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15 Epic D&D Gaming Accessories for Players!

Having awesome accessories for playing D&D will make you feel really epic!

To inspire you, here are some of my favourite Dungeons and Dragons accessories for players. Be warned though! If you get one, your fellow D&D players may go goblin green with envy!

1. Health Potion

dnd potion of healing
Image: Aurora Athenaeum

Potion of Healing on Etsy

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As much as we’d like to be on full HP all the time, it just doesn’t happen! Whether you’re healing yourself or your allies, you can now look epic when you do!

I love that when you need to roll to heal, you can pop the lid off the top of the glass bottle, give it a shake and hope you roll double 4s! 

They’re available in regular, greater, superior and supreme potion sizes too, so there’s a potion for you whatever your level!

2. Tabletop RPG Adventurer’s Bag

RPG adventurer’s bag on Amazon.

If you’re travelling to your friend’s house to play, you may be loaded up with snacks, your player’s handbook, ability cards, dice, dice tray, your mini, your journal, and maybe your tablet or laptop.

It’s actually a fair amount to take. Why not put it in an awesome bag that gets you into character before you even get there!

I think this bag looks like you’re going on an epic adventure! And its function is just as good as its design. It has a foam insert section for storing your minis, padded dividers for storing your books, character sheet and tablet and it’s waterproof.

I especially love the little clips at the bottom for rolling up and carrying maps! It’s so cool!

3. Custom Adventure Journal

dnd adventure jounral binder
Adventure Journal with custom portrait. Image credit: The Orderly Owl on Etsy

D&D journal on Etsy.

I’m guilty of just grabbing any old notebook to use for my D&D journal. But I always feel so bad. The journal of my adventure deserves an incredible home!

This vegan leather binder is super high quality! It’s a stunning place to capture the details of all those interesting folk you run into, puzzles you solve, mysteries, clues, and epic battles you win!

Available in tan and cream or pink and grey, with 180 pages of 100gsm recycled paper, it’s compatible with any A5 binder sheets so it’s expandable if your campaign goes on for several years! You can add space for extra spells if you need it, a songbook for all you bards out there, and even a grimoire. 

Practical as well as beautiful, this dnd journal contains 5e character sheets, background pages, equipment pages, spell lists, and a whole host more besides. There are 6 section dividers, document sleeves, cardholders for spell cards and notes, a card window for your character portrait, and even a pen holder!

4. Immense Dice Bag

Immense dice bag on Amazon.

Every new character I create needs a new dice set (or two!). Which means I’ve collected quite a few dice over the years!

Sometimes, I want to play with one of my old favourite dice sets instead of the one for my current character. That’s where this awesome dice storage bag comes in!

With 7 compartments, you can keep all your sets separated. Why not take your favourite 7 sets along with you to every D&D session? Then you can go with what you feel like on the day.

This epic dice bag is such a cool solution for your D&D dice storage!

5. Dice Chair of Shame!

dice chair of shame
Image credit: WhiteWolfWorkshops on Etsy.

Dice Chair of Shame on Etsy.

Dice not playing nice? Sit them in the corner in a chair and make them wear the Dunce’s hat. That’ll teach them a lesson.

There are always negative consequences for rolling a 1…

6. Engraved Drinking Horn

Viking drinking horn. Image credit: WarmHearthCreations on Etsy.
Viking drinking horn. Image credit: WarmHearthCreations on Etsy.

Drinking Horns on Etsy

You’ll really feel the part drinking from one of these drinking horns!

Made from real bovine horn, they will transport you to a different time. They are only suitable for cold drinks because hot ones would damage them, but they are perfect for an ale!

You can request a custom engraving too! How cool is that? You could engrave your name, the name of your character, or even a catchphrase they are known for.

7. Wooden Tankard

Wooden Tankard on Amazon

If a bovine drinking horn isn’t your thing, how about a solid oak wooden tankard for your D&D mead? Same kind of feeling as the drinking horn, but not made from animal products.

The wooden stein has a metal insert inside for easy cleaning which means it can hold hot and cold drinks! Pick your favourite colour of wood too.

8. Dragon’s Eye Dice Bag

Dragon's eye dice bag. Image credit: Abbots Hollow Studios on Etsy.
Dragon’s eye dice bag. Image credit: Abbots Hollow Studios on Etsy.

Dragon’s Eye Dice Bags on Etsy

Store your dice in a bag made from the dragon you slew in a previous D&D campaign! The craftsmanship on these dice bags on Etsy is amazing. They are made from quality components and are simply stunning.

Dragon’s eye dice bags aren’t the only amazing thing in the Abbots Hollow Etsy shop. The talented maker also creates awesome card deck cases, journals, and even game room banners!

9. Magical Light Up Potions

Light up bottles. Image credit: Dicombobolus on Etsy.
Light up bottles. Image credit: Dicombobolus on Etsy.

Light Up Magical Bottles on Etsy.

