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33 Best Dungeons and Dragons Gift Ideas! (2023)

Looking for the perfect gift for the Dungeons and Dragons fan in your life? You’ve come to the right place! As a D&D player myself, here are some gifts that I’d absolutely love to receive and some DnD gifts I’ve bought for other players!

When buying gifts for D&D lovers, it can be tricky finding out what they’ve already got, or specifics about their Dungeons & Dragons character! To make it easy for you to find the best Dungeons & Dragons gift, most of the gift ideas in this list assume that you only know your recipient is a D&D player and nothing else!

I’ve separated the gifts into different categories to help you choose the type of Dungeons and Dragons gift you want to get them: gaming gifts, homeware, clothes and accessories, and jewelry.

Hi! This post may contain affiliate links to online stores. If you use a link and buy something, I may get a commission at no extra cost to you. See my affiliate disclosure.

DnD Gaming Gifts

These are things they’ll actually use when playing D&D! There are no D&D rule books, campaigns, or adventures in this list because they may already have them so my suggestions are other cool things!

1. Dice Vault

Wooden Dice Vault. Image copyright: 3DEgos on Etsy
Image: 3DEgos

Wooden Dragon Dice Vault on Etsy

Clickety clackety, I roll to attackety! Dice are essential to D&D! And one set isn’t enough. Depending on the character’s class and abilities you need multiples of different types of dice, as well as some complete sets.

This Dice Vault on Etsy has space for several sets and multiples of specific dice. The lid doubles up as a padded dice tray for smooth rolling and protects your table from metal dice!

It’s has a stunning dragon design on the lid and is made from solid wood! Go see it for yourself!

2. Dice Set

Skull and Moss dnd dice set
Image: The Crooked Tavern

Skull and Moss Dice on Etsy

Something happens when people start playing Dungeons and Dragons – they turn into dice goblins. No matter how many dice they have, they always want more!

Thankfully, there are thousands of incredible dice sets out there to choose from! Metal dice, hand-made dice, painted dice, dice with objects in! The list goes on!

They look fantastic and come in a dice bag so make a perfect gift or stocking stuffer!

3. DnD Bag

Tabletop Adventurer’s RPG Bag at Amazon

Heading to a friend’s house to play DnD is exciting! If you’re the Dungeon Master there can be a lot of things to take with you! Rule books, miniatures, maps, sand timers etc, and you want to make sure everything is protected and won’t break along the way!

This Tabletop Adventurer’s RPG Bag is the perfect bag for DnD! It has pockets to store everything, can hold up to 8 rulebooks, includes foam inserts to protect the minis, and even has a room for rolling up the gridded battlemat for playing on!

4. DnD Campaign Journal

DnD Campaign Journal Binder. Image: Everything Dice Co on Etsy.
Image: Everything Dice Co

D&D Campaign Journal on Etsy

A lot happens on epic D&D adventures so you take notes to record what happens along the way – interesting folk you run into, puzzles you solve, mysteries, clues, and epic battles!

Available in tan and cream or pink and grey, this vegan leather binder is super high quality and absolutely perfect for taking notes!

It includes 180 pages of 100gsm recycled paper and it’s compatible with any A5 binder sheets so it’s expandable if your campaign goes on for several years!

As you’d expect for a D&D journal, it contains 5e character sheets, background pages, equipment pages, spell lists, and a whole host more besides. There are 6 section dividers, document sleeves, cardholders for spell cards and notes, a card window for your character portrait, and even a pen holder!

5. DnD Character Class Pencils

DnD Class pencils. Image: 1980Who on Etsy.
Image: 1980Who

DnD Character Class Pencils on Etsy

As you play Dungeons and Dragons, a lot changes with your character. They level up and improve their stats, they pick up gold and loot, they get magical items, new abilities, and lots of other things!

Because things are always changing, it makes sense to fill your character sheet in with a pencil rather than a pen so you can easily update it.

These DnD character class pencils with rubbers on the end are perfect for pen and paper role players! You can use the pencil for your class and hand the rest out to your group, or keep them for yourself for when you roll another character in the future!

