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Disney Villainous Strategy Captain Hook – Character Villain Guide

Captain Hook is the flamboyant and quick to temper villain from Disney’s Peter Pan. He’s also a character you can play in the Disney Villainous board game. This article looks at the best strategy for playing Captain Hook in Villainous.

When you play as Captain Hook you are obsessed with just one thing. Finding Peter Pan and getting your revenge for him feeding your hand to the crocodile!

Captain Hook Disney Villainous
Captain Hook from Villainous surrounded by his cards

In this strategy guide I look at:

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  • The Captain Hook Villain Guide
  • Strategy to win as Captain Hook
  • Captain Hook’s cards
  • Important cards in Captain Hook’s deck
  • Captain Hook’s board
  • How to stop Captain Hook from winning

The Captain Hook Villain Guide

Before taking a closer look at the strategy for Captain Hook, let’s see what the Captain Hook Villain Guide tells us.


Defeat Peter Pan at the Jolly Roger.

Special Setup

The Hangman’s Tree board location is locked at the start of the game.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan is one of the cards you need to win the game. When he is revealed, he must be played at the Hangman’s Tree even if it’s locked.

Peter Pan is a card in your fate deck. You have special cards that allow you to search through your fate deck to reveal, discard and play cards from it on yourself. But you can speed up how quickly Peter Pan is revealed by getting other players to play fate cards on you.

Never Land Map

When you play the Never Land Map you can unlock Hangman’s Tree. You’ll need to unlock Hangman’s Tree, otherwise, Peter Pan can’t be moved from there.

Controlling Your Fate

Because you need to find Peter Pan from your fate deck, Captain Hook’s deck contains cards that allow you to play, discard and find cards in your own fate deck. These cards are Worthy Opponent, Give Them A Scare, and Obsession.

It may seem counter-intuitive to play fate cards on yourself, but doing so will help you to find Peter Pan as soon as possible.

Extra Actions

Captain Hook has some item cards which can add an extra action to a location. Cannon adds a vanquish action, Hook’s Case adds gain 1 power, and Ingenious Device adds the move hero action.

When you play one of these cards to a location, whenever Captain Hook is at that location you can use the action on the card plus the board actions.

Strategy to win as Captain Hook in Villainous

First, find Peter Pan and the Never Land Map

These are the two cards you need to find to win. Your focus at the start of the game should be to discard cards that help you discover Peter Pan and the Never Land Map. So discard everything that isn’t Worthy Opponent or Give Them A Scare.

Obsession is the other card that lets you play a hero from your Fate deck, but it can only be played when an opponent defeats a hero of strength 4 or more. That’s unlikely to happen very early in the game, so discard this if you draw it very early.

Don’t be so focused on finding Peter Pan that you forget that burning through your own deck to find the Never Land Map is just as important. That map could be at the bottom of your deck. You can’t win without it.

Play allies during the mid-game

Peter Pan is tough. He has a strength of 8. Given that your strongest ally has a strength of 4 it’s going to take a few allies or some boosted allies to defeat him. So you want to start readying your pirates as soon as you can.

Keep 4 power in reserve

The Never Land Map costs 4 power to play and you will want to play it as soon as you get it to unlock Hangman’s Tree.

Act as flamboyant as Captain Hook

You want people to fate you. The more they do, the quicker you will find Peter Pan and win. So how can you get people to fate you?

Taunt them. Fate them a lot. You will irritate them so much they will want to retaliate.

You can also act like you’re winning. Just like Captain Hook does.

Play lots of allies so you look like you are gaining a lead. Boast about all your pirates and how tough they are so people feel like they need to slow you down!

Play Smee at the Jolly Roger

When Smee is at the Jolly Roger he gets +2 strength making him a 4 strength ally. That’s halfway to defeating Peter Pan at his base strength of 8.

Captain Hook’s cards

Captain Hook’s cards by type

captain hook card type graph

Captain Hook’s cards look the most like a conventional deck from all the Villainous characters. Allies with a mixture of items and effects to boost your allies and control the gameplay to help you win.

With more ally cards than any other type, it’s clear that they play an important part in winning as Captain Hook. I’ll look now at the abilities on the cards.

Captain Hook’s cards by ability

captain card ability graph

Looking at the cards by their ability it’s even clearer how to play Captain Hook. It’s all about searching through your fate deck for Peter Pan and the Never Land Map then playing and boosting your allies to win.

There are six main abilities you have as Captain Hook.

1. Basic ally

Playing a basic ally on your turn is not a bad move. There are two cards in the basic ally category – 3 x Swashbuckler with a strength of 2 and 2 x Pirate Brute with a strength of 4.

