Hello, curious!

Hi, I’m Emily!

I’ve been playing tabletop games since 2008 when a friend introduced me to Dungeons & Dragons and Munchkin!

I started My Kind of Meeple as a place to nerd out about tabletop games.

But the website quickly became more than that.

Now I focus on creating helpful articles for tabletop nerds like me and for people new to the hobby.

I talk about games to anyone who will listen, attend gaming conventions, playtest prototypes, host regular gaming sessions, and design games in my free time.

The tabletop community is wonderful and I’m so proud to be a part of it!


I’m currently rolling a Witchdoctor Warlock called Membe in D&D 5e.

Board games

I play what I’m in the mood for! Everything from Twilight Imperium to Dixit.


Painting minis is so relaxing! I enjoy Warhammer 40k and love Gorkamorka!

Game design

I love to design games! I’m always working on something! Hoping to Kickstart one!

Fun and Games

A few snapshots from my tabletop gaming adventures!

Playing a huge version of Tsuro at Airecon in 2019!

Met a dragon at The Ultimate Games Master stand at UKGE 2019!

Me and my other half at the UK Games Expo 2019!

Posing with our dog Moxie after winning Villainous: Perfectly Wretched in a giveaway on Instagram!


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How You Can Support

My desk when writing the Mother Gothel guide!
My desk when writing the Mother Gothel guide!

I spend a lot of time and care creating the most helpful articles.

Each Gloomhaven Build Guide is around 9k words and takes the equivalent of 5 days full-time work to write, photo and format!

The website has some costs like hosting, domain name and software to keep it fast, secure and user friendly.

If my articles help you, I’d be honoured if you’d say, “Thanks!” with a £3 coffee on Ko-fi.

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My Favourite Things

Well, a few of them!