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Disney Villainous Hades Strategy – Character Villain Guide

Hades is one of the villains you can play as in Disney Villainous: Wicked to the Core. His character is based on Hades in the Disney film Hercules. In this Hades strategy guide, find out how you can win as him and how you can stop him from winning! 

When you play as Hades, you want to get three Titans to Mount Olympus and overthrow Zeus to rule over Olympus yourself! Can you do it?

Hades Disney Villainous
Hades from Disney Villainous surrounded by his villain cards

In this strategy guide, I look at:

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  • The Hades Villain Guide
  • Strategy to win as Hades
  • Hades’ cards
  • Important cards in Hades’ Villain deck
  • Hades’ Realm board
  • Hades’ Fate deck
  • How to stop Hades from winning

The Hades Villain Guide

Before looking closely at the Hades strategy, what can we learn from the Hades Villain guide? 


Start your turn with at least three Titans at Mount Olympus.

Sounds simple enough at first glance. But you need to play your Titans to the Underworld and then move them all the way across your board. 


Titans are a special card type that only Hades has. There are 5 in his villain deck, each with a unique ability that is usually triggered when they move. Titans must be played to The Underworld.

Titans work in the same way as Allies. You can use the Move an Item or Ally action on them and they can be used to Vanquish Heroes. Although, that may not be the best idea! Discarding a Titan because it defeated a Hero is not going to help you win!


Titans can be trapped by cards in your Fate deck. It’s one of the most annoying things that can happen! When a Titan is trapped:

  • Their Ability is ignored
  • They can’t be moved
  • Can’t defeat Heroes
  • Don’t count toward your objective

It’s not good for winning at all!

To show that a Titan is trapped, rotate their card by 90 degrees.

The only way you can untrap a Titan is to play Planets Align or use Pyros’ Ability. 

Make Them Mortal

You really don’t want to lose Titans when you defeat Heroes! So throw a Make Them Mortal potion at a Hero so that you can defeat them and keep your Titan! Wahoo!

Ride Your Chariot

The Chariot is hugely important to Hades. It effectively gives you an extra action every other turn.

Whenever you’re at the Chariot’s location, after taking the actions you want to at that location, you can ride the Chariot to any other location and take one bonus action from there (excluding Fate).

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

Getting those Titans to Mount Olympus will take 9 turns if you just use the Move an Item or Ally actions on your board each turn. So use your Get Ready to Rumble cards to pay to Move Titans faster!

You can pay 2 Power to move a Titan one location, or 5 Power to move a Titan two locations. That will seriously help you get Titans to Mount Olympus!

You can’t move trapped Titans and if you move a Titan two locations, it counts as one move so you can’t use their ability twice. What a shame!

Strategy to win as Hades in Villainous

Discard with abandon!

You need 3 Titans to win, so get hunting! There are 5 in your villain deck, so whenever you find one, get it into play! The more you have out, the more options you’ll have.

You never know when one is going to get trapped.

If you find Chariot, Mortality Potions, Get Ready to Rumble, or Panic, hang onto them briefly and get them in play quickly to free up your hand. 

In the opening turns, move between The Underworld and The Gardens

Hades’ cards are quite expensive. So in the opening turns, get as much Power as you can by alternating between The Underworld and The Gardens. From each, you’ll Gain 2 and 3 Power respectively. 

Protect Pyros

Pyros and Planets align are the only things you can use to untrap Titans.

You’ll need to pay to untrap them with Planets Align, but it’s free to do with Pyros anytime you move him to the trapped Titan’s location. Plus, his ability is reusable, it’s not a one-time Effect like Planets Align giving you more control over your Realm. 

Alternate between The Underworld and Mount Olympus + Chariot

At these locations, you can play a Titan and move it in the same turn!

When you have a Titans in play, move between The Underworld and Mount Olympus for as long as you can to Move an Item or Ally each turn. Even better, use Chariot to do move Hades so that you get a bonus Move an Item or Ally action every other turn!

That allows you to take Hades back to the same location you just left on your next turn. It’s a neat way of returning to that location again on your next turn! 

Keep Mount Olympus clear of Heroes

For every turn there’s a Hero at Mount Olympus, it’s a turn you can’t use the Move an Item or Ability action at the top. You need that action clear to help you win sooner!

Play Cerberus on The Gardens and Hydra on Underworld

Because of Cerberus’ three heads, he can reach and defeat Heroes in three locations. Put him in The Gardens and he can protect you at Thebes and Mount Olympus too.