If your character is any kind of spellcaster, or even if they have some arcana knowledge these glowing potion bottles are perfect for getting in character!

How cool would it be to have one of these light-up potions on the table while you play?

It would look awesome clipped to your backpack too!

10. Metal Dice

gold blue metal dice
Gold and blue metal dice. Image credit: Viridian Gaming on Etsy.

Gold Blue Metal Dice on Etsy.

Your d20 and friends are at the centre of all your adventures! We all know you can never have enough dice. It’s a proven fact. Isn’t it about time you treated yourself to some new ones?

I love how metal dice feel so cool in your hand!

There are two main types, edged and unedged. I prefer unedged, they look cooler to me as though they have been lovingly hand carved from a solid chunk of metal.

These gold and blue metal dice are stunning! They make me think of ancient magic breaking through its encasing!

11. Fancy Dice Tray

Tree of Gondor dice tray. Image credit: BoardGameSolutions on Etsy.
Tree of Gondor dice tray. Image credit: BoardGameSolutions on Etsy.

Tree of Gondor Dice Tray on Etsy

Metal dice are amazing but they can leave dents and marks on wooden tables! Powerful things metal dice. So they need a perfect companion – a dice tray.

Dice trays are useful for regular dice too. Sprightly little things bouncing all over the place! I used to throw mine on the floor all the time before I got a dice tray.

You can get yourself a basic dice tray in a plain colour for sure, but if you want to have a really cool one, I like this Tree of Gondor one. It’s made from neoprene so you can wipe it down incase some stray snacks or drops of drink fall on it. Oops! All too common in the snack fest that is a D&D gaming session!

Neoprene means that not only does this dice tray flat-pack, but you can roll it up too so it doesn’t get creased or bashed about in your bag. I like the rolled up sides too so that dice will tumble around nicely rather than hitting a flat side mid-roll and lose some momentum.

12. Deity Talisman

tabletop diety pendant pelor dawnfeather
Image: Badwolf Gaming Design

Symbol of Pelor Talisman on Etsy

Do you have a deity that grants you particular boons? How about a talisman accessory to wear at your Dungeons and Dragons gaming sessions?

If you’re a devout follower of the Dawnfeather, this Symbol of Pelor allows your faith to shine through! It looks so cool.

The Etsy shop also has other D&D talismans like a necklace for the faithful of Helm, the Vigilant One, and the Symbol of the Raven Queen. You may even find a magical Staff of Withering!

13. Hero Vault

Wooden Hero Vault. Image source: Dungeon Co on Etsy.
Wooden Hero Vault. Image source: Dungeon Co on Etsy.

Hero Vault on Etsy

I am always scrabbling around for a pencil on D&D day! I don’t know how they all disappear! I swear there are little pixies that come and take them. Perhaps the same ones that take socks and teaspoons!

But you can always lock your pencil in a vault between sessions – a Hero Vault!

It’ll stop your mini from getting bashed about as well! When you’ve spent hours doing your best paint job on it, it’s heartbreaking to find it got chipped in your bag!

In this gorgeous wooden hero vault, there’s space for your mini, two sets of dice, and your pencil. The lid even doubles as a dice tray! It’s available in several beautiful wood finishes too.

14. Spell Tracker Scroll

spell tracker scroll
Image: Arrow Road Creations

Spell Tracker on Etsy

If you roll a caster, then you’ll immediately see the appeal of this spell tracker scroll! It sure beats tracking your spells on paper or in an app!

Available in elven, dwarven or infernal variations, you can choose whether you want elven script, dwarven script, or both on the scroll. You can customize the color of the tracker tokens too.

It’s hand-painted so your tracker will be one-of-a-kind whichever you go for. Love painting? You can buy the 3d printed unpainted version and make it truly your own.

15. Custom Hero Forge Mini

hero forge mini
Image: Hero Forge

Custom miniatures at Hero Forge

Your DnD character is totally unique and deserves a custom miniature to represent them!

Thanks to the huge library of races, items, clothes, accessories at Hero Forge you can create a mini that perfectly reflects who your character is. Right down to their pose and facial expression!

After designing your mini you can have it printed and shipped to you in plastic, metal or 3d color print (no painting to do!). If you have a 3d printer, you can save the file and print it yourself. You can even use your character’s profile image if you’re playing online on a virtual tabletop or get a digital 3d version for Tabletop Simulator.

For more about Hero Forge, see my Hero Forge review.

Which D&D accessories will you treat yourself to?

There are so many cool accessories for D&D from dice storage, to journals to props to get you in character! Which ones will you get?

As well as all this cool adventurer’s gear, I’m seriously thinking about getting this leather monster games room banner from Etsy! Just look at those little monster fangs! It feels like the ultimate accessory to me!

Perhaps you’ll want to get yourself a little gift from my 33 Best Dungeons and Dragons Gift Ideas?

You may also want to get your Dungeon Master a gift to say thanks! See my article 21 Dungeon Master Gifts Your DM Will Love! for some ideas!

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