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Disney Villainous Scar Strategy – Character Villain Guide

Scar is one of the villains you can play in Disney Villainous: Evil Comes Prepared. He plays just like his character from The Lion King. In this Scar strategy guide, find out how you can win as Scar and how you can stop him from winning!

When you take on the role of Scar, you want to defeat Mufasa and anyone else who stands between you and the throne! Will you succeed?

Scar Disney Villainous
Scar from Disney Villainous surrounded by cards from his Villain deck

In this strategy guide, I look at:

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  • The Scar Villain Guide
  • Strategy to win as Scar
  • Scar’s villain deck cards
  • Important cards in Scar’s villain deck
  • Scar’s Realm board
  • Scar’s Fate deck
  • How to stop Scar from winning

The Scar Villain Guide

Let’s take a look at the Scar Villain Guide before taking a closer look at the Scar strategy. 

Scar’s Objective

To win as Scar, you must start your turn with at least 15 Strength in the Succession pile. 

Defeating Heroes you say? Delicious! Now, where’s Mufasa?

Scar is unique because when he defeats a Hero, instead of it going into a Fate discard pile, it goes into his Succession pile instead. But only after he’s defeated Mufasa. Until that point, any Heroes he defeats go into the Fate discard pile as normal.

When he starts his turn with Heroes of strength 15 or more in his Succession pile, he wins!

Controlling Your Fate

Defeating Heroes before you defeat Mufasa is not going to get you closer to winning, so you need to find him first. Problem is, he’s in your Fate deck.

Long Live the King is an Effect card that will help you find Mufasa. It lets you reveal four cards from your Fate deck and play a Hero.

Whisper is helpful if Mufasa has been discarded into your Fate discard pile. It allows you to choose a card from your Fate discard pile and play it. So you can defeat Heroes all over again and discard to your Succession pile this time! Even better, Whisper allows you to precisely time when Mufasa comes into play.

Or, you could play Hakuna Matata to move a Hero to any location if it’s more useful to you. 

Succession Pile

Any Heroes you defeat after defeating Mufasa go into your Succession pile instead of your discard pile. Create the Succession pile face up below your Realm board.

Only Heroes go into the Succession pile, not Items or Prophecies.

Cards can’t be played to the Succession pile and the Abilities on the cards in there are ignored. 


Just like in The Lion King, Hyenas are more intimidating and stronger when they’re in a pack. Hungry Hyenas get +1 Strength for every other Hyena at their location.

But not if Simba is in play. He stops Hyenas from ever having a Strength of more than 2. 

Leaders of the Pack

Your top hyenas Banzai, Ed and Shenzi, help you to get Power or save Power. They’ll help you to get more Hyenas in play and also boost the Strength of Hungry Hyenas at their location.

Banzai, Ed, and Shenzi are classed as a Hyena card type so any Ability that refers to Hyenas includes them.

  • Banzai gains you Power anytime a Hyena at his location is discarded.
  • Ed reduces the cost to play Hyenas at his location by 1 Power. 
  • Shenzi lets you play a Hyena from your hand for free. 

Strategy to win as Scar in Villainous

Amass Hyenas!

I never thought Hyenas essential, they’re crude and unspeakably plain, but because Hyenas get a bonus +1 Strength for each other Hyena at their location they can be effective when allied to your vision. If you build up their strength before Vanquishing a Hero, you shouldn’t need to discard many in the process.

Start building up Hyenas from the beginning of the game ideally at Elephant Graveyard so you can protect your two Play a Card Actions at your Gain 3 Power location. If you want to spread your hyenas out, put the others at The Savanna so wherever a Hero is played, they are never more than one location away from your Hyenas. Then they are always within reach of Stampede.

When you’ve got a lot of Hyenas in one place you want to march your hyenas together rather than moving each Hyena one at a time. Use Feeding Frenzy, Hakuna Matata, and Stampede to move Heroes into the path of your Hyenas.