6. DnD Spell Tracker Scroll

DND Spell Tracker
Image: Arrow Road Creations

DnD Spell Tracker on Etsy

This spell tracker is the perfect gift for a D&D player who plays a wizard, sorcerer, druid, or other spellcasting class!

When they put this spell tracker on the table, it’ll make all the nonmagical players in the D&D group want to re-roll their characters for wizards!

Available in elven, dwarven or infernal variations, you can customize the color of the tracker tokens and choose whether you want elven script, dwarven script, or both on the scroll.

It’s hand-painted by the creator so you’ll be buying a one-of-a-kind piece whichever option you go for. Prefer to paint it yourself? You can even buy the 3d printed, yet unpainted version.

As a player that favors spellcasters, I adore this spell tracker!

7. Dice Tower

Steampunk Dice Tower basically wooden etsy
Image: Basically Wooden

Steampunk Style Dice Tower on Etsy

I want to run and jump on that wall. Roll a d20. I cast Charm Person. Roll a d20. I check for traps. Roll a d20. It’s no wonder the d20 is so iconic to DnD players! For anything you want to do, you have to roll it first!

A dice tower is a wonderful way to give dice a lovely tumble (and stop them from rolling off the table onto the floor!). Dice make a lovely clatter as they tumble down the alternating ramps in the tower and land in the tray at the bottom.

It’s amazing quality and folds away neatly for storage when it’s not in use.

8. RPG Character Creation Book

Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Book at Amazon

One of the most fun things to do as a roleplayer is to create new characters! This book adds a whole new level of depth to character creation. It’s packed with fun questions and exercises to help you think about aspects of your character which you might not ordinarily think about.

If your character was looking through hero profiles who would they want to adventure with? How do they make an inn feel like home when they stay overnight? What would a version of your character from the future say to themselves?

This book is a fantastic addition to any role player’s library!

9. Webcam for DnD online

Logitech C920x HD Pro webcam at Amazon

If your Dungeons and Dragons fan plays DnD online, then a full HD webcam is a fantastic gift! Now all the expression they put into their character while roleplaying won’t be lost on a low-quality image from a laptop camera or basic webcam.

The Logitech C920x HD Pro webcam is very highly thought of by users and gaming streamers alike. It works with all the usual video call software – Zoom, FaceTime, Skype etc and one of the features I love the most is the automatic light correction. Even in a dark room, this camera captures a clear, 1080p HD image.

It has built two built-in microphones to use in pinch, although I’d always recommend a dedicated microphone for online gameplay! My recommendation coming up next!

10. Microphone for DnD online

Blue Yeti USB Microphone at Amazon

The Blue Yeti microphone has legendary status amongst gaming streamers, and rightly so! It’s a quality piece of kit. This microphone is used by professional podcasters and streamers so it’s certainly doing something right!

It records professional broadcast-quality sound thanks to the three recording capsules in the mic. These lead to amazing audio quality, but also mean that the mic can be set to record in several different ways – directly ahead, all around, front and back (for two people talking) and stereo (for a group talking). Perfect if your DnD fan also records their game for a live play TTRPG podcast.

The mic comes in several cool colors including silver, blue and teal! It has a USB connection so is easy to plug in and start using. The mic itself has an instant mute button, headphone jack, gain control and recording setting all nice and easy access. The Blue Yeti mic definitely deserves its legendary status!

11. Hero Forge Gift Card

Hero Forge 3d color print. Image copyright: Hero Forge
Hero Forge 3d color print. Image: Hero Forge

Hero Forge Gift Card at Hero Forge

There are plenty of pre-made miniatures available for tabletop gamers, but nothing compares to creating your own custom miniature for your character!

At Hero Forge, you can design a mini that perfectly represents your character thanks to their extensive library of races, items, clothes, accessories. You can even customize the pose and facial expression of your character!

After designing your character, you can choose to have it printed and shipped to you in plastic, metal or 3d color print. If your D&D fan has a 3d printer, they can save the file for their mini and print it themselves. There’s even an option to use your character’s profile image in online games!

A gift card for Hero Forge is a fantastic gift for a D&D player to indulge their creativity and treat themselves to custom miniature! For more about Hero Forge, I have an in-depth Hero Forge review.

