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What is this website?

The My Kind of Meeple (MKoM) website was created by a team of board gaming lovers with a goal to create helpful content for the gaming and trading card community. MKoM writers and editors created game guides to share knowledge about board games, and also to build their own game skills. In 2023, My Kind of Meeple joined to grow the website, its audience, and utilize a multimedia approach to cover a wider breadth of games –while maintaining content quality and authenticity.

What is the MKoM mission?

The MKoM team is on mission to provide helpful board gaming and trading card guides. Furthermore, the team hopes to grow the content to cover board game news, and to interview prominent members of the community. Overall, this website serves as an information hub for all tabletop gamers to refer to when playing board games.

Who is the MKoM team?

Since 2008, the editorial Meeple team has loved playing tabletop games. It all started with Dungeons & Dragons, which then led to Munchkin, then to Small World, and then hundreds more tabletop games! was founded by Emily Sargeantson to create a space to nerd-out on games. To her, it was obvious that the board gaming community was full of passionate, interesting, and welcoming people. Today, the MKoM audience has grown considerably–from gaming veterans to newcomers. As a result, the team proudly focuses on making content that will be helpful to all members of this fascinating gaming world. The MKoM team simply aims to spread the joy of gaming.

  • Graduated from The University of Sheffield with a BA in English Language and Literature
  • Founder of My Kind of Meeple and Get into Treble 
  • Entrepreneur and Content Creator

Why My Kind of Meeple?

I founded in January 2019 to create content about my hobby – tabletop games! I love discovering new games, figuring out the best strategies, and introducing new gamers to how amazing tabletop games can be. MKoM gave me a platform to write about games, connect with the tabletop gaming community and even talk about board games on BBC radio! Like my favourite player character from D&D, as my first website, My Kind of Meeple will always hold a unique place in my heart.

  • SEO Manager, Editor, and Web Designer with 15+ years of experience
  • Alumni of: Faculty of Economics Zagreb

Why My Kind of Meeple?

As the SEO Manager and Editor for My Kind of Meeple (MKoM), I bring a distinctive fusion of experience and passion to the fore. Board gaming has always been a cherished pastime for me, and being part of a platform that resonates with this passion makes my role even more rewarding. My responsibilities stretch beyond mere SEO, diving deep into the rich tapestry of board games, trading card games, and the vibrant community that surrounds them. As an editor, I am committed to ensuring that our content is not only intriguing and informative but also impeccably crafted. My meticulous attention to detail coupled with a deep-seated love for the world of tabletop gaming positions me uniquely. Whether it’s the intricate mechanics of a new board game or the latest news on trading card releases, I ensure our content strikes the right balance between accessibility for newcomers and depth for the seasoned gamers. By synergizing these skills and experiences, my objective is to steer My Kind of Meeple’s mission onward, establishing it as the quintessential resource for every tabletop gaming enthusiast. Whether you’re an old hand at board games or just starting your journey, MKoM is here to guide, inform, and entertain.

  • Graduated from Monmouth University with a BA in Communications (Public Relations & Journalism)
  • Writer and Editor for Rambler Surf Magazine, Total Food Magazine, Conscious Connection Magazine,, and more.
  • Content Marketing Manager, Project Manager, and Small Business Owner

Why My Kind of Meeple?

Ryan has a small experience with board games and trading cards when playing chess, and trading baseball, football, and Pokemon cards. However, as a professional journalist also with marketing agency experience he feels comfortable researching new subjects, highlighting content of interest, and above all telling stories that matter to a targeted group. For these reasons, he has enjoyed the challenge of working with the My Kind of Meeple team.

  • Experienced eCommerce aficionado with over 13 years of rocking the digital world! Passionate about all things EV vehicles, drones, and video blogging, along with whole life of die-hard gaming experience.
  • Proud papa to three awesome sons. Proven track record in driving massive sales growth, optimizing user experience, and mastering the art of digital marketing.
  • Alumni of Reshetnev University of Technology and Science, Business Administration

Why My Kind of Meeple?

Lifelong gamer who can’t get enough of both board and video games with 30+ years of hands-on experience. I’m like Gandalf of the gaming world, wise and seen a lot! I’m the never-beaten family champion in Monopoly, a crafty and fearsome adversary in games like Gold Mines, Ticket to Ride, 7 Wonders, and The Search for Planet X.

Ph.D. in an understanding the under-the-hood of a successful gaming website.

What is our ambition?

The MKoM ambition is to be inclusive to new tabletop gamers, as well as to offer in-depth info for those very experienced members of the gaming, board game, and trading card community. In order for the website’s information & audience to continually grow, the editorial team will attend gaming conventions, playtest prototype / new games, host gaming sessions, and even design their own games. All of this is with the goal to inspire and help the tabletop gaming community of Meeple!

How do we get paid?

To become media literate, viewers should understand advertising in the context of content creation…
Ads. Viewers can find advertisements on most of our blog posts/pages. Our ad partner is Raptive, which means that they find advertising partners that advertise on our site on our behalf.
Affiliate links. When creating content around board games, TTRPGs, TCGs, and other tabletop games, MKoM suggests products via the Amazon Associates Program. As an Amazon Associate, the Meeple team earns income from qualifying purchases.
Sponsored posts. Some of our posts may be sponsored, which means that a company has paid us to publish a specific post that promotes their company/products. Our sponsored posts always have a clearly visible disclosure.
Sponsored products. Some manufacturers send us free products for us to review. This doesn’t affect our verdict in any way, because we always keep our reviews true and genuine, not affected by anyone.

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Stay tuned, as there’s always something exciting happening on!
~ The MKoM Team