Don’t Vanquish any Heroes until Mufasa

It’s just wasted effort because their Strength points won’t go into your succession pile. The exception to this is Rafiki. Because you need to defeat Rafiki before other Heroes, you’ll want him out of your Realm if he comes into play before Mufasa. The longer you are blocked from defeating Mufasa, the more chances your opponents have to boost Mufasa with a Prophecy.

If Rafiki isn’t in play before Mufasa, then just bide your time, build your Hyenas, and prepare for the chance of a lifetime.

Defeat Simba after Mufasa

If you can, defeat Simba after Mufasa. Simba has 5 Strength points so with him and Mufasa, you’re 11 Strength towards your 15 Strength target.

Plus Simba will be a target for Prophecies played by your opponents and it’s much easier to get rid of him when he has a Strength of 5 rather than 8!

Discard some cards, but mostly play them

Discard anything that’s not immediately useful, but play your Hyenas. You need them! Also, use Long Live the King to find Mufasa and get him into your Fate discard pile. Just don’t play him if you aren’t ready.

Don’t worry about discarding cards. You have Be Prepared to get cards back from your discard pile when the time is right and several copies of Whisper to play Mufasa from your Fate discard deck.

Plus, Scar’s deck only has 11 unique card types in his deck of 30 cards so it likely won’t be long before another card of the same type turns up anyway.

Use Hakuna Matata to move Heroes and Zazu

Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful card! It may be in your Fate deck, but with Whisper you can use it for yourself. Either use it to move a Hero into your Hyenas’ path to be Vanquished, or to move Zazu to a Hero’s location to weaken them. Easy prey.

Play and Vanquish Mufasa in one turn

You need to find Mufasa so you can defeat him and start building up your Succession pile. But we’re talking kings and successions and if you play Mufasa too early your opponents can boost him with a Prophecy or Rafiki’s Stick. A Prophecy makes him a Strength 9 Hero that’s really tough to beat and Rafiki’s Stick means you need to defeat him twice!

To prepare for the coup of the century, get your Hyenas ready then move Scar to The Gorge. Use your top Play a Card Action to play Whisper to get Mufasa in play from your discard pile. Then use the Vanquish Action to deal with him. To sweeten the deal you can even Fate your opponents while you’re at it.

Of course, you need to keep The Gorge free of Heroes to pull this off.

Scar’s Villain Deck cards

Scar has 30 cards in his Villain deck. There are 12 different card designs, fewer than most Villainous villains. 

  • Banzai the Hyena x 1
  • Be Prepared x 3
  • Ed the Hyena x 1
  • Feeding Frenzy x 2
  • Hungry Hyena x 6
  • Injustice x 2
  • Long Live the King 4
  • Pride x 2
  • Shenzi the Hyena x 1
  • Stampede x 2
  • Stick with Me x 3
  • Whisper x 3
Scar Villain deck effects cards
Scar’s Effect cards from his Disney Villainous villain deck
scar disney villainous ally cards
Scar’s Ally cards from his Disney Villainous villain deck
scar disney villainous condition cards
Scar’s Condition cards from his Disney Villainous villain deck

Scar’s cards by type

Graph scars cards by type

Scar’s deck contains 15 Effect cards, 11 Ally cards, and 4 Conditions. Scar has no Item cards at all. Is that because he can’t hold them in his paws?

Scar’s Villain deck card types are a perfect fit for him! He uses his power and influence to manipulate the game with Effects and to command his Allies.

Scar’s cards by ability

Scar's cards by ability graph

When you see Scar’s cards sorted by their ability, it’s clear what’s important to him. Getting Mufasa out of your Fate deck is priority 1, then stacking up those Hyenas while using your power bonuses to do it quickly, and then moving Heros into the path of your Hyenas! 

Reveal or play Fate cards

These cards all help you find and get to Mufasa as quickly as possible.