12. The Ultimate Micro-RPG Book

The Ultimate Micro-RPG Book at Amazon

If you’re buying a gift for a Dungeons and Dragons player, then the chances are they like playing other tabletop roleplaying games too!

You may not know which other games they play, but that’s no problem! The Micro RPG Book has you covered. Released in December 2020, this book contains 40 games that are easy to learn and quick to play as one-shot gaming sessions.

I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend for his birthday and he loves it! He’s told me some ideas from these games have even inspired some events in our D&D campaign that he is Dungeon Master for.

13. Dragon Puzzle

The Rise of Tiamat Dragon Puzzle at Amazon

The art of Dungeons and Dragons is beautiful. What better way to take a closer look at it than a puzzle?

This 1000 piece dragon puzzle depicts the art from the cover of The Rise of Tiamat D&D adventure. This illustration won a Gold ERNIE award for Best Cover Art. It’s easy to see why. It’s stunning!

This puzzle is definitely something the puzzler would be happy to frame when it’s complete!

14. D&D vs Rick and Morty TTRPG

D&D vs Rick and Morty TTRPG at Amazon

Let’s get schwifty! The perfect gift for the D&D fan who loves Rick and Morty, this game features a complete campaign in one box and even includes 11 lime green and blue Rick dice and a cool-looking Dungeon Master screen.

Inspired by the Rick and Morty vs Dungeons & Dragons comic books, this campaign is designed by Rick Sanchez and the camping is full of side notes, quips, and advice for the DM running the game. As you’d expect from a Rick and Morty game, it’s wacky, funny, weird!

It contains 5 pre-generated characters based on those the family members play which feature in the comics. So you get to roleplay a Jerry roleplaying a Wizard, or roleplay Morty roleplaying a Rogue, which adds a whole new level of fun to standard roleplaying!

DnD Homeware

D&D players often have D&D things around their home. In our house, we keep our D&D minis in a glass cabinet, the wooden DM screen is on top of our Ikea Kallax shelving unit above our board games and our D&D books are on a bookshelf with all our other RPG books.

We’re lucky enough to have a dining table near all our games stuff so we can play in a dedicated gaming space. There are some great things you can get to add some D&D gaming flair to any space!

15. D&D D20 Color Changing Lamp

D&D D20 Color Changing Lamp at Amazon

Ooh, pretty lights! This officially licensed Dungeons and Dragons D20 lamp will bring some ooh and ahhs to everyone who sees it!

It cycles through seven different colors pink, purple, red, yellow, turquoise, green and orange. Press the button once to turn it on, and when it’s on the color you want, press it again to make it stay on that color. The lamp comes with a micro USB cable so it can be powered by a laptop making it an ideal desk lamp. To use it in different places around the home, you’ll want to grab a separate outlet adapter.

16. D20 Candle

d20 candle
Image: Fabled Flame

D20 Candle on Etsy

Sticking with the lighting theme, a D20 candle makes a wonderful gift. They come in all kinds of scent blends from leather armor, to campfire, to lemon tart!

They even have a d20 hidden in them! You can personalize your candle too – the color of the candle, the color of the numbers and the scent. Unscented is an option too.

These handmade dice candles look fantastic whether on the gaming table or around the bathtub!

17. Adventure Scene Mug

D&D scene mug
Image: Glass Staff Gear

D20 Scene Mug on Etsy

Thanks to this Dungeons & Dragons scene mug, your loved one can imagine they are on a heroic adventure whatever they are up to at their job or around the house.

They can sip a cup of coffee whilst gazing wistfully at the scene and thinking about the monsters they’ll face, the people they’ll meet and the legendary story they’ll create with their friends that bards will sing about through the ages.

18. Drinking Horn

drinking horn
Image: Warm Hearth Creations

Drinking Horn on Etsy

Get into the medieval fantasy theme of D&D with a drinking horn! Made from real buffalo horn, these horns truly feel like they are from a different era.

The standard models hold cold drinks so are perfect for an ale or mead, and there’s also a special coffee version that can hold hot beverages too!

Your horn can be personalized with a custom engraving too including some fabulous fonts for text the style perfectly!

19. Emergency Dice

emergency dice framed box
Image: Sonova Stitch

Emergency Dice Kit on Etsy

Be prepared – D&D style! With this emergency dice kit, your loved one will always be prepared for dragons!