Hydra’s special ability means it can keep coming back to your hand instead of being discarded when he defeats a Hero. Seeing as you’ll be playing all your Titans at The Underworld, play Hydra there so it can defend all the shiny new Titans you put in play. 

Surprise opponents with Get Ready to Rumble!

It’s very easy to see how close Hades is to winning because it’s clear when the Titans are getting nearer to Mount Olympus! 

So how about you play a sneakier game? Save up 10 Power and two Ready to Rumble cards and play them both in one turn at The Gardens. Boom! You can move two Titans from Thebes, two locations to Mount Olympus, and take your opponents by surprise! 

Hades’ cards

Hades has 30 cards in his Villain deck. There are 19 different card designs. 

  • Achilles’ Heel x 2
  • Arges x 1
  • Cerberus x 1
  • Chariot x 1
  • Eye of the Fates x 2
  • Get Ready to Rumble! x 3
  • Hydra x 1
  • Hydros x 1
  • I Rule! x 2
  • Lythos x 1
  • Mortality Potion x 3 
  • Nessus x 1
  • Pain x 1
  • Panic x 1
  • Planets Align x 3
  • Pyros x 1 
  • Rage x 2
  • Ruthless x 2
  • Stratos x 1
disney villainous hades titans and allies cards
Hades’ Titan and Ally cards from his villain deck
Disney villainous hades cards effect item and conditions
Hades’ Item, Condition and Effect cards in his villain deck

Hades’ cards by type

graph hades cards by type

Hades has 12 Effects, 5 Titans, 4 Conditions, 4 Items, and 5 Allies.

The high number of Effects is so appropriate for the Hades given his spellcasting powers!

Hades’ cards by ability

Hades cards by ability graph villainous

Looking at the spread of abilities in Hades’ deck you can see that he has a lot going on! Finding Titans, getting enough Power to pay for them, untrapping them, seeing off interfering Heroes, and moving Titans to Mount Olympus! It’s a lot to juggle! 

I’m surprised Hades is recommended for new players in the Wicked to the Core rule book. I think he’s more difficult to win with than the other villains – especially because his Fate deck is harsh. More on that later! 

Gain Power or Reduce Power Cost

Hades’ cards are quite expensive, so it’s a good thing you have ways to get more Power and make things cheaper! 


Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 3 | Strength: 4 | Card type: Titan
Arges can only be played to The Underworld. When Arges is moved, gain 1 Power. 

Arges will get you 3 Power if you just move him over to Mount Olympus with no back and forth, so he pays for himself. His ability is not the most exciting though. 

I Rule!

Number in deck: 2 | Power cost: 0 | Card type: Effect
Gain 1 power for each Ally and Titan in your discard pile.

Just how useful this Effect is completely depends on when you use it. You’ve got 5 Titans and 5 Allies, but in reality 3 of your Titans won’t ever be in the discard pile! So you’re looking at a maximum of 7 Power per use. 

But regardless of what the maximum you’ll get is, it costs nothing to play, so you might as well get what Power you can for free! Even if your discard pile is empty, get rid of it and free that hand space up. 


Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 3 | Strength: 4 | Card type: Ally
If Nessus is used to defeat a Hero with a Strength of 3 or less, gain 2 Power. 

Nessus is an interesting one. He’s more expensive to play than a Mortality Potion if you need to take care of a Hero without losing a Titan. But you get 2 of the Power you spend back when he defeats the Hero. 

So if you can play him and Vanquish a Hero in the same turn, then he’s quite cheap. What you don’t want to do is have him sitting around for ages waiting to defeat a Hero and tying up your Power. 


Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 2 | Strength: 2 | Card type: Ally
If Hades is at Panic’s location, the Cost to play Items, Allies, and Titans is reduced by 1 Power.

If Nessus is like a savings account, Panic is like a loyalty card. He’ll earn back his cost when you play just one eligible card.

Play him at The Underworld where you know you’ll be playing all your Titans anyway. 


Number in deck: 2 | Card type: Condition
During their turn, if another player has 6 or more Power, you may play Ruthless. Play an Ally or Titan from your hand for free. 

This is a perfect card if you’re playing against Ratigan or Prince John who need lots of Power to win. Evil Queen may sometimes stockpile before she Brews Poison, but it’s less likely.

I don’t feel like it’s worth hanging onto Ruthless, especially early in the game. Just discard it to find your Titans. If you pick it up later in the game and an opponent is on 5 Power maybe keep it for one turn and see if they hit 6.

