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Best DnD Snacks for Game Night + Themed Food Ideas!

Just like Dungeons & Dragons, good meals are better with friends. So why not bring it all together? That’s why we compiled our favorite DnD snacks for game night and themed food ideas!

In this article, you’ll find a pleasant mix of homemade, grab & go, junk food and healthy snacks for game night. Read on and fill your grimoire with these delicious snack spells!

Grab & Go DnD Game Night Snacks

Mountain Dew and Doritos are the classic Dungeons and Dragons snacks! Here are some more of the most popular grab and go snacks at our D&D sessions.

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  • Pretzels
  • Grapes
  • Marshmallows
  • Gummies
  • Chips
  • Nachos and dips
  • Popcorn
  • Nuts
  • Tiny candies
  • Cookies
  • Mini doughnuts
  • Jerky

But those aren’t your only easy gaming snacks! There are plenty of other snack options that meet dietary requirements, cater to the health-conscious players, and avoid grease and mess!

You Meet in a Tavern: Charcuterie & Tavern Food

charcuterie boards are perfect for D&D
charcuterie boards are perfect for D&D

The preserved and pick and choose nature of charcuterie makes it the perfect on-theme way to dine with your party. It’s classic tavern fare and similar to how adventurers might eat on the road.

Plus, it all looks great on a wooden cutting board.

Some classic charcuterie fixins that are easy to find in the grocery store:

  • Cheese, glorious cheese
  • Olives (castelvetrano, yummm)
  • Salami and cured meats
  • Tinned fish, oysters, mussels
  • Any variety of pickled veggie (peppadew, cucumber, garlic, beets)
  • Jams or preserves
  • Nuts and dried fruit
  • Bread, rolls, crackers, etc.
  • Dips and spreads like spinach artichoke dip or pesto
  • Sparkling fruit juice
  • Beer, wine, cider – seek out German made beers for their natural fermentation and ale house feel!

Charcuterie is a diverse spread that can fit almost any dietary need, and it’s a great way to spread out the cost of feeding a pack of ravenous gamers! Have everyone bring one or two items to add, and it’s a feast fit for Bilbo Baggins himself!

Game Night Snacks for Specific Dietary Needs

Tolkien’s elves are the OG fantasy vegetarians, and even those with the highest Constitution score can be brought low by a peanut.

Vegetarian and Vegan D&D Snack Ideas

Vegetarian Grab & Go Snacks

  • Hummus, pita, veggies for dipping (cucumber, carrot, endives)
  • Bagels and spreads (cream cheese, peanut butter, pesto, pizza sauce!)
  • Dolmas (rice-stuffed grape leaves)
  • Popcorn

Vegan Grab & Go Snacks

And for those charcuterie boards, here are the best vegan cheese brands for snacking:

  • Miyoko’s Creamery
  • Violife
  • Field Roast Chao
  • Kite Hill
  • Treeline

Many vegan cheeses are soy or nut based though, so check about allergies if you’re unsure!

Allergen Friendly D&D Snack Ideas

Here are the most common food allergens to be aware of for your snack feast:

  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Gluten/Wheat
  • Nuts
  • Shellfish
  • Soy

With that in mind, some allergen-friendly snacks to snag at the grocery store include:

  • Salsa and corn tortilla chips (but scope the oil type!)
  • Popcorn in a variety of flavors (try nutritional yeast for vegan cheesiness, or cinnamon sugar)
  • Fruit salad
  • Olives
  • Deli meals from co-ops and health stores usually have all allergens listed

For even more allergen-friendly snacks from the grocery store, check out these customizable snack databases on!

Grease Free or No-Mess Snacks for Gaming

If you’re the type of group that likes to snack while playing, consider these no-touch, grease free, or easily fork-able snacks for your next session:

  • Antlions on a log
  • Finger sandwiches from the School of Necromancy, like these from the Hungry Waitress blog
  • Pita pockets with hummus, pickles, greens, or tapenade
  • Mochi! Whether filled with ice cream or sweet red bean paste, they’re the perfect mess-free snack. Bite sized, addictive, and they come in tiny wrappers!
  • Raw veggies and dip
  • Crackers (nature’s utensils) topped with your choice of delicious charcuterie fixings

Also, chopsticks and cutlery are your friends when trying to keep your fingers grease-free for dice rolling and damage tracking!

Find even more no-mess snacks in our article: No Grease, No Mess Snacks for Game Night!

DnD Themed Cookies

Cookies: the king of easy-to-customize desserts! Read on for cookie cutters and dough ideas.

D&D Themed Cookie Cutters

Make an unlimited amount of gaming cookies in a snap with the help of the following craftspeople on Etsy!


Dragon cookie cutter. Image: EverythingNiceCookie on Etsy.
Dragon cookie cutter. Image: EverythingNiceCookie on Etsy.

One of the coolest, most detailed dragon cookie cutters comes from EverythingNiceCookie on Etsy.


Spellbook cookie cutter. Image: Drukawano on Etsy.
Spellbook cookie cutter. Image: Drukawano on Etsy.

Drukawanko on Etsy has you covered for equipment with shields, spellbook, and even a fireball!

Potions, Beholder, and Gelatinous cube

Gelatinous cube cookie cutter. Image: Crash Pixel on Etsy.
Gelatinous cube cookie cutter. Image: Crash Pixel on Etsy.