Number in deck: 2 | Card type: Condition
During their turn, if another player targets you with a Fate action, you may play Injustice. Before they reveal cards, look at the top two cards of your Fate deck. Either discard or return each to the top of the deck.

Usually, Conditions are too, well, conditional, to keep hold of! However, Injustice is a great card to have if Mufasa isn’t in play yet. Keep it in your hand. Your opponents are going to Fate you sooner or later!

If Mufasa is in play, discard it. 

Long Live the King

Number in deck: 4 | Power cost: 1 | Card type: Effect
Reveal the top four cards of your Fate deck. You may play one Hero. Discard the rest. 

Play cards directly from the Villain deck? Yes, please! That’s where Mufasa lives! Long Live the King costs 1 Power per play, but it’s totally worth it to find Mufasa and start building your Succession pile points!


Number in deck: 3 | Power cost: 1 | Card type: Effect
Choose a card from your Fate discard pile and play it.

Your opponents may choose to discard Mufasa instead of playing him from your Fate deck and there’s where Whisper comes in. If they do discard him, at least you can get him back. Plus, you can play it to a location that you choose! Like right in front of your Hyenas!

Definitely hang onto a Whisper card if it comes up and Mufasa isn’t out yet. Whisper is also a great card to play to get Hakuna Matata back out of your Fate deck. You can use it to move a Hero to any location!

Discard cards

Discard cards is a nifty way to change the game to your favor when it’s not going the way you want!

Be Prepared

Number in deck: 3 | Power cost: 1 | Card type: Effect
Discard the top three cards of your deck. You may choose one Effect or up to two Allies from your discard pile and put them into your hand.

Be Prepared is one of the reasons why it’s good to keep an eye on your discard pile. It’s a fantastic way to reuse cards that are perfect for your current situation!

It’s a nice one to have up your sleeve from the beginning of the game really. If you come across a Long Live the King early on, you can use Be Prepared to play it again and find Mufasa. Later in the game, you can use it to quickly get Hyenas into play, or to grab Feeding Frenzy and quickly move your Hyenas around your Realm!

Remember that the cards you discard when you use Be Prepared are up for grabs when you use it. So you may play it intending to get one card from your discard pile and then change your mind if you reveal a better one!

Hungry Hyena

Making up the majority of your Allies, Hungry Hyenas are a great way to quickly build a strong set of Allies.

Hungry Hyena

Number in deck: 6 | Power cost: 2 | Strength: 1 | Card type: Ally
Hungry Hyena gets +1 Strength for each other Hyena at her location.

Played alone, a single Hyena seems really expensive. It’s 2 Power for 1 Strength. However, they quickly become worth it. Banzai, Ed, and Shenzi count as Hyenas too, so they’ll give your Hungry Hyenas a boost and they’ll reduce the amount they cost or give you Power back.

The best way to play Hungry Hyenas is to play them at one or two main locations in your Realm to build them up and stack their Strength. Because you’ll be moving Heroes into their path choose locations with top actions that you won’t miss when they’re covered over like Elephant Graveyard.

If you have some Hyenas at Elephant Graveyard and The Savannah, then wherever your opponent plays a Hero, you can use Stampede to move them to an adjacent location and Vanquish them.

Early in the game, it’s fine to play the odd Hyena, but focus on spending most of your power on Effects that help you find Mufasa. You can always get your Hungry Hyenas back from your discard pile using Be Prepared when you need them in play.

Gain Power/Reduce Cost

Taking over the Realm doesn’t come cheap, you’ve got Hungry Hyenas to feed.

Banzai the Hyena

Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 2 | Strength: 2 | Card type: Ally
Gain 1 power for each other Hyena discarded from Banzai’s location.

Banzai is a nice Hyena to have out in the later game when you’re Vanquishing Heroes with your Hyenas. Chances are you’ll need to lose a Hungry Hyena to Vanquish a Hero, but it sweetens the deal to get 1 power back each time!