Untrap Titan

You can’t win if any of your Titans are trapped, so guess what your Fate deck is full of? Trap Titan abilities! Good job, you can untrap them!

Planets Align

Number in deck: 3 | Power cost: ? | Card type: Effect
Untrap one or more TItans in your Realm. The Cost to play Planets Align is equal to the number of Titans you untrap.

Planets align can be the difference between winning and losing. You’ve just moved 3 Titans to Mount Olympus and you’re all set up to win at the start of your next turn then Bam! You’re struck by Lightning Bolt! All your Titans are now trapped and you can’t win.

Get Ready to Rumble is there to save you! Just make sure you have at least one in your hand and some Power to spare when you’re moving your Titans in for the win!


Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 3 | Strength: 4 | Card type: Titan
Pyros can only be played to The Underworld. When Pyros is moved, you may untrap one Titan at his new location.

Pyros is your most valuable Titan because he can untrap other Titans. You need to move him to do it, but you can activate his ability whenever you move him, giving control back to you when your Fates trap your Titans! 

Move Hero

You’ve got enough to manage with moving your Titans around, so it’s good that you can Move Heroes to where you want them! 


Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 2 | Strength: 2 | Card type: Ally
When Pain is moved, you may move a Hero from Pain’s previous location to his new location.

Pain is your cheeky little imp that gets Heroes to chase him! You can use him to move Heroes into the path of Nessus or Cerberus to defeat them or to stop location-specific Hero actions from messing you up. 


Number in deck: 2 | Card type: Condition
During their turn, if another player defeats a Hero with a Strength of 3 or more, you may play Rage. Move a Hero in your Realm to any location.

This is a pretty conditional Condition! Pretty much always going to be discarded this one.


Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 2 | Strength: 3 | Card type: Titan
Stratos can only be played to The Underworld. When Stratos is moved, you may move a Hero from his new location to an adjacent location.

Stratos’ ability is only useful if there’s actually a Hero at the location he’s moving to. If there is a Hero there, it can be pretty useful. You can potentially move a Hero over to another location that has Heroes, so fewer actions in your Realm are covered. Or you could move a Hero into the path of an Ally to be Vanquished!

Move Titan or Hades

Now, this is what we’re talking about! Move Titans is the main thing we want! 


Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 3 | Card type: Item
Once per turn, if Hades is at this location, you may move Hades and Chariot to any location and perform one available action at the new location. You cannot use Chariot to perform Fate actions.

Chariot is an amazing card. Use it in every game, it will more than pay for itself. The best thing you can do with it is alternate between The Underworld and Mount Olympus so you can use the Move an Item or Ally twice in one turn! 

Get Ready to Rumble!

Number in deck: 3 | Power cost: ? | Card type: Effect
Either pay 2 Power to move an untrapped Titan to an adjacent location, or pay 5 Power to move an untrapped Titan two locations away.

Get Ready to Rumble! is your surprise win card! Save up a load of Power a couple of these cards and then move two Titans in for the win. Your opponents won’t see it coming. 

Weaken or defeat Heroes

Achilles’ Heel

Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 1 | Card type: Effect
Choose a Hero. That Hero gets -2 Strength until the end of your turn.

I’m not the biggest fan of Achilles’ Heel. It’s only useful on Zeus and Hercules because Cerberus and Nessus are strong enough to take care of all the other Heroes anyway. And, it only applies until the end of your turn. That makes Achilles’ Heel a very situational card.

Plus, if you want to weaken Zeus or Hercules, you have the reusable ability on Hydros to give Heroes a -1 at his location instead.

Having said that, if Zeus or Hercules have a Medallion attached giving them +2 Strength, you’ll need Achilles’ Heel, or a couple of Allies and/or Titans to get rid of them. 


Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 3 | Strength: 4 | Card type: Ally
When performing a Vanquish action, Cerberus may be used to defeat a Hero at his location or at an adjacent location.

Gotta love the big guard dog! He’s going to protect you from Heroes at three locations. Set him to patrol at The Gardens to protect Mount Olympus and Thebes as well! 

He is one of your two toughest Allies, so save him for defeating Hercules or Zeus.


Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 2 | Strength: 3 | Card type: Titan
Hydros can only be played to The Underworld. Heroes at Hydros’ location get -1 Strength and cannot be moved by Fate cards.

Chances are that your opponents will play Heroes at Mount Olympus a lot. Get Hydros over there as soon as you can to give them all -1 Strength.

