turn at The Palace you can make sure you can use the Vanquish action there to get rid of Kuzco while you’ve got him where you want him!

Yzma’s Villain Deck cards

Yzma has 30 cards in her Villain deck. There are 14 different card designs.

There are: 21 Effects cards (A Cruel Irony, After Them!, Beauty Sleep, Eavesdrop, Fake Funeral, Finish The Job, Right-Hand Man, Smash It With A Hammer, and The Path That Rocks), 4 Conditions (Ferocity and Superiority), 4 Allies (Kronk and Imperial Guards) and 1 Item (Dagger).

  • A Cruel Irony x 2
  • After Them! x 3
  • Beauty Sleep x 2
  • Dagger x 1
  • Eavesdrop x 3
  • Fake Funeral x 2
  • Ferocity x 2
  • Finish The Job x 2
  • Imperial Guards x 3
  • Kronk x 1
  • Right-Hand Man x 2
  • Smash It With A Hammer x 3
  • Superiority x 2
  • The Path That Rocks x 20
Yzma villain deck cards effects
Yzma’s Effect cards from her Villain Deck
Yzma Disney Villainous villain deck cards Item, Condition, Ally
Yzma’s Ally, Item and Condition cards from her Villain Deck

Yzma’s cards by type

Yzma's cards by type

Yzma’s Villain deck contains 21 Effects, 4 Allies, 4 Conditions and 1 Item.

It’s not like Yzma has many Allies in The Emperor’s New Groove so I love that the deck reflects this! Instead, she uses her cunning and magic to get what she wants. That’s why she’s got so many Effects!

Yzma’s cards by ability

Yzma's cards by ability

Yzma’s card abilities make perfect sense given her objective! She has loads of abilities that help her to find Kuzco amongst her Fate decks. The second-highest number of abilities relate to Kronk, both in terms of finding him and keeping him on her side.

What’s interesting about Yzma’s Fate deck in comparison to other Disney Villainous Villains is just how varied it is. A few cards for this, a few cards for that. I think this makes her an interesting villain to play as. It means that she may draw cards that aren’t hugely helpful sometimes, but on the flip side, she can also respond to most of what the Fates throw at her.

Reveal/play/Discard Fate cards

Kuzco is hiding somewhere in your Fate decks! Your opponents want to keep him hidden, but these cards can help you find him!

After Them!

Number in deck: 3 | Power cost: 1 | Card type: Effect
Choose one of your Fate decks. Reveal all the cards. Play all revealed Heroes to that location. Shuffle and return the rest.

After Them! is a great card to have in reserve for when you know which Fate deck Kuzco is in! Then you can make sure you get him in play! Try to keep one in your hand for that exact reason. You can use other Effect cards to search for Kuzco.


Number in deck: 3 | Power cost: 2 | Card type: Effect
Choose one of your Fate decks. Look at all the cards. Shuffle and return them.

The safest way for you to look through your Fate decks is to play Eavesdrop! You get to browse the entire deck with no consequences for you. With three of these in your deck, you can look through three of the four piles. And if you haven’t found Kuzco in any of them, you can bet he’s in the fourth pile! (Providing your opponents haven’t shuffled them since you last looked!)

Smash It With A Hammer

Number in deck: 3 | Power cost: 1 | Card type: Effect
Choose one of your Fate decks. Reveal two random cards and discard them.

You’re playing with fate (hah!) if you use Smash It With a Hammer on a Fate deck that you haven’t investigated yet! You might discard Kuzco, then you need to begin the search for him all over again. Instead, try to use Smash It With a Hammer on Fate decks that you know don’t contain Kuzco, but have nasty Fate cards like On The Run, Chacha, and Tipo.


Number in deck: 2 | Card type: Condition
During their turn, if another player targets you with a Fate action, you may play Superiority. You choose which of your Fate4 decks they must look at.

I love this ability is! You can either use it to restrict the information your opponents have about your Fate decks by making them look at a Fate deck they’ve already seen so it takes them longer to find Kuzco. Or, you can use it to direct them to a Fate deck that you know doesn’t contain any troublesome Fate cards for you!

Kronk and Kronk abilities

Kronk is super important and he’s no good to you as a Hero, so it’s a good job you have abilities to keep him on your side!


Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 3 | Strength: 6 | Card type: Ally
Kronk is not discarded when he is used to defeat a Hero. When Kronk is moved, put 1 Power from the Supply on him. When there are 3 or more Power on him, put him at the top of your Board. He is treated as a Hero.

Ahh, Kronk. Source of frustration and delight! One really useful thing about Kronk is that he doesn’t get discarded when he defeats a Hero. Given how strong he is, he’s your only Ally who can single-handedly defeat any Hero besides Kuzco. So use him to defeat as many Heroes as you can! Just be careful with how much you move him, and use Right-Hand Man and The Path That Rocks to help you keep Kronk on your side!

Ideally, equip Kronk with the Dagger if you get a chance, then he’s strong enough to defeat Kronk on his own.

Right-Hand Man

Number in deck: 2 | Power cost: 2 | Card type: Effect
Find Kronk. Discard all Power on him. Put him and any Items attached to him into your hand.

Right-Hand Man is your ticket to getting Kronk in your hand if he’s not in play yet, but also for finding him in your Villain deck! With the Find action, you can search through your Villain deck until you find Kronk and put him into your hand. Lovely!

If Kronk is already in your Realm and the Power on him is starting to build up, you can use Right-Hand Man to clear all that Power off him and start again. It’s pretty cool that any Items (basically Dagger, your only item!) will return to your hand too.

The Path That Rocks

Number in deck: 2 | Power cost: 0 | Card type: Effect
Discard all Power on Kronk. Gain that much Power.

Playing The Path That Rocks feels so smug. Just as your opponents are thinking that Kronk will become a Hero, you take all the Power from him for yourself!

I also love using this card to have a few turns in a row where I move Kronk to defeat Heroes and then clear all Power from him. It runs the risk of your opponents playing The Path of Righteousness on you and pushing his Power over 3, but it’s fun.

It’s a shame that removing all Power on Kronk when he’s a Hero won’t make him an Ally again, but you can’t have everything!

Gain Power

Yzma doesn’t have the most expensive deck, but a little extra power is always nice!

Fake Funeral

Number in deck: 2 | Power cost: 0 | Card type: Effect
Gain 1 Power for each Hero in your Fate discard pile, up to 5 Power total.

It’s a good job that Fake Funeral is free because that Fate discard pile is unlikely to be too big! There are only 8 Heroes in your Fate deck and you’ll only be Vanquishing those that you really have to so you can keep your Imperial Guards and Kronk for defeating Pacha, Tipo and Kuzco! But hey, free Power is still free Power even if you don’t get much!

Ally or Item

There’s only one Item in Yzma’s deck and only one Ally type besides Kronk.


Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 1 | Strength: +1 | Card type: Item
When Dagger is played, attach it to an Ally. That Ally gets +1 Strength. When Dagger would be discarded, put it into your hand instead.

The Dagger is all Kronk needs to be able to defeat Kuzco all by himself so ideally attach it to him. But, you can always give it to an Imperial Guard so they can defeat Chicha so Yzma doesn’t lose 2 Power every time she heads to her location. Otherwise, just save it for Kronk. It’s not worth attaching it to an Imperial Guard to Vanquish the only other 4 Strength Hero, Pacha.

Imperial Guards

Your only Allies besides Kronk are your Imperial Guards.

Number in deck: 3 | Power cost: 2 | Strength: 3 | Card type: Ally
No additional ability.

An Imperial Guard + Kronk is enough to defeat Kuzco. So the best thing you can do with your Imperial Guards is spread them out across three locations in your Realm. Then you’ve got three potential Kuzco locations covered without needing to move an Imperial Guard.

The other added bonus in spreading your Imperial Guards out is that you have three locations from which you can play A Cruel Irony to get an effect card back from your discard pile.

Move an Ally

Given that you’ve only got 4 Allies, you want to make the most of them!

Finish The Job

Number in deck: 2 | Power cost: 1 | Card type: Effect
Move an Ally to any location that has a Hero.

Kronk immediately comes to mind when you see Finish The Job to take advantage of his ability to not be discarded when used to Vanquish. But Finish The Job can also be really effective at moving an Imperial Guard to Kronk and Kuzco’s location to so that you have enough strength to Vanquish Kuzco without the Dagger.