You’ll need allies to defeat Peter Pan who has a strength of 8, so 5 basic allies is not such a bad thing.

2. Additional action

These 5 item cards are all pretty useful. Each one adds an extra action to the location it’s played at. So every time Captain Hook is at that location you can take an extra action.

The best thing about them is they can’t be blocked by heroes because they are played on your side of the board.

There are 2 x Cannons which add a vanquish action, 2 x Hook’s Case which gains you 1 power and 1 x Ingenious device which adds a move hero action.

3. Boost ally

With mostly weak allies and a high strength nemesis to defeat, you’ll be grateful for these boost cards.

Two of them are the cards Aye, Aye, Sir! It boosts an ally by +2 strength until the end of your turn. Another two come from the Cutlass cards which attach to an ally and give them +2 strength.

The final boost card is Smee. He can boost himself by +2 strength if he is at the Jolly Roger.

4. Reveal, play or discard own fate cards

You need to find Peter Pan and the Never Land Map to win. It makes sense that the deck contains 8 cards to help you do that.

Worthy Opponent is a brilliant card. There are 3 of these in your deck. It costs nothing to play, gives you two power and you can search your fate deck for a hero and play it. Not only that, but you discard the others further increasing the chances that Peter Pan is played.

Give Them A Scare is the other reveal fate cards ability. With this you can look at the top two cards of your fate deck and either discard them (if they’re not Peter Pan) or put them back on top in the order you want (Peter Pan at the top ideally!)

Obsession is the final card in this group. It’s a condition so it can only be played when an opponent defeats a hero of strength 4 or more. When they do you can reveal cards from your fate deck to find a hero. You can either play the hero or discard it. You also discard all the cards you found before finding the hero.

5. Play item or ally for free

You’ve got a lot of allies to play as Captain Hook and they don’t work for free. The two Cunning cards in your deck help with that. Whenever an opponent has an ally of strength 4 or more you can play Cunning to play an ally from your hand for free.

The Never Land Map card is important because it’s the only way you can unlock Hangman’s Tree. But after it’s been used to unlock that location you don’t need it anymore. So, you can choose to discard the Never Land Map to pay the cost of an item instead of paying with power.

6. Defeat or move hero

The main hero you want to defeat is Peter Pan, but you may need to defeat heroes with Taunt attached before you can defeat Peter Pan.

The three Boarding Party ally can be used to defeat a hero at their location or at an adjacent location to them. That’s pretty useful if you need to clear the decks. (haha!)

Mr Starkey is the other card in this ability category. When Mr Starkey is played, you can move a hero from his location to an adjacent unlocked location. Could be handy to nudge Peter Pan one step closer towards the Jolly Roger.

Important cards in Captain Hook’s deck

captain hook important villain cards
Important cards in Captain Hook’s deck. A key part of your strategy.

Never Land Map

You need this card to unlock Hangman’s Tree so you can move Peter Pan to the Jolly Roger, defeat him and win.

Ingenious Device

Of all the item cards that give you an additional action, Ingenious Device is by far the most useful. It allows you to move a hero.

On Captain Hook’s board, the only location with the move a hero action is Hangman’s Tree. But you can’t stay at the same location two turns in a row.

When Peter Pan is on the board, if you have the Ingenious Device you can use the move hero action on every turn rather than every other turn. So you can get Peter Pan to the Jolly Roger in 3 turns rather than 5. That could be the difference between winning and losing.


At first glance, Smee looks quite weak. But when you realize that if he’s at the Jolly Roger he has a strength of 4, he’s very good value at only 2 power to play.

Play Smee to the Jolly Roger and leave him there waiting for Peter Pan!

Worthy Opponent, Give Them A Scare and Obsession

These three cards are mentioned in the Captain Hook Villain Guide for a reason. They all help you to search through your fate deck and find Peter Pan.

These cards become more important the more games you play. Your opponents will get wise to the fact that you want them to fate you. Then they will play fate cards on everyone else instead!

If that happens, these cards are the only way you can find Peter Pan.

Aye, Aye, Sir!

This could be the card that nudges the strength of your allies up just enough that you can defeat Peter Pan on your next turn. It allows you to move an ally to an adjacent unlocked location and then boost them with +2 strength until the end of their turn.

I like it because it’s a card that you can keep up your flamboyant shirt sleeve and surprise your unsuspecting opponents with it. Move an Ally over from Skull Rock to the Jolly Roger and have them swoop in and defeat Peter Pan.