You don’t want that Move an Item or Ally action at Mount Olympus to be covered at all. Try to keep it clear as much as you can. 


Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 3 | Strength: 4 | Card type: Titan

Lythos can only be played to The Underworld. When Lythos is moved, you may perform a Vanquish action at his new location. Lythos must be used in that action.

Lythos is your big defensive Titan. A bonus Vanquish when you move him is pretty cool. Just make sure you have a Mortality Potion on the Hero you’re going to take defeat so you don’t lose him in the process. 

Retain or find cards

Eye of the Fates

Number in deck: 2 | Power cost: 2 | Card type: Effect
Reveal cards from the top of your deck until you reveal an Ally or Titan. Put that Ally or Titan into your hand. Discard the rest.

Eye of the Fates feels quite expensive, but there have been games where discarding cards just hasn’t found me useful cards quickly enough!

The problem is that you could pay 2 Power and then turn over an Ally or a Titan as your first card, then you’ve wasted the Power. Also, an Ally isn’t going to help you win, a Titan will, but this card views them as equal. Plus, because you can only keep Allies or Titans, other revealed cards are discarded. What if there were useful cards in there like Ready to Rumble or Planets Align?

Not helpful. Play Eye of the Fates at your own risk! 


Number in deck: 1 | Power cost: 2 | Strength: 3 | Card type: Ally
When Hydra is used to defeat a Hero, you may put Hydra into your hand instead of discarding him.

Hydra is like a boomerang, he’ll keep coming back to you. Play him at The Underworld and keep using him to defeat any Heroes that try to tackle your Titans before they’ve had a chance to move. Plus, Cerberus will have you covered for a while at the other locations anyway. 

Mortality Potion

Number in deck: 3 | Power cost: 2 | Card type: Item
When Mortality Potion is played, attach it to a Hero. Titans used to defeat that Hero are not discarded.

Seeing as your Titans are all Strength 3 or 4, they are good Hero smashers and Mortality Potions lets you use them that way without losing them! Consider using them to help out Lythos if you can because of his ability to Vanquish when moved to a new location. 

Important cards in Hades’ deck

disney villainous hades important cards
Important cards in Hades’ deck. Key to your strategy.

All the cards in Hades’ deck are useful, but some are super important. In fact, other than his Titans, they are all Effects and Items which is really fitting for his character!


Your ticket to bonus actions! Extra Move an Item or Ally is your best bet. Dr Facilier and Evil Queen both have bonus action abilities so you want your Chariot to even the odds. 

Get Ready to Rumble

With a couple of these and some Power saved up you can quickly move Titans over to Mount Olympus in one turn and catch your opponents unawares!

Mortality Potion

When you’ve saved up your Power to get your Titans into play, you really don’t want to lose them by Vanquishing a Hero! Mortality Potion can be cheaper than an Ally and save you time in getting an Ally into play and using them to defeat a Hero. 

Planets Align

Your main defense against Lightning Bolt which can trap multiple Titans at once. So this evens the score, now you can untrap several Titans at once! 


It goes without saying that your Titans are important – you need them to win! But, Pyros with his untrap ability is the most helpful. Second to Pyros is Stratos, moving Heroes out of your way can be just as effective as defeating them.

Don’t use these guys up to Vanquish with a Hero! 

Hades’ Villainous Realm board

Hades Realm board in Disney Villainous
Hades’ Realm board in Disney Villanous

There are 4 locations on Hades’ Realm board and they are all unlocked from the beginning of the game. How do they compare? Which locations are the most valuable to you?

The Underworld

The 4 actions at The Underworld are: Play a Card, Gain 2 power, Vanquish, Move an Item or Ally.

Unsurprisingly, this location is super important to you! 

The Underworld is the only location with a Vanquish action in your Realm so you’ll need to visit here to do that. But more importantly, it has your only Move an Item or Ally action which can’t be blocked by Heroes.

Ideally, you’ll be alternating your turns between here and Mount Olympus to move your Titans on every turn. 


The 4 actions at Thebes are: Gain 1 power, Play a Card, Fate, Discard Cards. 

While you’re trying to find the Titans in your villain deck, Thebes is a brilliant location because it has the Discard Cards action.

It’s nice that you dish out some early Fates while you’re there! You need to slow your opponents down because Moving and playing your Titans isn’t quick, even with cards to help speed up their movement. 

The Gardens

The 4 actions at The Gardens: Discard Cards, Play a Card, Gain 3 Power, Play a Card.

