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Disney Villainous Ratigan Strategy – Character Villain Guide

Ratigan is one of the villains you can play in Disney Villainous: Evil Comes Prepared. He’s so devious that he actually has a second way to win if he fails his first objective! This Ratigan strategy guide looks at how you can win as Ratigan and how you can stop Ratigan from winning!

As Ratigan in Disney Villainous, you want to get your Robot Queen to Buckingham Palace where she can declare you the ruler of all mousedom! But if Basil foils your plans, you can also win by vanquishing Basil! Will you succeed?

Ratigan Disney Villainous
Ratigan from Disney Villainous surrounded by his cards

In this strategy guide I look at:

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  • The Ratigan Villain Guide
  • Strategy to win as Ratigan
  • Ratigan’s Villain deck
  • Important cards in Ratigan’s Villain deck
  • Ratigan’s Realm board
  • Ratigan’s Fate deck
  • How to stop Ratigan from winning

The Ratigan Villain Guide

Ratigan’s Objective

Ratigan has two Objectives but they don’t both need to be completed to win. See them more like a Plan A and a Plan B.

Your initial objective as Ratigan The Superior Mind is: Start your turn with The Robot Queen at Buckingham Palace.

If The Robot Queen is discarded from your Realm, then you flip your Objective tile to become The Rat with a new Objective: Defeat Basil.

Ratigan’s Objective tile is placed on his Realm board and always shows which Objective he’s currently working toward.

The Robot Queen

To achieve Ratigan’s objective, you need to find The Robot Queen, play her to The Secret Lair, and get her all the way to Buckingham Palace on the other side of your Realm!

The first thing you need to do is find The Robot Queen. A couple of cards will help you do this.

  • Fidget’s List can help you draw the next Item in your deck.
  • Greatest Criminal Mind lets you draw 2 extra cards.

The Robot Queen costs 15 Power to play, so you need to either save up a lot of Power, or use cards to reduce her cost. Tools is an amazing card that reduces the cost of playing all Items by 1 Power. That means you can play all your Gears cards for free and each one reduces the cost to play an item by 3!

Marvelous Trap

Marvelous Trap can defeat all Heroes at its location but like all traps, it takes some setting up. You need to pay the 3 Power to play it and then use an Activate action and pay 1 power to arm it.

The trap goes off at the start of your next turn, whether there are Heroes at its location or not. After it goes off it is discarded and the 1 Power is returned to the Supply.

If The Robot Queen is at Buckingham Palace and The Mouse Queen is defeated with a trap, you don’t win right away. You need to wait until the start of your next turn.

The Great Mouse Detective

Just like in the movie, Basil is Ratigan’s most irritating Hero. Whenever he is played or moved, he discards an Item at his new location. Because The Robot Queen is an Item card, he can discard her!

Ratigan’s Fate deck contains cards that can move him to new locations. So he can discard Items in your Realm before and after he’s discarded The Robot Queen!

If Basil discards The Robot Queen, you get a new Objective. Flip your Objective Tile over to show The Rat with the new objective: Defeat Basil. When your objective changes to Defeat Basil, it cannot change back.

The Secret Lair

The Secret Lair is different to the other locations in Ratigan’s Realm because it doesn’t have any action symbols at the top. This means that Heroes can’t block actions while they are there, but any abilities on their cards are still active.

You can use Capture cards to send Heroes to The Secret Lair to stop them from interfering. If you use a Capture card on Flaversham, he reduces the cost of playing The Robot Queen by 3 Power.

Strategy to win as Ratigan in Disney Villainous

Find The Robot Queen but don’t play her before Airship

You need to find The Robot Queen so you can play her and get her over to Buckingham Palace. Use Fidget’s List, Greatest Criminal Mind, and the Discard Cards actions to find The Robot Queen quickly. While you’re doing that, play Tools and Gears to reduce the Power cost of playing her, and play Airship to The Secret Lair so it’s ready to Transport The Robot Queen.

When you’ve got enough power and the Airship in place, move Ratigan to The Secret Lair. Use the Play a Card action to play The Robot Queen and then use Activate on Airship to immediately move her to Buckingham Palace in the same turn!

Be ready to Defeat Basil

While playing to win with The Robot Queen, have your second objective in mind. You never know if your plans will be messed with by Basil!

