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21 Dungeon Master Gift Ideas Your DM Will Love! (2023)

Are you on a quest for gift ideas for the Dungeon Master in your life? Your search is over adventurer!

I’ve searched the realm for Dungeon Master gifts that will give you a +1 to your charisma. Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift, birthday gift, or something just to say thank you for an amazing campaign, I’ve got you covered!

1. DM Screen

Wooden DM screen on Etsy
Image Credit: StoreWood UA

Wooden DM Screen on Etsy

Hi! This post may contain affiliate links to online stores. If you use a link and buy something, I may get a commission at no extra cost to you. See my affiliate disclosure.

The DM screen, essential for hiding those fudged rolls, quick reference stats and NPCs!

I bought a wooden DM screen for my partner as a Christmas gift. He absolutely loves it! It now sits on top of our tabletop gaming Kallax shelves in the games room!

It is handmade with stunning exclusively designed laser engravings on it. You can choose the colour and wood finish you want from oak to beech to walnut. The inside of the screen has cute little D20 shaped magnets for the DM to pin notes and stats to and the metal hinges and clasps look marvellous!

A DM screen like this is something the group could pitch in to get. It’s simply stunning and bound to impress!

Go see this DM screen for yourself on Etsy.

2. DM Mug

Because I'm the DM that's why mug. Image Credit: Qurious Shop on Etsy.
Because I’m the DM that’s why mug. Image Credit: Qurious Shop on Etsy.

DM Mug on Etsy

We’ve all been there as players. You say something that you think is casual like, “I wave the barkeep over for another round.” The DM says, “Roll initiative.” “Why? Oh no.”

I love the understated power this mug exudes. Can’t argue with it really. It looks perfect for a hot beverage.

Take a look at this DM mug on Etsy.

3. Personalized Wooden Tankard

Personalized DM Stein
Image: Personalize in US

Personalized DM Stein on Etsy

This solid wooden tankard matches perfectly with the Dungeons and Dragons theme!

It’s handcrafted from beautiful wood and has a stainless steel flask inside so it’s perfect for hot and cold drinks!

There are loads of different D&D DM designs that are deeply engraved into the brass plaque. To personalize the tankard even further, you can add your DM’s name!

Go get your DM a personalized tankard on Etsy.

4. Pre-painted NPCs

WizKids NPCs on Amazon

As a player, you only have one mini to sort out. But your DM can need many more than that. They already put in a load of time preparing the adventures for you, so how about saving them some time on and money with a miniature set?

This WizKids set is actually the Icons of the Realms Starter Set but they could easily be used as NPC in a campaign. They come in a mixture of different races and classes like a dwarf cleric, human ranger, and a sun elf wizard.

Check out the WizKids starter sets on Amazon.

5. DM Journal

Image: Cantrips Media

DM Journal on Etsy

Worldbuilding, creating an overarching story, rich NPC backgrounds, and planning sessions – just some elements of the Dungeons Master role!

Keeping track of what everyone is doing, what’s going on in your D&D world, and what the NPCs are up to can be a lot to remember. Especially if sessions only happen once a month or you have multiple groups you’re playing with.

This sturdy, uniquely-designed DM journal is perfect for your DM to keep all their notes in one place. There are templated pages inside for world-building, story arcs, NPC profiles and backstories, session prep pages, item inventories, gridded maps, pantheon pages, region maps – and even more!

It even includes 2 dry wipe pages sheets that are perfect for using over the encounters templates to track initiative order, player stats and monster stats!

The disc-bound format means you can move these transparent sheets wherever they are most useful and of course, it’s expandable too.

There are even stickers for marking pages!

Take a look at this stunning DM journal on Etsy.

6. RPG Bag

RPG Bag on Amazon

There can be a lot to bring to a DnD session if you’re the DM. Minis, DM guide, Monster Manual, maps, props – the list goes on.

This RPG bag has your DM covered, though.

It has a foam insert hero vault for up to 16 minis, vertical storage with adjustable dividers for reference books, external clips to hold rolled-up maps, and extra pockets for pencils, snacks and dice. It’s awesome!

You can get the epic RPG bag on Amazon.

7. Dungeons & Dragons Art and Arcana Boxed Set

Art and Arcana set on Amazon

The Dungeons & Dragons Art and Arcana is a beautiful book containing a visual history of D&D. It’s packed full of over seven hundred pieced of artwork, photos and little stories to entertain and fill you with wonder.

This boxed set includes the stunning book, plus 10 prints of classic artwork that can be framed, and a previously unpublished original version of the Tomb of Horrors adventure. The box itself is absolutely gorgeous!

If you buy this for your DM, you may get gift envy and want one for yourself!

See for yourself the amazing artwork of this D&D Art and Arcana set on Amazon.

8. D&D Campaign Book of Adventures

Ghosts of Saltmarsh on Amazon

If there’s a campaign or adventure that you want to play, how about dropping a hint inspiring your DM to run a session by getting them a copy of the module book!

Of course, there are several campaign books out there to supplement D&D. I like the look of the Ghosts of Saltmarsh.

It brings popular seafaring adventures from the first edition of D&D to fifth edition. I love the idea of naval combat!

Find the Ghosts of Saltmarsh and other D&D adventures on Amazon.

9. Giant Book of Battle Maps

Book of Battle Maps on Amazon

If your group uses minis and maps like mine does, then this set of two books of battle mats will be greatly appreciated by your DM!

It features 80 gorgeous full colour maps printed on wipe clean pages compatible with dry wipe markers!

Due to standard entry and exit points on each map, maps from both books can be played alongside each other to create unique and changing settings.