Ed the Hyena

Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 2 | Strength: 2 | Card type: Ally
The Cost to play Hyenas to Ed’s location is reduced by 1 Power.

Ed is a brilliant Hyena to get out in the early game! You can play all your Hyenas for just 1 Power. If you get him in your starting hand, then play him, rather than discarding him. He’ll allow you to amass your Hyenas much faster because you’ll need to save up less Power to do it.

Shenzi the Hyena

Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 2 | Strength: 2 | Card type: Ally
When Shenzi is played, you may play a Hyena from your hand for free.

Two for the price of one is always a good deal! What’s cool about Shenzi is that your other Hyena could be Ed or Banzai as well as a Hungry Hyena. Of course, if you play a Hungry Hyena at Shenzi’s location, it’ll immediately gain +1 Strength for having another Hyena there which is nice.

Shenzi is a nice little boomerang card to use. You could play Be Prepared to bring her back into play if she’s defeated to play another Hyena for free again!


Number in deck: 2 | Card type: Condition
During their turn, if another player discards two or more cards, you may play Pride. Gain 3 Power.

I don’t feel like Pride is worth hanging onto. You can’t control when other players will discard cards and 3 Power isn’t a huge reward for this card when they do. Free up a precious card slot and discard it when it comes up.

Move Hyenas or Hero

Seeing as you’ll be putting your Hyenas in one or two spots to help each other, it’s pretty important that you can either move them or move Heroes into their path!

Feeding Frenzy

Number in deck: 2 | Power cost: 2 | Card type: Effect
Choose a location and move any number of Hyenas in your Realm to that location.

This is so cool! Just like the image on the card, it is just like throwing a hunk of meat out to the Hyenas and they all chase after it!

It’s amazing to see all your Hyenas move from one Realm location to another when you play this card! This is another Effect card that Whisper can be useful to get back, especially if you have a couple of high Strength Heroes to Vanquish.


Number in deck: 2 | Power cost: 2 | Strength: 3 | Card type: Ally
If Stampede is played to a location that has a Hero, move one Hero at that location to an adjacent location. Then you may perform a Vanquish action at the Hero’s new location.

As an Ally on their own, Stampede is pretty tough. 2 Power for a 3 Strength Ally isn’t a bad deal either.

Where Stampede really shines is in its ability to move a Hero to an adjacent location and perform a free Vanquish action there. If you set up your Hyenas at The Savanna and Elephant Graveyard, wherever you play Stampede, you can throw a Hero into the path of your Hyenas!

Take a bonus action

A bonus action can be just the little boost you need to give you the edge over your opponents!

Stick With Me

Number in deck: 3 | Power cost: 0 | Card type: Effect
Choose a Hyena who is not at Scar’s location. You may perform one available action at that Hyena’s location. You cannot use Stick With Me to perform Fate actions.

A bonus is always nice and Stick With Me is completely free to play too! Perhaps the Ability Scar needs the most is Power to play Allies, and you’ll likely have Hyenas at Elephant Graveyard anyway, so Stick With Me is always going to be useful!

Important cards in Scar’s deck

Scar Disney Villainous villain deck important cards to win
Important cards in Scar’s Villain deck. Key to your winning strategy!

Be Prepared

Injustice deliciously squared, Be Prepared will help you turn the situation to your advantage! Early in the game, it can help you to find and/or replay a Long Live the King to find Mufasa, later in the game it can help you to get Hyenas into play or get Shenzi back from your discard pile.

Feeding Frenzy

Throw that hunk of meat for your Hyenas to chase after! They may nibble on a Hero or two while they’re there.

Hungry Hyenas

Gather them together and watch them grow in Strength. Alone they are weak, but together they are strong!

Long Live the King

The quicker you can get Mufasa into play, the quicker you can start building up that Succession pile! Use Long Live the Kings as much as you want. Remember the card says, “You may play one Hero.” ‘May’ being the keyword here. If it’s not Mufasa, you don’t need to get that Hero out!