To prepare for Plan B, keep Bell in your hand so that you can always get Felicia into play when you need her. She’s your only Ally that can defeat Basil on her own. You can also keep Felicia in your hand too if you like, but it’ll mean hanging onto two cards instead of one!

I suggest hanging onto Bell instead of Felicia, because you can keep calling her back and it only takes up 1 card space in your hand. Don’t put Bell into play when you get it though, otherwise, it might be discarded by Basil. Instead, wait until you need to play it and go to The Secret Lair so you can play and Activate Bell in the same turn.

Play all your Items to The Secret Lair

One of the most irritating things about Basil is that he can discard one Item from his location when he is first played and when he is moved. If you put all your Items in the same location then Basil won’t be able to discard an Item every time he moves. It’ll be an Item discarded every other time instead!

This even applies to Marvelous Traps. Because you have Capture to move any Hero of Strength 3 or less to The Secret Lair, you can have your traps ready and waiting for them!

Spread your Ruffians out and don’t Vanquish with them

Felicia can defeat Basil on her own but only when they are both at Strength 6. If Basil is boosted by Makeshift Balloon to Strength 8, you can either find a Uniform for Felicia to boost her Strength 8 as well, or you can team up with some Ruffians of Strength 2!

If you play your Ruffians at Flaversham’s Toy Shop, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace you’ve got three locations covered!

You can defeat Basil with a Marvelous Trap too of course, but it takes a little more setting up and your opponents can always move Basil out of its way with Fate cards.

Ratigan’s Villain Deck cards

Ratigan has 30 cards in his Villain Deck. There are 17 different card designs.

He has 15 Item cards (Airship, Bell, Figdet’s List, Gears, Marvelous Trap, Royal Robes, Tools, The Robot Queen, and Uniform), 6 Allies (Bartholomew, Felicia, Fidget, and Ruffians), 5 Effects (Capture and Greatest Criminal Mind) and 4 Conditions (Devious and Extravagant).

  • Airship x 1
  • Bell x 1
  • Bartholomew x 1
  • Capture x 3
  • Devious x 2
  • Extravagant x 2
  • Felicia x 1
  • Fidget x 1
  • Fidget’s List x 1
  • Greatest Criminal Mind x 2
  • Gears x 5
  • Marvelous Trap x 2
  • Royal Robes x 1
  • Ruffians x 3
  • The Robot Queen x 1
  • Tools x 1
  • Uniform x 2
Disney Villainous Ratigan Item cards
Ratigan from Disney Villainous Item cards
Disney Villainous Ratigan Ally cards
Ratigan from Disney Villainous surrounded by his cards
Disney Villainous Ratigan Effect cards
Ratigan’s Effect cards
Disney Villainous Ratigan Condition cards
Ratigan’s Condition cards

Ratigan’s villain cards by type

raitgan cards by type graph

Ratigan’s 30 card Villain deck contains 5 Effect cards, 6 Ally cards, 4 Condition cards, and 15 item cards.

It’s pretty clear from looking at his card spread that Items are where it’s at for Ratigan! I expected him to have more Allies and fewer Items, but that’s likely because my memory of The Great Mouse detective is very fuzzy!

Ratigan’s villain cards by ability

Ratigan cards by ability graph

Ratigan’s card abilities are perfect for achieving his objectives!

Over half of his deck is focused on finding the cards that you want and having enough Power to be able to play them! What’s nice about these cards is that they are still useful if you need to switch objectives from focussing on The Robot Queen to focussing on defeating Basil. That’s some smart game design!

Find/Draw/Control cards

Finding The Robot Queen is your primary focus at the start of the game and these cards will help you get to her quickly.


Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 1 | Card type: Item
Take Felicia from your deck or discard pile and put her into your hand. Then shuffle your deck.

If your objective changes to ‘Defeat Basil’, Felicia can defeat him on her own and the Bell is the perfect way to get her into your deck at just the right time. At just 1 Power, it’s tempting to put it into play as soon as you find it, but be careful. If Basil is played or moved, your opponents can discard Bell and ruin your plans!

So, consider keeping it in your hand until after Basil is in play to reduce the chances it gets discarded.