That shiny 3 Power in The Gardens is attractive it’ll keep you coming back for more. Play a card is usually useful unless you’re saving up those Get Ready to Rumble! cards for a surprise rush to the finish!

The Discard Cards action here is helpful in the early game too. 

Mount Olympus

The 4 actions at Mount Olympus are: Fate, Move an Item or Ally, Play a Card, Gain 1 Power.

Mount Olympus is mostly useful for its Move an Item or Ally action. Keep the top of this location uncovered for as much of the game as you can! You’ll be rewarded by moving Titans as well as dealing out Fates to your opponents.

The Play a Card and Gain 1 Power actions on the bottom of this location aren’t anything amazing but they are going to be helpful most of the time. 

Hades’ Fate deck

There are 15 cards in Hades’ Fate deck, with 11 different card designs. There are 6 Effect cards (Go The Distance, Lightning Bolt, and The Gospel Truth), 2 Item cards (Medallion) the remaining 7 cards are Heroes (Zeus, Megara, Phil, Pegasus, Hercules, Hermes, and Hera).

  • Go The Distance x 2
  • Hera x 1 
  • Hercules x 1
  • Hermes x 1
  • Lightning Bolt x 2
  • Medallion x 2
  • Megara x 1
  • Pegasus x 1 
  • Phil x 1
  • The Gospel Truth x 2
  • Zeus x 1
Disney Villainous Hades Fate deck cards
All Hades’ Fate cards

Go The Distance

Number in deck: 2 | Card type: Effect
Either move an untrapped Titan up to two locations away, ignoring all Hero and Titan abilities, or move a Hero to any location. 

This can put you back a turn or two if your opponent chooses to move your Titan two locations away from Mount Olympus!

Either that or they move Hera to trap a Titan at her new location.

Neither option is good! You have Get Ready to Rumble! to move your Titan back, and Planets Align and Pyros to untrap Titans. 


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 4 | Card type: Hero
When Hera is played or moved, you may choose a Titan at her new location. That Titan is trapped.

Hera can either be a minor or a major annoyance. If you’ve got Pyros in play and Hera hasn’t trapped him, you can move him to untrap other Titans. 

Worst case, Hera is used to trap Pyros then you’ve only got Planets Align that can untrap him! 


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 5 | Card type: Hero
Titans cannot be moved from Hercules’ location. 

Hercules is like a big Stop! sign. Nothing is getting past him. Your opponent will likely play him at The Underworld stopping you from moving any Titans anywhere near Olympus! Or they’ll play him on whatever location has the most Titans! 

If your Titans have advanced beyond The Underworld, then move Hercules to there using Stratos’ ability, Rage or Pain to move Hercules out of your way! 

If your Titans haven’t advanced beyond The Underworld, you’ll need to defeat him. 


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 3 | Card type: Hero
When Hermes is played, if Zeus is in Hades’ Realm, you may move Zeus to any location. Otherwise, find Zeus and put him on the top of Hades’ Fate deck. 

Hermes himself is not too bad, it’s his ability that’s annoying! Your opponent will probably use it to move Zeus to the location where you have most of your Titans!

Otherwise, Zeus is going to the top of your Fate deck and will be played shortly afterward!

Lightning Bolt

Number in deck: 2 | Card type: Effect
Choose a location in Hades’ Realm. All Titans at that location are trapped.

No! This is a terrible Fate to befall you unless your Titans are all at different locations! Planets Align is the remedy for untrapping Titans en masse. If it’s just one, then use Pyros’ ability (unless he’s trapped too!). 


Number in deck: 2 | Strength: +2 | Card type: Item
When Medallion is played, attach it to a Hero. That Hero gets +2 Strength.

You really don’t want Medallions played on Hercules or Zeus, they become so strong, they are very difficult to get rid of. So difficult in fact, that you’re better off just moving them out of your way with Pain, Rage or Stratos rather than defeating them. 


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 3 | Card type: Hero
When Megara is played, you may move a Hero from her location to any location.

Megara is a good counter to your ability to Move Heroes out of your way, but also to put Hercules’ in the path of your Titans again. She’s not too bad though, providing that you can Move the Hero again! 


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 3 | Card type: Hero
When Pegasus is played, you may move an untrapped Titan from his location to an adjacent location.

Most likely, Pegasus nudges your Titan back towards The Underworld. Not much fun, but you can easily remedy it. 


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 2 | Card type: Hero
Phil and Hercules get +1 Strength if Hercules is in Hades’ Realm.