Defeat a Hero

Defeating Heroes isn’t your priority unless that Hero is Kuzco!


Number in deck: 2 | Card type: Condition
During their turn, if another player defeats a Hero with a Strength of 3 or more, you may play Ferocity. Defeat a Hero with Strength of 3 or less.

A free way to get rid of a Hero is awesome! The only thing with Ferocity, is that you may have it in your hand for quite a while especially early in the game when opponents likely don’t have Heroes to defeat. Discard it early in the game, but in the late game when you’ve got Kronk out and Kuzco is in play, keep one in your hand, it may come in useful!

Additional actions

Everyone loves a bonus action!

A Cruel Irony

Number in deck: 2 | Power cost: 2 | Card type: Effect
If there is an Ally at your location, choose an Effect from your discard pile, pay its Cost and play it.

With 21 Effect cards in her deck, A Cruel Irony is one of the most useful cards Yzma has! For example, it’s a fantastic card for getting Eavesdrops out again to investigate your Fate decks after they have been reshuffled! It’s a great one for Right-Hand Man to get Kronk back on your side.

The tricky thing with A Cruel Irony is that you can only use it if there is an Ally at your location. Not a problem if you play your Imperial Guards across multiple locations.

Beauty Sleep

Number in deck: 2 | Power cost: 1 | Card type: Effect
Beauty Sleep can only be played as the first and only action performed on your turn. Before Yzma moves on your next turn, you may gain 2 Power, draw 2 cards, and move a Hero to an adjacent space.

Beauty Sleep is such an interesting card. It effectively means you play it to skip your turn so that you can have an epic turn and take loads of actions on your next go. It’s more useful in the late game, than in the early game.

Beauty Sleep is the only way Yzma can move a Hero to an adjacent space. This can be perfect for moving Kuzco into Kronk’s path!

Important cards in Yzma’s deck

Important cards to win from Yzma's Disney Villainous deck
Cards that are important to Yzma’s strategy.

All the cards in Yzma’s deck will help you to victory, but some are more important than others. Your most important cards are split into two main groups that align with your two main tasks – finding Kuzco and using Kronk to defeat Kuzco.

After Them!, Eavesdrop, Smash It With A Hammer

Your three cards for finding Kuzco!

Kronk, Right-Hand Man, The Path That Rocks, Imperial Guards

You need Kronk to win, so he’s the most important card of all! Right-hand Man will help you find him, and The Path That Rocks will help you keep him as an Ally.

Imperial Guards I’ve added here because they will help Kronk to Vanquish Kuzco and there are 3 of them in your deck vs the 1 copy of Dagger, so it is more likely you will draw them as your support.

Yzma’s Villainous Realm board

Yzma's Realm board
Yzma’s Realm board in Disney Villainous

The Palace

The 4 actions at The Palace are: Gain 2 power, Move an Item or Ally, Vanquish, and Play a Card.

The Palace is the only location with a Vanquish action so this is where you’ll be when you finally defeat Kuzco.

The other most useful action on here is Move an Item or Ally, so you can move Kronk around to defeat Heroes. The Gain 2 Power is pretty useful too. Keeping these top 2 actions clear is going to be very useful so it’s worth doing.

Pacha’s House

The 4 actions at Pacha’s House are: Play a Card, Gain 1 Power, Move an item or Ally, and Fate.

If the top actions at Pacha’s House get covered you won’t find yourself going there hugely often because you can’t Play a Card or Gain Power there anymore. You’ll likely only visit if you need to move Kronk or an Imperial Guard, and that won’t happen very often. Or you’ll visit if you really need to Fate an opponent that’s getting ahead and your top Fate action at Mudka’s Meat hut is covered.

The Jungle

The 4 actions at The Jungle are: Play a Card, Discard Cards, Gain 3 Power, and Play a Card.

The Jungle is the only location where you can play 2 cards in one turn and it gains you a lot of Power too, with that Discard Cards action as well, it’s a perfect location for the early game. From The Jungle, you can play anything useful you have in your hand, and Discard anything you don’t need.

Mudka’s Meat Hut

The 4 actions at Mudka’s Meat hut are: Gain 1 Power, Fate, Discard Cards, and Play a Card.