If Bell is discarded, you only have Extravagant that can get it back, so hang onto an Extravagant if you find and Bell is in your discard pile.


Number in deck: 2 | Card type: Condition
During their turn, if another player targets you with a Fate action, you may play Devious. That player reveals only one card from your Fate deck instead of two.

Usually, Condition cards are too conditional to hang onto. But, you will be Fated at some time! So keep hold of a copy of Devious. It’ll reduce your opponent’s Fate options so they don’t get to choose the strongest cards to play against you!


Number in deck: 2 | Card type: Condition
During their turn, if another player gains 3 or more Power, you may play Extravagant. Choose an Item from your discard pile and put it into your hand.

Extravagant is the only card that will allow you to retrieve an Item from your discard pile. Given Basil’s ability to discard your Items, Extravagant is very powerful!

Mainly to retrieve Airship if you’re working towards The Robot Queen objective or to retrieve Bell if you’re working towards the defeat Basil objective.


Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 1 | Strength: 3 | Card type: Ally
When Fidget is played, find Flaversham, and play him to Flaversham’s Toy Shop.

Fidget is incredible value! A 3 Strength Ally for 1 Power is a bargain! But it’s his ability that you really want, for the Robot Queen objective anyway.

When Flaversham is at his Toy Shop, he gives you a 3 Power discount on playing The Robot Queen.

If you come across Fidget for the defeat Basil objective, he’s still good value for a Strength 3 Ally. But you may not want to have the top two actions of Flaversham’s Toy Shop covered by him. If playing Fidget is enough to help you defeat Basil then it may be worth it.

Fidget’s List

Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 1 | Card type: Item
Activated ability: Reveal cards from the top of your deck until you reveal an Item. Put that Item into your hand. Discard the rest.

Paying 1 Power to have the ability to cycle through your deck for Items is well worth it. Because 21 cards in your 30 card deck are Items, Fidget’s List is perhaps more useful for The Robot Queen objective. It’ll help you to find The Robot Queen in the first place, get loads of Gears in play to reduce her cost, and find the Airship to move her from The Secret Lair to Buckingham Palace in one turn.

For the second objective, Fidget’s List can help you find Bell to get Felicia in play, or get a Marvelous Trap.

Greatest Criminal Mind

Number in deck: 2 | Power cost: 0 | Card type: Effect
Either draw two cards or gain 2 Power.

I love a good free to play card! Unless you have all the cards that you need to win, I’d always take draw two cards over Gain 2 Power. More cards, more options.

There is no hand limit in Villainous, only a draw limit of up to 4 at the end of your turn.

Gain Power/Reduce Cost

These cards will help you to reduce the cost of The Robot Queen for Plan A. Or they will help you to play and boost your Allies with Uniforms or set a Marvelous Trap or two for Plan B!


Number in deck: 5 | Power cost: 1 | Card type: Item
When you play an Item, you may discard Gears from your Realm to reduce the Cost of that Item by 3 Power.

Gears are fabulously versatile. For The Robot Queen objective, you can discard a bunch of Gears in one turn to hugely discount her high 15 Power cost.

If The Robot Queen plan goes kaput, then you may as well discard all your Gears to play Uniforms, Marvelous Traps, Bell, any Item really. It’ll feel like you’re not getting good value because Marvelous Trap is the only Item that maximizes your 3 Power discount. But do it anyway. Gears aren’t useful to you just sitting there!

Royal Robes

Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 2 | Card type: Item
Activated ability: Gain 2 power.

You only need to Activate Royal Robes twice to double your investment so it’s generally worth it. Just consider what other cards you have in your Realm that will be competing for your only Activate action at The Secret Lair. Bell, Fidget’s List, Airship, and Marvelous Traps all have Activated Abilities too.

If you get Royal Robes early in a game, it can be a nice way to build up some Power. If you get it later on, you may not get to Activate it twice.


Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 2 | Card type: Item
The Cost to play Items is reduced by 1 Power.

Tools is amazing! Your deck is mostly Items and this will discount all of them to actually make most of them free to play! Definitely play Tools.

It feels so cool to play all your Gears, Bell, Fidget’s List, Airship, and Uniform for free!

Move a Hero/Ally/Item

Whichever objective you’re working towards, these cards will help you to either get The Robot Queen to Buckingham Palace, or get Basil right where you want him!


Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 1 | Card type: Item
Activated ability: Pay 1 Power. Move Airship and one Ally or unattached Item at its location to any location.

Airship is awesome at getting The Robot Queen to Buckingham Palace! Your opponents will quickly figure out your plan so keep Airship in your hand until The Robot Queen is in play. Then you can move Ratigan to The Secret Lair and play Airship and Activate it to move The Robot Queen on the same turn.

You’ll just need to cross your fingers that your opponents don’t defeat her before the start of your next turn!

Airship is a bit less important for the Defeat Basil objective, though. You can probably just play Felicia directly to where Basil is.


Number in deck: 3 | Power cost: 1 | Card type: Effect
Move a Hero with a Strength of 3 or less to The Secret Lair.

Capture is an awesome ability to team up with Marvelous Trap. Make sure you have a Marvelous Trap or two at The Secret Lair so you’re ready to trigger your trap when a few Heroes are there.

The best thing is, while you’re waiting to defeat these Heroes, they won’t be blocking any top actions in your Realm! Result.

Your Fate deck only has two cards (Makeshift Balloon and Toby) that allow your opponents to move Heroes that aren’t Basil. So when you get them to The Secret Lair, they are probably going to stay there!

Allies and The Robot Queen

Allies are going to help you deal with Heroes whichever objective you’re focussing on!


Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 0 | Strength: 1 | Card type: Ally
No additional ability.

I feel kind of bad for Bartholomew. He’s the Ally you’re going to be discarding when you play Felicia! Good job he’s free to play!

Play him as soon as you get him to free up space in your hand and to prepare for Felicia.


Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 3 | Strength: 6 | Card type: Ally
When Felicia is played, discard an Ally in your Realm or pay 2 Power.

When your Robot Queen plans are spoiled by Basil, you’re going to want to get your own back! Felicia will help you!

Felicia is your strongest Ally and can take down Basil single-handedly, but she can be expensive. At 3 Power she’s not too bad, but if there’s no Ally to discard when you play her you’ve got to pay another 2 Power bringing her total cost to 5 Power. Poor Bartholomew will be discarded to keep that cost down.

If you get Felicia in the early game with no Allies in play, discard her. She’s too expensive. But when you find Bell, hang onto it so you can get Felicia out after Basil is in play. Play her directly to his location and ideally Vanquish in the same turn.

You could use Felicia to defeat lots of different Heroes because when she’s discarded you can get her back into your hand using the Bell. But she is expensive so it’s not the best way to use her.


Number in deck: 3 | Power cost: 2 | Strength: 2 | Card type: Ally
If Ruffians are played to a location other than Ratigan’s, you may perform one available action at their location. You cannot use Ruffians to perform Fate actions.

Ruffians are your basic Ally, but they can be just the boost you need to defeat Basil if he’s boosted by Makeshift Balloon. Try to spread your Ruffians out across different locations because they can help you to boost her wherever she is needed.

Their ability is brilliant too. If you play them at just the right time you can really maximize your turn! Make sure you see what works best for you at that moment when you play Ruffians.

The Robot Queen

Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 15 | Card type: Item
The Robot Queen can only be played to The Secret Lair. If The Robot Queen is discarded from your Realm, flip over your Objective to reveal The Rat.

Ah, my Queen! Do everything you can to find her at the start of the game and start playing those Gears to reduce her cost!

As soon as your opponents see The Robot Queen in your Realm, they will Fate you to try and find Basil! So, don’t play her until Airship is already at The Secret Lair! Make sure you have Ratigan at The Secret Lair so you can play The Robot Queen and Activate Airship on the same turn.

Defeat a Hero

These cards will help you Vanquish those Heroes that keep messing with your plans!

Marvelous Trap

Number in deck: 2 | Power cost: 3 | Card type: Item
Activated ability: Pay 1 Power. Before Ratigan moves on your next turn, defeat all Heroes at this location. Discard Marvelous Trap.

Because Marvelous Trap will defeat all Heroes at its location, it can Vanquish Basil. It’s tricky to use a Marvelous Trap to defeat Basil though.