Of course, if your opponents are not playing Heroes fast enough for you, you can use Long Live the King to get those Heroes in your Realm so you can Vanquish them!


If your opponents want to make things difficult for you, they might throw Mufasa into your Fate discard pile instead of playing him to your Realm. With Long Live the King, you can get Mufasa out yourself!

Scar’s Villainous Realm board

Scar's Realm board in Disney Villainous
Scar’s Realm board in Disney Villainous.

There are 4 locations on Scar’s Realm board and all are unlocked from the beginning of the game. Which are the most useful to you and where will you be spending your time?

Pride Rock

The 4 actions are Pride Rock are: Gain 2 Power, Play a Card, Play a Card, Move an Item or Ally.

Pride Rock is brilliant for the Move and Item or Ally action which you can use to shuffle your Allies around in preparation for a Vanquish!

Gain 2 Power is always useful and Play 2 cards is handy too, while both actions are available that is. In the early game go between here and Elephant Graveyard to gather Power while you can and start building your Hyenas!

The Savanna

The 4 actions at The Savanna are: Play a Card, Fate, Discard Cards, Gain 1 Power.

Ah, the beautiful Savanna. This is like the backup location for your Hyenas.

Early in the game, the Discard Cards action from here can be helpful and it’s a nice way to subject your opponents to get some early Fates.

Elephant Graveyard

The 4 actions at Elephant Graveyard are: Discard Cards, Play a Card, Play a Card, Gain 3 Power.

The former home of the Hyenas actually makes a lot of sense as a place to gather your Hyenas. It gives you two adjacent locations from which you can use Stampede.

Plus, that Gain 3 Power is so important because you’ll always feel like you don’t have enough Power playing as Scar. Appropriate, right?

If you amass your Hyenas here it will at least defend this location so you can Gain 3 Power and make the most of those two Play a Card actions.

The Gorge

The 4 actions at The Gorge are: Move an Item or Ally, Play a Card, Vanquish, Fate.

The Gorge is pretty special because it’s the only place you can go to Vanquish Heroes and you’ll be doing a lot of that. It’s also the only place you can pull off the plan to play and defeat Mufasa in one turn.

Try to keep The Gorge free from Heroes so you can pull off your plan whenever the time suits you. Not to mention, you’ll keep that all-important move Ally or Item ability free too. Really handy if you want to bring the odd stray ally back into the pack.

Scar’s Fate deck

Scar’s Fate deck contains 15 cards of 11 different designs. There are 3 Effect cards (Hakuna Matata), 4 Item cards (Prophecies and Rafiki’s Stick), and the remaining 8 cards are Heroes (Mufasa, Nala, Pumbaa, Rafiki, Sarabi, Simba, Timon, and Zazu).

  • Hakuna Matata x 3
  • Mufasa x 1
  • Nala x 1
  • Prophecy x 3
  • Pumbaa x 1
  • Rafiki x 1
  • Rafiki’s Stick x 1
  • Sarabi x 1
  • Simba x 1
  • Timon x 1
  • Zazu x 1
Scar Villainous Fate deck cards
All the cards in Scar’s Disney Villainous Fate deck

Hakuna Matata

Number in deck: 3 | Card type: Effect
Either choose Hero with Strength 3 or less from the Succession pile and play that Hero, or move a Hero to any location.

When it’s played against you, Hakuna Matata can be terrible. If you’ve got Heroes worth 15 Strength in your Succession pile and Hakuna Mata is played before the start of your next turn, Hakuna Matata stops you from winning.

Opponents can also use it to move tough Heroes away from your Hyenas meaning you need to realign your troops to Vanquish them!

However, Hakuna Matata can be brilliant for you if you play it from your Fate discard pile using Whisper. There is no move Hero action on Scar’s board so Hakuna Matata can be a helpful way to send a Hero into the path of your Hyenas! 