For more gear-shaped snacks, check out CrashPixel’s potions on Etsy including health and mana – they even have a beholder and a gelatinous cube!

D&D Ampersand

D&D ampersand cookie cutter. Image: Custom Cookie Supply on Etsy.
D&D ampersand cookie cutter. Image: Custom Cookie Supply on Etsy.

CustomCookieSupply on Etsy helps deliver serious style with these D&D ampersand cookies!

Awesome Cookie Dough Recipes

  • Easy to roll out and shape, this gingersnaps recipe from King Arthur Baking’s blog will make perfect little ginger dragons
  • These three-ingredient peanut butter cookies on Barefeet in the Kitchen’s blog are gluten-free and delightfully customizable (add some garum masala, M&Ms, or even marshmallow bits!)
  • The Post Punk Kitchen has a huge selection of vegan cookie dough recipes like this chai spiced snickerdoodle

RPG Cookbooks

For even more high fantasy snacks and entrees, here are some of the coolest cookbooks on Amazon!

Heroes’ Feast

Find the real deal in Heroes’ Feast: the Official D&D Cookbook.

An Unexpected Cookbook

An Unexpected Cookbook has Hobbit-themed recipes galore!

A Feast of Ice and Fire

More elaborate fare is found in A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook (including the famous lemon cakes!).

Cooking for Wizards, Warriors, and Dragons

Cooking for Wizards, Warriors, and Dragons is inspired by a wide array of fantasy foods.

The Elder Scrolls: Official Cookbook

The Elder Scrolls: Official Cookbook goes full Nordic and even teaches you how to make mustard!

Homemade Tavern Pickles

And all you kitchen Wizards, how amazing would your charcuterie spread be with homemade pickles? It’s easier than you think with organic produce and a little know-how on lacto fermentation.

Ethan Chlebowski details the NOMA method of pickling anything your heart desires in his blog. If you’re intrigued check out the full NOMA Guide to Fermentation on Amazon. Cucumber, beets, cabbage, apples, plums… the sky’s the limit!

One Pot Game Night Meals

When you’re on the road seeking fame & fortune, chances are you don’t have time for a four-course meal every night.

These one pot meal options will feed a gaggle of hungry Paladins:

  • For those who remember Advanced D&D, this tavern stew and grilled cheese combo on the Glutinous Geek’s blog (inspired by Volo’s Guide to the Sword Coast out of print, but on Amazon)
  • Gumbo has it all: loads of flavor, veggie & meat options, and rib sticking goodness. The Serious Eats blog has an amazing recipe & technique breakdown for your own game day gumbo.
  • Fried rice is an excellent use of leftovers and can feed an army – if you get the order down like described here by Bon Appetite, it’ll blow the pants off takeout.

Homemade & Hearty: Themed DnD Dinner Night Ideas

If you’re not crunched for time and courageous in the kitchen, there are even more amazing themed DnD dinner options!

Some of our favorite adventuring spreads and recipes from around the internet:

  • Your very own super spread like The Feast of Starlight blog’s in this Hobbiton Ploughman’s Lunch
  • Sandwiches are time-honored road food! We love recipes like this BLT from Life’s Little Sweets blog, which includes rustic bread recipe for that authentic look & taste (veg-heads: try plant-based bacon or seasoned tempeh)
  • For a less messy to eat, but hearty choice from the elves themselves go with the Geeky Chef’s Elven Lembas bread. Sure to keep you adventuring all night long!

DnD Themed Dinner for Specific Dietary Needs

Vegetarian and Vegan DnD Dinner Ideas

Satisfy your elvish guests with hearty plant-powered options too! Here are some of our favorite feast menus and entree ideas for vegan & vegetarian DnD dinners.

Vegetarian Recipes

Vegan Recipes

  • For a classic campfire stew feel consider this Vegan Japanese Oden from the Cultivator Kitchen blog. Hearty & warming, the perfect adventuring fuel!
  • The Post Punk Kitchen blog’s sundried tomato mac & cheeze is less D&D themed, but a sure fire belly filler for vegans & non alike.
  • Mediterranean spreads like pita, pickles, and your own variation on the Guardian’s perfect Baba Ganoush.

Allergen Friendly DnD Dinner Ideas

Here are some common allergen friendly entrees for all your lactose-intolerant Barbarians and gnomes who can’t eat nuts:

  • Brunswick stew is classic tavern fare and free of most common food allergens. Check out Doctor Yum’s recipe on their blog.
  • Waste Lands blog has a diabetic friendly & gluten free version of Lembas, AKA elvish waybread
  • Salads offer an array of fresh, mix & match meals. For all you Druids, consider wild foraging some dandelion greens, chickweed, edible flowers like violets and more – books like Eat Your Yard on Amazon and field guides for your region will have you feasting in no time!

DnD Desserts

Perhaps you’re going for a homemade dessert to make grown Orcs weep… with joy! For you overachievers we’ve got a few ideas:

Made using food grade silicone dice molds. Image from Bobo Resin Art on Etsy.
Made using food grade silicone dice molds. Image from Bobo Resin Art on Etsy.

Conclusion: DnD Snacks for Game Night + Themed Food Ideas

Do you get hangry like when it’s past dinner time? With these DnD snacks for game night + themed food ideas now you’re sure to have a filling meal for every player.

Now you’re ready to snack and game the night away!

If you fancy treating your DM or other players to some gifts other than food, see our favorite Dungeons & Dragons Gift Ideas!

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