First, you need to play it to Basil’s location and then hope that he doesn’t move while you Activate the trap and wait until the start of your next turn to set it off. You can bet that as soon as your trap is activated, your opponents will Fate you to try and move Basil or discard your trap!

Remember, you can’t be sneaky and Activate a Marvelous Trap without your opponents noticing! You need to put the 1 Power that you spend activating the trap on the card so your opponents can see that it’s ready.


Number in deck: 2 | Power cost: 1 | Strength: +2 | Card type: Item
When Uniform is played, attach it to an Ally. That Ally gets +2 Strength and you may immediately perform a Vanquish action using that Ally.

Uniform is the card that when equipped to Felicia can match the +2 Strength that Makeshift Balloon gives to Basil. That’s what I prefer to use it for, however, you can also give it to a Ruffians card to make them a 4 Strength, then you can use them and another base stat Ruffians card to defeat Basil. It’s always good to have options!

Important cards in Ratigan’s Villain Deck

Ratigan’s cards are particularly interesting because which ones are the most important depends on which objective you’re working towards. The cards on the top row are the most important for The Robot Queen objective. The cards on the second row are the most important for the Defeat Basil objective.

Ratigan DIsney Villainous important villain cards
Important cards to Ratigan’s strategy in Disney Villainous.

Airship, The Robot Queen, Gears, and Tools

These are your key cards for The Robot Queen objective. Use Tools and Gears to afford her 15 Power cost. Make sure you have the Airship ready and waiting for her majesty before you play her there. If Ratigan is at The Secret lair you can play her and move the Airship to Buckingham Palace on the same turn!

Bell, Felicia, Uniform and Marvelous Trap

While it’s totally possible to Defeat Basil with Ruffians boosted by Uniforms, the most likely way you’ll do it is with Felicia or a Marvelous Trap.

With Felicia, you can find her whenever you need her using Bell, and you can boost her to match Basil’s Makeshift Balloon Strength boost.

I find Marvelous Trap more difficult to win with because you lose the element of surprise that you have with Felicia and you’re much more reliant on luck. It is possible if you set a Marvelous Trap at Basil’s location and your opponents don’t draw any useful Fate cards to move him out of the way before the start of your next turn.

Ratigan’s Villainous Realm board

Ratigan Disney Villainous Realm board
Ratigan’s Realm board in Disney Villainous

Ratigan’s Realm is a little different to the standard 4 actions at 4 locations setup you see with most Villains. How does that affect how you play?

The Secret Lair

The 3 actions at the Secret Lair are: Fate, Play a Card and Activate.

The Secret Lair is an incredibly powerful location. It’s the only place you can Activate a card ability and there are quite a lot of those in your deck!

The Activate action combined with Play a Card is so powerful that it can put you in a winning position with Airship and The Robot Queen in one turn.

And it’s always nice to get a cheeky Fate action in just as you set yourself up to win!

Flaversham’s Toy Shop

The 4 actions at Flaversham’s Toy Shop are: Play a Card, Discard Cards, gain 3 Power and Play a Card.

Flaversham’s Toy Shop is always going to be useful for that awesome Gain 3 Power action that can never be blocked by Heroes. So long as it has no Heroes there, you can take advantage of playing two cards which is always great.

In the early game, the Discard Cards action will help you get through your deck to find your Queen.

Big Ben

The 4 actions at Big Ben are: Gain 2 power, Move an Item or Ally, Play a Card and Vanquish.

Big Ben is your only location with a Vanquish action so hang out here to defeat Heroes! If the top actions are covered by Heroes, you’ll only be able to Play a Card while you defeat them, though.

When the top actions are uncovered, they are actually really useful. Gaining 2 Power is always nice, but it’s the Move an Item or Ally action that is great here. It’ll help you to move The Robot Queen over to Buckingham Palace if Airship is discarded and it’ll help you to get Allies in the right locations to defeat Basil for plan B.

Buckingham Palace

The 5 actions at Buckingham Palace are: Fate, Play a Card, Move an Item or Ally, Gain 1 Power and Discard Cards.

Three lovely unblockable actions on the bottom row make Buckingham Palace fun to visit. In the early game, before any Queen’s Guards and other Heroes are played here, taking 5 actions in one turn feels epic!

It’s likely that your opponents will play Heroes at Buckingham Palace early in the game to cover your top Fate action and protect themselves. It means you won’t be able to use Play a Card here on future visits.