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 6 | Card type: Hero
When Mufasa is defeated, put him into the Succession pile. If Mufasa is in the Succession pile, all Heroes you defeat are put into the Succession pile.

Mufasa is your toughest foe, but his defeat is also necessary for you to claim your rightful place as king! Your opponents may well play him if they can see you haven’t got many Hyenas in play. It gives your opponents the chance to strengthen Mufasa with a Prophecy or protect him with Rafiki’s Stick.

If Mufasa is put into play, everything you do needs to focus on getting rid of him as quickly as you can! There’s no point taking care of other Heroes before Mufasa is gone. So get those Hyenas out and consider moving Zazu over to Mufasa’s location with Whisper if you can.


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 3 | Card type: Hero
When Nala is played, you may move a Hero to any location.

Nala isn’t the toughest Hero to defeat so can be a nice one to top up the points in your Succession pile. However, her ability only occurs on play, so she may not be the highest priority for you. If only one of Timon or Pumbaa is in play, then prioritize them while they’re weak and alone!


Number in deck: 3 | Card type: Item
When Prophecy is played, attach it to a Hero with no other attached Items. That Hero gets +3 Strength.

Prophecy is a truly awful card and there are three of them! It makes any Hero much more difficult to defeat, but is especially bad when played on Mufasa! He then becomes a Strength 9 Hero that you need to defeat before building up your Succession points.

Scar doesn’t have any abilities that can discard Items on Heroes, so all you can do is build up your troops to take care of the Hero with Prophecy attached!


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 3 | Card type: Hero
Pumbaa gets +2 Strength if Timon is in Scar’s Realm.

On his own Pumbaa is fine, with his buddy Timon, he becomes as tough as Simba. With a Prophecy on him, he’s a Strength 8!

If you see Pumbaa in your Realm get rid of him as soon as you can! He can more than double his strength with some unlucky Fate draws!


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 3 | Card type: Hero
Scar must defeat Rafiki before defeating other Heroes.

Rafiki is like Mufasa’s shield. He’ll slow down your win which allows your opponents more time to Fate you so you may want to get rid of Rafiki before you Vanquish Mufasa.

Rafiki’s Stick

Number in deck: 1 | Card type: Item
When Rafiki’s stick is played, attach it to a Hero. When that Hero would be defeated, discard this Item instead.

Argh! Another shield! Rafiki’s Stick is no fun at all. Vanquish a Hero and all you’ll do is get rid of the stick! All you can do is hope that your opponents put Rafiki’s Stick on a Hero that you don’t care about!


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 3 | Card type: Hero
When Sarabi is played, you may discard a Hyena from her location.

Sarabi gives you a little setback but she’s not too bad really. You can get more Allies in play to make up for the Hyena you lost.


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 5 | Card type: Hero
Hyenas cannot have a Strength of more than 2.

Simba is the most irritating Hero in my opinion. The whole point of your Hyenas is that they get super tough so you can take on difficult Heroes! If Simba is in play and you want to defeat Mufasa with a Prophecy attached you need 5 Hyenas to defeat him! They’ll all be discarded too. You’ll need to use Be Prepared if that happens so you can get some Allies back in play!


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 3 | Card type: Hero
Timon gets +2 Strength if Pumbaa is in Scar’s Realm.

Just as with Pumbaa, Timon looks like he’s no problem. But don’t be fooled! He can become a Strength 9 surprisingly quickly! Take care of him as soon as you can.


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 2 | Card type: Hero
All other Heroes at Zazu’s location get -2 Strength. All Heroes at other locations get +1 Strength.

I love Zazu’s ability. It’s perfect theming!

Zazu is not a terrible Hero to have played on you because you can make him work in your favour. If you use Whisper to get a Hakuna Matata from your Fate discard pile, you can move Zazu to the location with the toughest Heroes to weaken them!