Everything about this shadow box kit oozes handmade quality. The diagonal stripes are etched into the glass, the text is premium matt vinyl and the dice are a premium multi-colored set.

You can choose from several beautifully colored dice sets including teal/purple, black/red and violet/gold to find the one that suits your dragon slayer the best!

20. Dice Patent Artwork

dice patent wall art
Image: Wunderkammer Studio

Dice Patent Artwork on Etsy

These dice patent posters are an interesting and artistic homage to dice! Available in several different colors combinations such as white lines on black (blackboard) and white lines on blue (blueprint), there is a design for every home.

You can choose to get the art prints just as unframed prints, or framed in black, white or mocha. I love these patent designs. They feel like a sophisticated. grown up gift for a D&D fan.

21. Dice Holder Coasters

dragon dice holder coaster
Image: The C4 Labs

Walnut Dice Holder Coaster on Etsy

A coaster guaranteed to create coater envy amongst D&D players! The engraving is beautiful, it’s hand crafted with a solid walnut top and it has space for an entire dice set!

Below the walnut top is a transparent colored layer available in blue, pink, green, orange and lime. The contrast with the walnut is stunning.

You can choose from 4 different engraving styles too. As well as dragon, there’s eldritch, celtic and a d20. Everything about this coaster is high quality and stunning!

22. D&D Room Sign Wall Art

dnd wall art room sign
Image: MKR Builds

D&D Room Sign Wall Art on Etsy

Roll for perception. Uh-oh. All D&D players have been there. This sign perfectly captures that feeling.

The engraving is high quality, the font choice is perfect and the wood is solid and thick. It’s a perfect addition to any DnD gaming space!

23. Framed Monster Face

framed monster face art
Image: Abbots Hollow

Framed Monster Face on Etsy

From the super talented Abbots Hollow creator on Etsy, come these framed monster faces! Hand made by the artist, they are created from leather with in set glass eyes and set in an intricate frame that perfectly complements the face.

Because the eye is in the center of the frame, it feels like it watches you wherever you go on the room. Creepy or comforting depening on whether your monster is a friend or foe!

Abbots Hollow is one of my favourite shops so take a look around. They also do framed dragon eye faces that are just as magnificent!

DnD Clothes and Accessories

Gone are the days of D&D players keeping quiet about their hobby. These days, it’s cool to play D&D! What better way for D&D fans to show off their love of the RPG than wearing D&D inspired clothes?

24. Bongo Cat Dice T-Shirt

Bongo cat throwing dice tshirt
Image: Mimic Gaming Company

Bongo Cat Dice T-Shirt on Etsy

D&D is for everyone. Including Bongo cat!

This t-shirt captures the joy of throwing dice perfectly! The bright colors of the dice add to the cute playful feel of the tee.

As well as the usual black, grey and navy, this t-shirt is available in some bright fabric colors too including a vivid green, purple, peach, and red. These colors make a fun shirt even more fun!

25. Neck Tie

dnd inspired neck tie with line drawings on Image from Paolas Pixels on Etsy
Image: Paolas Pixels

D&D Style Necktie on Etsy

Smart and subtle – the perfect way to express D&D fandom in an understated way! This Dungeons and Dragons style necktie is designed by the super talented illustrator at Paolas Pixels.

Featuring swords, lutes, throwing stars, and even little potion bottles, the more you look at this pattern, the more you notice!

The shades of blue on navy look smart and the line drawings are crisp and stylish. Perfect for wearing to the office or even a wedding!

26. Future Dungeon Master Baby Bodysuit

future dungeon master baby bodysuit

Future Dungeon Master Baby Bodysuit on Etsy

Perhaps you’re looking for a gift for a nerdy DnD baby shower? Well, this adorable baby bodysuit could be perfect!

The floral d20 design is really detailed and it’s printed on a high-quality, super soft fabric. I love the ‘Future Dungeon Master’ messaging. The Sacred Squirrel Etsy store also stocks a green d20 design without the flowers.

What a fantastic aspiration for the little adventurer!

27. Dungeons & Dragons Travel Cup

D&D Travel Cup at Amazon

Just like magic, this triple insulated stainless steel travel cup keeps drinks hot or cold for hours!