Ratigan’s Fate deck cards

Ratigan’s Fate deck contains 15 cards of 11 different designs.

There are 10 Heroes (Basil, Dawson, Flaversham, Mrs. Judson, Olivia, Queen’s Guards, The Mouse Queen, and Toby), 4 Effects (Call For Help and Sabotage), and 1 Item (Makeshift Balloon).

  • Basil x 1
  • Call For Help x 2
  • Dawson x 1
  • Flaversham x 1
  • Makeshift Balloon x 1
  • Mrs. Judson x 1
  • Olivia x 1
  • Queen’s Guards x 3
  • Sabotage x 2
  • Toby x 1
  • The Mouse Queen x 1
Ratigan Disney Villainous Fate Deck cards
Ratigan’s Fate deck cards in Disney Villainous


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 6 | Card type: Hero
When Basil is played or moved, you may discard one item from his new location.

Ahh, Basil! That pesky little mouse! He’s the only one that can discard The Robot Queen from your Realm. But when he does, he becomes the most important card in your Realm because you need him to win!

Basil is especially irritating to have in your Realm because every time he is moved, your opponents can discard an Item from his new location. And Ratigan loves his Items! That means if he’s moved into a location with Marvelous Trap, it’s gone! The same goes for Bell. So as soon as basil comes into play, use that Bell on your next turn to get Felicia into your hand before it’s too late!

Call for Help

Number in deck: 2 | Card type: Effect
If Basil is in Ratigan’s Realm, you may move him to any location. Otherwise, find Basil and play him to any location.

Call for Help is exactly what you don’t want to see when you’re just about to win with The Robot Queen, or have Allies lined up to take care of Basil on your next turn! Fortunately, there are only two in your Fate deck.

The best you can hope for is that Call for Help is played early in the game before you have The Robot Queen in play and no valuable Items out!


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 2 | Card type: Hero
Dawson gets +2 Strength if Basil is in Ratigan’s Realm.

Dawson isn’t too bad. He’s either a weak Hero or a Strength 4 Hero with Basil in your Realm. He’s more of a distraction than anything. Move him over to The Secret Lair with Capture if you can and then ignore him.


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 2 | Card type: Hero
If Flaversham is at The Secret Lair, the Cost to play The Robot Queen is reduced by 3 Power.

Faversham can actually help you! Use a Capture on him to move him to The Secret Lair and enjoy that discount on The Robot Queen.

If you’re focussing on the Defeat Basil objective instead, try to move him to The Secret Lair so he’s not blocking any top actions, but don’t waste Allies on defeating him.

Makeshift Balloon

Number in deck: 1 | Strength: +2 | Card type: Item
When Makeshit Balloon is played, attach it to a Hero. That Hero gets +2 Strength and you may immediately move that Hero to any location.

Makeshift Balloon can make Basil really hard to Vanquish because even Felicia can’t take him down without help. In this situation, you’ve got three options to defeat Basil.

  1. Boost Felicia with a Uniform to give her +2 Strength to make her as strong as Basil.
  2. Pair Felicia up with Ruffians to defeat Basil together.
  3. Set a Marvelous Trap to defeat Basil.

Of the three options, I prefer options 1 and 2 and find option 3 very hard to pull off without opponents interfering. But, you might get lucky!

Mrs. Judson

Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 2 | Card type: Hero
When Mrs. Judson is played, Ratigan loses up to 2 Power.

Mrs. Judson is nothing to worry about really. Losing 2 Power is never ideal, but she’s not a very strong Hero and has no lasting ability. If you can, try to move her to The Secret Lair so she’s not blocking top Realm actions.


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 1 | Card type: Hero
When Olivia is defeated, choose an opponent. That opponent reveals and plays the top card of your Fate deck.

Like all the other weak Heroes, move Olivia out of the way, but don’t Vanquish her unless she happens to be with other Heroes at the same location as a Marvelous Trap. If you do happen to Vanquish her, choose an opponent who you think will choose a weak Fate card to play against you!

Queen’s Guards

Number in deck: 3 | Strength: 3 | Card type: Hero
Queen’s Guards can only be played to Buckingham Palace.