How to stop Scar from winning Disney Villainous

To stop Scar from winning Villainous, use these Fate cards to annoy him and follow these tips!

Scar Disney Villainous Annoying fate cards
Cards to annoy Scar in his Villainous Fate deck

Fate him early before he can start his Succession pile

He won’t want to Vanquish Heroes before he’s defeated Mufasa so will need to play with top Realm action blocked! That will really hinder his progress!

Spread Heroes across all locations

Because Scar’s Hyenas are strongest when they are in a pack, he wants to keep them together at one location. Play Heroes across his Realm so he has to keep moving his Hyenas to defeat Heroes.

Keep a Hero at The Gorge

Scar needs to visit The Gorge to Vanquish Heroes, so make it less valuable for him while he’s there! You don’t want him to be able to Play a Card before Vanquishing Heroes because it will hugely free up his options.

Blocking his Play a Card action on the top of his Realm also prevents him from pulling off a special strategy! He can use Whisper to play Mufasa from his Fate discard pile and Vanquish him on the same turn!

Rafiki is like a shield for Heroes

Scar needs the points from Vanquishing Heroes to win so anything that directly blocks him from meeting his win condition is hugely valuable! Rafiki will slow him down by forcing him to Vanquish the Hero twice if they want the strength points!

Give Rafiki’s Stick to Mufasa and Simba

Scar needs to defeat Mufasa to start building his Succession pile and start storing up Strength points there. The tougher Mufasa is, the longer it takes for Scar to amass enough Hyenas to defeat him and therefore, the longer it takes him to meet his objective.

Use Hakuna Matata to remove Heroes from the Succession Pile

This is incredibly annoying for Scar! After investing time and Allies to Vanquish a Hero seeing them come back is no fun!

Because Hakuna Matata reduces Scar’s current points total, when he hits 15 points and will win at the start of his next turn, this card can be the only thing that stops him from winning!

The Move ability on Hakuna Matata is also very cool. If Scar has been lining up all his Hyenas at a tough Hero’s location, you can just move them out of the way!

Discard Mufasa or play him to a location with no Allies

Both are valid strategies to hinder Scar. If Mufasa is in Scar’s Fate discard pile, he can get him out with Whisper when the time is perfect for him! 

But if you play Mufasa to a location not adjacent to his Hyenas, then Scar will need to move his Hyenas to a new location with a Feeding Frenzy to Vanquish him.

Don’t play Mufasa to an adjacent location though, because Scar can also use Stampede to move Mufasa to the same location as his Hyenas and use Vanquish in the same turn.

Strengthen Heroes with Prophecy

Prophecy is a great card for boosting Heroes. Put them on the strongest Heroes to make them really difficult for Scar to defeat!

Conclusion – Scar Strategy Guide

To win as Scar in Disney Villainous follow these steps:

  1. Discard or play cards to get through your deck to get Long Live the King cards to find and Mufasa.
  2. When you find Mufasa, if you have enough Allies to defeat him, then play him and Vanquish him. If not, put him into your Fate discard pile.
  3. If Mufasa is in your Fate discard pile, build up Hyenas, and keep the top actions at The Gorge free. When you have enough Hyenas to defeat Mufasa, move Scar to The Gorge, play Whisper to get Mufasa into your Realm, and Vanquish him.
  4. Use Feeding Frenzy, Stampede, and Whisper (to play Hakuna Matata), to push Heroes into the path of your Hyenas.
  5. Use Be Prepared to get whatever cards you need at any given moment!

Scar is a fun villain to play if you enjoy playing villains that are Vanquish focused. Build up those Hyenas and enjoy adding Vanquished Heroes to your Succession pile!

Villainous is such an awesome game! The only thing that lets it down is the flimsy plastic cauldron. But you can get an upgraded Villainous cauldron with power tokens on Etsy! It even fits in the Villainous base game box!

For more Villainous upgrade inspiration see my article – 7 Wicked Disney Villainous Upgrades and Accessories!

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