That top row Fate action is going to get covered over by your opponents if they are playing sensibly! Try to keep it free if you can so you can get a Fate in while you Play a Card, Gain 1 Power, and Discard Cards that aren’t useful right now.

Yzma’s Fate deck

Yzma’s Fate deck contains 16 cards of 11 different designs.

There are 8 Effect cards (Beware The Groove, The Path of Righteousness, On The Run and Wrong Lever), the remaining 8 cards are all Heroes (Bucky, Cacha, Chicha, Kuzco, Pacha, Peasant, and Tipo).

  • Beware The Groove x 3
  • Bucky x 1
  • Chacha x 1
  • Chicha x 1
  • Kuzco x 1
  • On The Run x 1
  • Pacha x 1
  • Peasant x 2
  • The Path of Righteousness x 2
  • Tipo x 1
  • Wrong Lever x 2
Yzma's Fate deck cards in Disney Villainous
Yzma’s Fate deck cards in Villainous

Beware The Groove

Number in deck: 3 | Card Type: Effect
Choose a Hero from Yzma’s Fate discard pile. Shuffle that Hero and up to two of Yzma’s Fate decks together. Deal the cards as evenly as possible to replace the shuffled Fate decks.

How annoying Beware The Groove is to you depends on which Heroes are in the Fate discard pile. If Chacha or Tipo are reshuffled into your Fate decks they’ll block you from winning for a little while!

Keep an eye on which decks the discarded Hero is shuffled into. Your opponent might shuffle Chacha and Tipo into the decks with Kuzco in to slow you down, or they might double bluff and make you think that’s what they are doing!


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 2 | Card type: Hero
Kronk cannot be used to defeat Bucky.

Bucky isn’t too bad a Hero to face. He’s pretty easy to defeat and doesn’t block you from using Kronk to defeat Kuzco.

You need to use an Imperial Guard to defeat him. Is it worth it? It depends on how much you value being able to use A Cruel Irony at plenty of locations and whether Kronk has the Dagger or is replying on Imperial Guards to help him defeat Kuzco.


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 3 | Card type: Hero
Yzma cannot defeat other Heroes if Chacha or Tipo is in her Realm.

Chacha, along with Tipo are not fun to come up against! You will need to defeat them to Vanquish Kuzco. Personally, I prefer to defeat them using Kronk so that I don’t waste an Imperial Guard on them. Especially because they may get shuffled back in and come back! You want to hang onto your Allies.


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 4 | Card type: Hero
If Yzma moves to Chicha’s location, she immediately loses 2 Power.

Chicha won’t stop you from winning, but she can slow you down because without Power you can’t play many cards! Use Kronk to get rid of her.


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 7 | Card type: Hero
If Kuzco is discarded, shuffle him and all Yzma’s Fate decks together. Deal the cards as evenly as possible to form four new Fate decks.

The guy you’re searching for! And the guy your opponents will discard! If Kuzco is discarded and all your Fate decks are reshuffled it’s very frustrating! If this happens, discard cards to find any cards that will help you to start your search again!

On The Run

Number in deck: 1 | Card type: Effect
Choose a Hero in Yzma’s Realm. Shuffle that Hero and all Yzma’s Fate decks together. Deal the cards as evenly as possible to form four new Fate decks.

Thankfully there is only one On The Run card in Yzma’s Fate deck! It’s an absolute show-stopper if this is drawn after you’ve got Kuzco in play and are gearing up to Vanquish him.

You have to start your search all over again! Just take a deep breath and discard cards until you draw ones that will help you look through those Fate decks again.


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 4 | Card type: Hero
When Pacha is played, you may shuffle two of Yzma’s Fate decks together. Deal the cards as evenly as possible to replace the shuffled Fate decks.

At least it’s only two Fate decks that get reshuffled with Pacha! Hopefully, when your opponents play him, they don’t know which deck Kuzco is in so they shuffle two that don’t matter to you.

If they shuffle Kuzco’s deck, at least it still only two decks to search through again, rather than all of them.


Number in deck: 2 | Power: 2 | Card type: Hero
When Peasant is played, you may choose a Hero from Yzma’s Fate discard pile and shuffle that hero into one of her Fate decks.

