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Board games

Board Games

Whether playing, hosting, teaching or designing – the world of board games is a fascinating place!

Strategies, Reviews & Upgrades!

For strategy guides, reviews and accessory ideas for particular games, dive into the game pages!

catan board game box


Villainous board game box

Disney Villainous

everdell cover box




King of Tokyo box

King of Tokyo

Ticket to Ride board game box cover

Ticket to Ride

Wingspan cover


Best Board Game Stuff!

Some of my favourite board games, accessories and gifts. Go on. Treat yourself!


The world of board games is fascinating! Take a look at these articles. What are you curious about?

nerdy glasses

Are Board Games Nerdy?

Board games and nerds seem like a perfect match! But with nerd culture and the board game hobby going mainstream – are board games still nerdy?
camel up board game

Are Board Games Considered Toys?

Board games are fun, but are they toys? I researched dictionaries, stores and board game communities to find out if board games are considered to be toys!
meeples on board

Why Board Games Are So Popular

Board games are trending right now and the signs are that they are only going to get more popular. But why is that? Well, it’s not one reason, it’s many….


The best thing about board games? Playing them! It’s also fun to try out other game formats too!


Getting people together for board game nights (and days) is awesome! Here are some ideas for being an epic host!


Designing board games really gets those creative juices flowing!