Even with the Strength boost, Phil isn’t too bad. He’s still pretty weak and easy to defeat. Hercules however, will be a Strength 6 with Phil, with both Medallions he’ll be a Strength 10. 

Again, way simpler to Move him out of the way than defeat him! 

The Gospel Truth

Number in deck: 2 | Card type: Effect
Discard an Item or Ally from Hades’ Realm.

You hope your opponents don’t come for your Chariot! But you know they will! 

Unfortunately, once it’s gone, it’s gone!


Number in deck: 1 | Strength: 5 | Card type: Hero
If a Titan moves to Zeus’ location, that Titan is immediately trapped before the Titan’s ability is triggered. 

Your opponents will likely play Zeus to Mount Olympus which is annoying on two levels. Firstly, it’ll mess up your surprise win by using Get Ready to Rumble! And secondly, it’ll block one of your Move an Item or Ally actions. 

If you move Zeus, he’ll only trap Titans elsewhere, so really defeating him is the best plan.

How to stop Hades from winning Villainous

To stop Hades from winning here’s what to do and which Fate cards to play to annoy him!

Disney Villainous annoying fate cards hades
Annoying cards from Hades’ Fate deck

There are 6 cards in Hade’s Fate deck that directly affect his Titans by either trapping them or moving them. These cards, plus the Gospel Truth are really effective at stopping Hades if you use them right!

Move Titans with Go The Distance 

Moving a Titan two locations away might not seem like much, but moving Titans is what Hades wants the most so this will annoy him greatly! Because of the special ability of Go The Distance, you can even move Titans away from Hercules’ location. 

Of course, you want to Move the Titans away from Mount Olympus!

Trap Pyros with Hera

There are only four cards in Hades’ deck that can untrap Titans. One of them is the ability on Pyros. But if Pyros is trapped, then Hades’ can’t use it!

Use Hera’s ability to trap Pyros if you can!

Block Titans with Hercules

Any Titan at Hercules’ location cannot be moved! If you draw him early in the game, play Hercules at The Underworld because Hades has to play every Titan there. 

If you draw him later in the game, play him wherever the most Titans are!  

Trap Titans with Lightning Bolt

Of all the cards in his deck, Hades hates this one the most. Trapping Titans is particularly annoying because Hades’ doesn’t have many cards that can untrap them. And if a Titan is trapped, it doesn’t count towards his objective! 

Use The Gospel Truth to get rid of the Chariot

Hades will use his Chariot to zoom around his Realm getting a bonus action every other turn! You want to stop that. You can bet he’ll be using those actions to move his Titans any chance he gets! 

Play The Gospel Truth to Discard any Item or Ally from Hades’ Realm! 

Play Zeus on Mount Olympus

Zeus is exactly what Hades doesn’t want waiting for his Titans at Mount Olympus! Then not only does he have to Move every Titan all the way to Mount Olympus, but he then has to untrap each one too! 

Conclusion – Hades Strategy Guide

To win as Hades in Villainous, follow these steps. 

  1. Start at The Gardens to Gain 3 Power and Discard Cards to find Titans.
  2. When you have Titans, alternate between The Underworld and Mount Olympus to Move one each turn.
  3. Play the Chariot to get a bonus action every other turn, ideally use it to move Titans. 
  4. Move one Titan to Mount Olympus and two others to Thebes. 
  5. Save up 2 Get Ready to Rumble! cards and Power enough to move 2 Titans two locations in one turn. 
  6. Play both Get Ready to Rumble! cards from The Gardens to move the final two Titans to Mount Olympus. 
  7. Keep a Planets Align in your hand just in case an opponent traps your Titans!

Hades is a tricky one to play because his Fate deck is really disruptive. If you’re Fated, try to ignore as many Heroes as you can, but keep Mount Olympus clear for that additional Move Item or Ally action. It’ll really help you to win!

Villainous is such an awesome game! The only thing that lets it down is the flimsy plastic cauldron. But you can get an upgraded Villainous cauldron with power tokens on Etsy! It even fits in the Villainous base game box!

For more Villainous upgrade inspiration see my article – 7 Wicked Disney Villainous Upgrades and Accessories!

If you found this Hades guide helpful, check out my other strategy guides for the other Disney Villainous characters – Captain HookJafar, the Queen of HeartsMaleficentPrince JohnUrsula, Dr Facilier, Evil Queen, Scar, Yzma, Ratigan, Cruella De Vil, Mother Gothel and Pete.

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