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11 Dungeons and Dragons Stocking Stuffers! (2023)

Looking for Dungeons and Dragons stocking stuffers? As a D&D player myself, I’ve hand-picked all the stocking stuffer ideas in this article. I hope they inspire you to pick up the perfect little extras for the D&D fan in your life!

If you’re looking for more substantial D&D gift ideas, check out our 33 Best Dungeons and Dragons Gift Ideas article.

1. Dungeons & Dragons Coin

dungeons and dragons coin
Image: Paolas Pixels

D&D Coin on Etsy

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This solid 2inch zinc alloy D&D coin is beautiful and functional!

Can you guess what’s on the other side? That’s right, “The other takes away!” And the hand is holding up a 1 on the dice instead of a 20!

It’s a wonderful stocking stuffer for any D&D player but DM’s may especially like it for their campaigns!

2. Character Class Enamel Pin

Rogue dnd character class enamel pin
Image: Doize Demos

DnD Character Class Pin on Etsy

If you know which class your loved one plays, then a class pin is a perfect Dungeons and Dragons stocking filler!

These D&D class enamel pins are simply stunning. There is a design for every D&D class, each one showing the perfect imagery for that role.

They are such high quality any Dungeons & Dragons player would be very happy to receive one!

3. Beholder Cookie Cutter

Beholder cookie cutter
Image: Crashpixel

Beholder Cookie Cutter on Etsy

Snacks are a key part of my DnD sessions and this beholder cookie-cutter inspires me to make tasty treats for my group!

I love all the different faces you can get for this cookie cutter too!

4. +1 Charisma Bottle opener

dnd bottle opener
Image: Night Owl Worx

+1 Charisma Bottle Opener on Etsy

This hand-crafted hardwood bottle opener is bound to inspire a few smiles from D&D players! Your beverage may well give you +1 Charisma (or at least you think it does!), but the more you drink, the more of a hit you take to your Wisdom!

5. Dice Chair of Shame!

dice chair of shame
Image: Fun Board Games

Dice Chair of Shame on Etsy

Some dice need a little more encouragement to roll well. A little time in the wearing the Dunce’s hat will show them the error of their ways!

You can choose the color of the chair and the hat to make it unique. The colors include special effect colors like silk, glitter and wood! I love the idea of a wooden chair and a glittery hat or even a golden throne!

6. Healing Potion

Potion of Healing Image copyright: Aorora Arthenaeum on Etsy
Image: Aorora Arthenaeum

D&D Potion of Healing on Etsy

Facing monsters is part of an adventurer’s job. Unfortunately, that means they sometimes get injured!

These fantastic healing potions make healing fun! Instead of just rolling plain old four-sided dice, your D&D fan can now shake their potion of healing to heal themselves! Super thematic and way more fun! Bottom’s up!

7. Sword Enamel Pin

dnd dice sword pin
Image: DnD Dice

Dice Sword Enamel Pin on Etsy

This cute enamel pin will look ace wherever you put it! Its classic black, white and silver styling means it goes with any color too!

The dice and sword combo is subtle but easily recognizable to anyone that plays DnD.

8. D&D Stickers

D&D Stickers at Amazon

These D&D stickers are a fun stocking stuffer. The stickers are waterproof and sunproof so will stay vibrant wherever they’re used.

They’re perfect for decorating laptops, D&D notebooks, or water bottles!

9. Washi Tape

dungeons and dragons washi tape
Image: Paolas Pixels

DnD Washi Tape on Etsy

Washi tape is perfect for decorating DnD character journals! I use washi tape in my paper planner and for wrapping presents too.

It’s a decorative paper masking tape and comes in all kinds of cool patterns and designs! Paola’s Pixels, the Etsy shop that sells this DnD Alchemist washi tape also has other designs with funky dice, a bard item collection and D&D adventure scenes too!

10. Iron On Embroided Patch

dungeons and dragons embroided patch
Image: Paolas Pixels

DnD Party Embroided Patch on Esty

This iron on patch makes the perfect Dungeons and Dragons stocking stuffer! Minis, adventure grid, dice and a DM screen. Everything you need!

It’s also got the other essentials – snacks and a drink! I love the detail on this patch right down to the different classes of the minis!

11. Lollipop Dice

d20 lollipops
Image: Candy Counters.

D20 Lollipops on Etsy

Yum! Handmade by a chef, these d20 lollipops make a tasty stocking stuffer or gift for your DnD group! They are made with diabetic sugar, naturally flavored, gluten-free, and vegetarian-friendly.

The seller makes them in loads of different flavors from cranberry and blueberry, to lemon-honey to mochaccino! They’ll even create custom flavors for you. What flavor would your DnD fan will love?

Dungeons and Dragons Stocking Stuffers

I hope this article has been helpful for choosing the perfect D&D stocking stuffer for your loved one!

Check out my Dungeons and Dragons Gift Ideas article for more gift suggestions!

If you’re looking for the perfect Gift for your Dungeon Master take a look at my hand-picked list.

Or get a little treat for yourself from my Epic Accessories for D&D Players List!

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