How annoying Peasant is depends on who is in your Fate discard pile. If it’s Chaca or Tipo that are being shuffled back in, this is no fun. Just pay careful attention to which deck they are shuffled back into and hope it isn’t the one with Kuzco in!

The Path Of Righteousness

Number in deck: 2 | Card type: Effect
If Kuzco is in Yzma’s Realm, place 2 Power on Kronk. Otherwise, place 1 Power on Kronk.

If Kronk has no Power on him already, then that 2 Power basically means that you can’t move him to Vanquish a Hero, otherwise he’ll be at 3 Power and become an Ally. If Kronk is at 2 power but you want to move him, then the Path That Rocks will get his Power back down to zero.

If Kronik becomes a Hero because of Path of Righteousness, you can use Right Hand Man to get him back on your side or you can use Beauty Sleep for the Move a Hero ability and bring Kuzco to Kronk!


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 3 | Card type: Hero
Yzma cannot defeat other Heroes if Tipo or Chacae is in her Realm.

Tipo works in the same way as Chaca – double trouble! You will need to defeat them to Vanquish Kuzco and hope neither of them are shuffled back into your Fate decks!

Wrong Lever

Number in deck: 2 | Card type: Effect
When Wrong Lever is revealed, you must immediately play it. Yzma loses half her Power, rounded up.

Why do we even have that lever?! It’s annoying, but not too bad. It’s not like Yzma stockpiles Power for a big move anyway.

The good news is that if it’s revealed as part of a Fate action from your opponents that they must play it instead of the other card they have revealed!

How to stop Yzma from winning Disney Villainous

Annoying Fate cards in Yzma's fate deck
Cards in Yzma’s Fate deck that will annoy her!

Remember which cards are in each Fate deck

When you Fate Yzma, you can choose which Fate deck to draw from and look at every card in it. Try to remember which cards are in the pile you look at, especially the potential show-stopper cards: The Path of Righteousness, On The Run, Tipo and Chaca.

Then, when you really need to stop her from winning, you know where these cards are!

Watch the player’s face when they look at their Fate decks

Watch your Yzma player carefully when they are looking through a Fate deck. If they look excited, they may have found Kuzco. Now you know where he is so you can Fate her and discard him and shuffle all the decks!

Never play Kuzco

This goes without saying really, but Yzma needs to defeat Kuzco to win so don’t give her what she wants. If Kuzco isn’t in her Realm, she can’t defeat him!

Watch out for Beauty Sleep

If Yzma plays Beauty Sleep be warned! She’s planning something!

Beauty Sleep is an easy play to spot. Yzma will play it and skip the rest of her turn. That’s because Beauty Sleep gives her an epic turn on her next go including the ability to Move a Hero. And you know which Hero she’ll move, don’t you? Yep. Kuzco.

If you see Yzma sleeping for a turn Fate her intensively! You might reveal something that can interrupt her plans!

Play Heroes at lots of locations

Because Kronk is Yzma’s strongest Ally and he isn’t discarded when used to defeat a Hero, she will want to use him to defeat as many Heroes as she can! But, 1 Power is added to Kronk every time he moves. When he has 3 Power on him, he becomes a Hero! So, make Yzma move Kronk about by playing Heroes at loads of different locations!

Conclusion – Disney Villainous Yzma Strategy

To win as Yzma, give this a go.

  1. Find Kuzco using After Them! Smash It With A Hammer, and Eavesdrop.
  2. Find Kronk using The Path That Rocks if you need to.
  3. Play your Imperial Guards at different locations, play Kronk and equip him with the Dagger if you find it.
  4. Play Beauty Sleep if you want to move Kuzco to another location.
  5. Go to The Palace and Vanquish Kuzco!

The versatility of Yzma’s card abilities makes her really fun to play! Use the strategy above to keep hold of Kronk, and to prevent Kuzco getting too strong or being hidden and you will pull off your plan!

Villainous is such an awesome game! The only thing that lets it down is the flimsy plastic cauldron. But you can get an upgraded Villainous cauldron with power tokens on Etsy! It even fits in the Villainous base game box!

For more Villainous upgrade inspiration see my article – 7 Wicked Disney Villainous Upgrades and Accessories!

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