The Dungeons and Dragons design is really cool and all the dice are showing their highest number. Maybe it’ll bring the mug holder plenty of lucky rolls!


Only those with a high perception skill will spot that the wearer of this jewelry is a DnD fan!

The best thing about Dungeons and Dragons jewelry is that it means you can show off your nerdiness even in formal situations.

28. D20 Tie Clip

d20 tie clip
Image: From The Internet Etsy store

D20 Tie Clip on Etsy

The minimal aesthetic of this solid aluminium tie clip is what makes it. The small D20 outline is only going to be recognized by the most eagle-eyed observer. That makes it even more special when they do!

All the rest of the time, the wearer will know they are looking sharp and whilst embracing their tabletop roleplaying fandom at the same time.

Every tie clip is packaged in a cardboard gift box which is perfect for presenting them to your loved one!

29. D20 Cufflinks

d20 cufflinks

D20 Cufflinks on Etsy

These intricately designed D20 cufflinks are beautiful! They are the perfect gift for fiance’s and groomsmen because the style is formal with a touch of class.

Of course, they’ll also look great around the office, at dinner in a restaurant, and at the next gaming session!

30. Spinnable D20 Ring

d20 ring
Image: DDdices

Spinnable D20 Ring on Etsy

Rolling dice is soo last year. It’s all about dice rings now.

With this ring, the power of the d20 is always in your hands. You’re ready for adventure wherever you are!

Available in black or rainbow steel it’s the perfect gift for the D&D fan who likes to fidget!

31. D20 Earrings

d20 stud earrings
Image: Lilliput Little Things

D20 Earrings on Etsy

These little d20 stud earrings are so cute! They are handmade with bright UV ink on clear acrylic so they won’t fade and even hold up in the rain thanks to being waterproof!

The stud post is made from medical-grade titanium so is hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive ears.

Even the packaging for these earrings is super cool! Ideal for gifting!

32. Removable Dice Necklace

removable dice necklace chainmail chain
Image: Sneath

Removable Dice Necklace on Etsy

Turning dice into jewelry is something one talented Etsy seller, Glen is great at!

He handmakes the stainless steel dice cage in his workshop to show off the beautiful metal d20 inside. The necklace chain is also made from stainless steel and is available in two different lengths to cater to both halflings and tieflings.

What’s even cooler, is that the cage can be opened so you can roll the dice or even switch it out for another one!

The dice are metal and available in several beautiful two-tone color combinations so you can choose the one in your dnd fan’s favorite color!

33. Customized RPG Character Bracelet

Customized RPG character charm bracelet
Image: The Dicey Dungeon

Customized RPG Character Bracelet on Etsy

If you know the character that your Dungeons and Dragon fan rolls, then a personalized charm bracelet based around that character is such a thoughtful gift!

Each bracelet comes with 4 charms and a dice charm. There are over a hundred different charms to choose from to create the perfect character bracelet. For example, a druid bracelet might have a tree, a bear pawprint, a bird and a flower charm along with a little dice charm.

You can choose the chain type and chain color too to make the bracelet truly unique.

The bracelet is packed in a bracelet gift box and wrapped in tissue paper ready for gifting!

Gift Wrap

Now that you’ve found the perfect DnD gift, you may want to level it up with some amazing gift wrap!

Dragon Gift Wrap

Dragon gift wrap
Image: Stesha Party

Dragon Gift Wrap on Etsy

The green of these dragons is perfect for a birthday gift and for Christmas too!

D20 Confetti

d20 confetti
Image: The Playful Studio

D20 Confetti on Etsy

How cool would it be to open a gift and have some confetti sprinkle down? Or if you’re hosting a Dungeons and Dragons birthday, this confetti would be perfect for decorating the birthday table!

D&D Gift Ideas

I hope you’ve been inspired by the D&D gifts in this list and have picked out something perfect for the DnD fan in your life!

If it’s the season for stocking stuffers, you may want to take a look at my ideas for little extras.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your Dungeon Master, take a look at my 21 DM Gift Ideas article.

And if you’re a DnD player yourself looking for a little treat, you might want to see my favorite Epic D&D Gaming Accessories for Players!

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