The Queen’s Guards are pretty tough and will make sure that your top Fate action is covered for most of the game! I wouldn’t bother defeating the Queen’s Guards though, save your Allies for defeating Basil!


Number in deck: 2 | Card type: Effect
Discard an Item with a Cost of 3 or less from a location in Ratigan’s Realm that has a Hero.

It feels like Sabotage was made for destroying Airship! Especially because you’ll have Airship at The Secret Lair waiting for The Robot Queen and you will likely have Heroes there too which you have sent over using Capture.

If Airship is discarded, then you’ll need to play Extravagant to get it back or move The Robot Queen using the Move an Item or Ally actions in your Realm. Using the actions will take forever! So while you’re doing that, prepare for defeating Basil!


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 6 | Card type: Hero
When Toby is played, you may move a Hero to any location.

Toby is a strong Hero, but his ability when he comes into play is more annoying. He is one of the few Hero cards that can move Basil out of the way of your Allies and Traps!

Like all Heroes that don’t have a lasting ability, just move him out of your way rather than defeating him.

The Mouse Queen

Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 5 | Card type: Hero
Ratigan cannot win with The Robot Queen at Buckingham Palace.

The Mouse Queen is such an interesting Hero. If The Robot Queen is still in your Realm, she is a show-stopping card. Now you can’t win with The Robot Queen at Buckingham Palace!

If you’ve got everything lined up to win with The Robot Queen, and only Mouse Queen is standing in your way then defeat her.

If you’re a long way from winning with The Robot Queen objective, then start preparing to Defeat Basil instead. Otherwise, while you’re working towards defeating The Mouse Queen, Basil will likely come into play and discard The Robot Queen anyway. Then you’ve wasted several turns.

How to stop Ratigan from winning Disney Villainous

These Fate cards are particularly annoying for Ratigan!

Ratigan Disney Villainous annoying fate cards
These Fate cards will annoy Ratigan.

Discard Airship and The Robot Queen!

As soon as you see The Robot Queen in Ratigan’s Realm increase how often you Fate him! If Ratigan is playing smartly he won’t put The Robot Queen in play until he’s got the Airship out ready to transport her over to Buckingham Palace. Be warned! If he does that, he can play The Robot Queen and move her to Buckingham palace in one turn!

So the same goes for Airship. Get rid of it as soon as it comes into play! Basil can discard an item from his location when he is played or moved, so make full use of him! Sabotage can get rid of the Airship too!

Keep moving Basil and discarding Items

Ratigan’s villain deck contains 21 item cards! He only has 30 villain cards in total so you can see how important Items are to him! Use Basil, Call For Help, and Sabotage to get rid of his most important items. Namely: Airship, Robot Queen, Marvelous Trap, and Tools.

Protect Basil with Makeshift Balloon

At his normal strength of 6, Basil can be defeated by Ratigan’s Ally Felicia. Make Ratigan’s life more difficult by giving Basil +2 Strength and getting him flying high above Felicia in a Makeshift Balloon.

Look out! It’s a trap!

Marvelous Trap is a very powerful Item available to Ratigan. It can defeat every Hero at its location, including Basil!

Pay close attention to when Ratigan has Activated a trap, it will go off at the beginning of his next turn so you have time to Fate him!

Conclusion – Disney Villainous Ratigan Strategy

To win as Ratigan, use this strategy.

  1. Discard cards to find The Robot Queen.
  2. Save Power and play Gears to reduce the cost of playing The Robot Queen.
  3. Play the Airship to The Secret Lair.
  4. Play The Robot Queen to the Secret Lair and move her on the Airship to Buckingham Palace in the same turn.
  5. If The Robot Queen is discarded, play Felicia to Basil’s location and Vanquish him.

The dual objectives of Ratigan make him a really unique and fun villain to play! While it’s totally possible to swoop the Robot Queen over to Buckingham Palace in your airship, you can just as equally vanquish Basil if he discards her from your Realm and spoils your original plan!

Villainous is such an awesome game! The only thing that lets it down is the flimsy plastic cauldron. But you can get an upgraded Villainous cauldron with power tokens on Etsy! It even fits in the Villainous base game box!

For more Villainous upgrade inspiration see my article – 7 Wicked Disney Villainous Upgrades and Accessories!

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