Captain Hook’s Villainous board

captain hook realm board
Captain Hook’s realm board in Villainous

At the beginning of the game, Hangman’s Tree is locked. It unlocks when you find the Never Land Map. Is the Hangman’s Tree a useful location overall? Let’s see how they all compare.

Jolly Roger

The most unique action at the Jolly Roger is the vanquish action. This is the only location where you can defeat heroes unless you play the Cannon item which gives you a vanquish action at the location it’s played.

It’s important to note that Captain Hook doesn’t need to be at the Jolly Roger himself to defeat Peter Pan and win.

You may find the Jolly Roger a useful location early on in the game because of the discard action. Use it to help you get the cards you need to find Peter Pan and the Never Land Map.

Skull Rock

You’ll spend a lot of time at Skull Rock because of the fate action. Use it on your opponents frequently and they will feel the need to retaliate. Without realizing it they’ll play right into your hands… I mean hand and hook.  

The more they fate you, the quicker you find Peter Pan.

The discard cards action here is very useful early on in the game too.

Mermaid Lagoon

This will be your second most used location throughout the game.

You’ll need the 3 power to pay for your motley crew and playing two cards from here is really useful. The move an ally or item can be useful if you want to set up your allies or items differently to respond to heroes.

Hangman’s Tree

When this is unlocked, you’ll want to use the move hero action here to move Peter Pan towards the Jolly Roger.

Overall, it’s a good location for the mid-game. The 2 power and play a card action will help you to play the ally and boost ally cards that you need to defeat Peter Pan.

How to stop Captain Hook from winning Villainous

Don’t fate him until Peter Pan is revealed

Captain Hook can only win if Peter Pan is revealed from his fate deck. So what’s the best thing you can do to stop him from winning? Don’t fate him until Peter Pan is revealed.

This will frustrate Captain Hook way more than playing fates on him will!

As soon as Peter Pan is revealed though, it’s a different story. Fate Captain Hook every turn! You need to slow him down!

Play the first hero at Mermaid Lagoon or Jolly Roger

Where you play the hero cards from the fate deck depends on whether Captain Hook has found the Never Land Map or not.

If Captain Hook has found the Never Land Map by this stage, he will be focussing on playing allies to defeat Peter Pan. To slow him down, play a hero on the Mermaid Lagoon first. Then he can only play 1 card from that location.

If Captain Hook hasn’t found the Never Land Map yet, then play a hero first on the Jolly Roger. That means that he can’t use the discard cards action there to help him find the map more quickly.

Use these fate cards for the most impact

disney villainous captain hook fate cards
Annoying cards for Captain Hook from his fate deck in Villainous

Play Taunt on a hero not at the Jolly Roger (ideally the Lost Boys)

When you play Taunt on a hero, Captain Hook must defeat that hero before he can defeat any other heroes. It will mean that he can’t go directly for Peter Pan and will need to use his allies on another hero first.

Ideally, play Taunt on a reasonably tough hero at a location furthest away from the Jolly Roger. Then he will not only need to use allies to defeat that hero, but the allies will also be a long way from the Jolly Roger where he wants them.

The best hero to play Taunt on would be the Lost Boys. At least two Allies are needed to defeat them. That’s even more of a hindrance to Captain Hook!

Tick Tock at the Jolly Roger

Play Tick Tock at the Jolly Roger. This card has the funniest description text of all the cards in Villainous!

If Captain Hook moves to Tick Tock’s location, Captain Hook must immediately discard his hand.

Jokes aside, this means that Captain Hook can’t move to the Jolly Roger and use the vanquish action there to defeat Peter Pan without discarding all his cards. So he can’t plan ahead for his final turn unless he uses the vanquish action on the Ingenious Device item card instead.


Wendy is a great hero to play because she boosts all the other heroes by +1 strength. That includes Peter Pan.

Pixie Dust

A nice card to boost the strength of Peter Pan if you’re lucky. Otherwise, play this card on a hero with Taunt, that will still slow Captain Hook down.

Conclusion – Villainous Strategy for Captain Hook

To win as Captain Hook in Villainous follow this guide.

  1. Start the game looking for Peter Pan and the Never Land Map. You need both to win so find them before doing anything else. Collect power as you search.
  2. Taunt and fate your opponents a lot while you’re searching for the cards. They will seek revenge and play fates on you which is exactly what you want!
  3. Play allies in the mid-game to get ready to defeat Peter Pan especially Smee at the Jolly Roger.
  4. Move Peter Pan to the Jolly Roger, defeat him and win!

Villainous is such an awesome game! The only thing that lets it down is the flimsy plastic cauldron. But you can get an upgraded Villainous cauldron with power tokens on Etsy! It even fits in the Villainous box!

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