Your DM will love them for inspiration for their adventures and their ease of storing! Because the maps form a ring-bound book, they will always lay flat and won’t get crushed and crumpled like the paper mats!

The same publisher also has other battle map books that can be used along with these two.

Take a look through all the maps in this map book on Amazon.

10. Dungeons & Dragons Coin

dungeons and dragons coin
Image: Paolas Pixels

D&D Coin on Etsy

This solid 2inch zinc alloy D&D coin is the perfect tool for a DM to pull out for a make or break event.

One side is critical hit, the other a critical fail. Ask players to flip it for those times when only a natural 20 will do for them to pull off their ambitious stunt!

This coin is an epic storytelling device for DMs!

11. Spinnable D20 Dice Ring

Spinnable D20 dice ring
Image: DDdices

Spinnable Dice Ring on Etsy

I can just picture our DM interlacing their hands together as they peer over the DM screen. They subtly roll a d20 on their dice ring for an outcome. Everyone leans in and squints at their hands as they wait for the result.

Our DM is a fidgeter, who can get restless while we’re all debating what to do next. A dice ring would give him a perfect thing to fiddle with instead of planning more trouble for our party!

The rings are perfect circles so there’s an equal chance of it landing on any number.

Each ring comes with its own dice box (definitely not a mimic!) and is available in black or rainbow.

Go and see the D20 dice ring on Etsy.

12. Dice Vault

wooden dice vault
Wooden dice vault. Image credit: 3dEgos

Wooden Dice Vault on Etsy

This dice vault is the perfect combination of practicality meeting design.

Expertly handcrafted in wood, this dice vault has space for several complete D&D dice sets, along with extra space for rows of specific dice. You know, in case your DM needs to roll for a bunch of NPC at once or a super powerful spell. (Eeek!)

The lid doubles as a dice tray lined with soft grey padding so even metal dice feel at home.

As well as practical internal design, this dice vault has a gorgeous dragon on the lid and it really shows off the beauty of the wood.

Take a look at the incredible design on the front of this dice vault on Etsy.

13. D&D Monster Cards

D&D Monster Cards on Amazon

Flipping through the Monster Manual for stats can be a bit cumbersome. These official D&D Monster Cards are much more convenient.

Each card features an illustration of the monster on one side and its stats on the other.

Available in two sets with different challenge ratings, they make for much smoother monster referencing during a game and save precious space behind the DM screen!

You can get the D&D monster cards on Amazon.

14. D20 Candle

D20 Candle. Image credit: The Fabled Flames on Etsy.
D20 Candle. Image credit: The Fabled Flames on Etsy.

D20 Candle on Etsy

DMing can be tiring. Say thank you and help your DM relax with a scented D20 candle!

Each one comes with a hidden D20 inside.

You can personalize the candle to exactly what you want – the colour of the candle, the numbers and the scent. As well a fruity and herbal scents, there are more unusual ones to choose from too like baked bread, campfire and egg nogg!

See this funky d20 candle and all the options on Etsy.

15. Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master

Return of the Lazy DM book on Amazon

Life can get in the way of even the best DMs preparation time sometimes. Take some load off with this book!

It’s full of handy tips and tricks to save your DM loads of time.

Just make sure your DM doesn’t take offence at the title and think you’re calling them lazy! Be all, “Hey, we got you. Even the best dungeon masters get busy.”

Find out more and see the reviews of this awesome book on Amazon.

16. Sand timer

Sand Timer on Amazon

If your group is like mine, we can spend ages role-playing and deciding what to do!

Our DM uses a timer to make us hurry up. When we see the timer, we know it’s time to wrap things up and move the story along!

This incredible dragon hourglass is a 5 minute timer. It’s a good amount of time for a typical conversation or for completing a challenge or puzzle!

You can see this hourglass in more detail on Amazon.

17. Dungeon Depths Terrain Crate

Terrain Crate on Amazon

If your D&D group plays with minis and maps, this terrain crate is ideal for bringing those environments to life,

It contains 68 different pieces to decorate rooms like bookcases, stone columns, kegs, torches, tables etc.

We have a terrain crate and it’s really helped to bring our sessions to life. The pieces are unpainted, but made from high-quality plastic and are pretty detailed.

There are several different crates available so take a look at which one you think best matches the settings that are typical for your group!

Check out this Terrain Crate, and the other crate options on Amazon.

18. Monster Manual Cover

Monster manual cover. Image credit: Abbots Hollow on Etsy.
Monster manual cover. Image credit: Abbots Hollow on Etsy.

Abbots Hollow Studios on Etsy

How awesome is this? Such expression on this monster’s face it looks real!

This monster cover is the perfect fit for the D&D Monster Manual and is such an amazing thing to own!

The Abbots Hollow shop on Etsy makes incredible handmade, custom items including wallets, dice bags, and even mimic dice boxes!

Go and explore the Abbots Hollow shop and see the amazing things they sell on Etsy!

19. Dungeon Master T-Shirt

anatomy of the DM shirt
Image: GlassStaffGear

Anatomy of DM shirt on Etsy

This DM shirt is so awesome! Now you can see all of those mysterious things that go into making a DM! From the creative respiratory system to the vocal chord selectors!

The shirt is made from 100% cotton and comes in black, navy, or dark grey.

The design is also available as a sticker from the same shop.

Take a look at the Anatomy of the Dungeon Master shirt on Etsy.

20. The GM’s Book of NPCs

GM’s Book of NPCs at Amazon

Coming up with every character in a world is a huge task and it can be tricky coming up with unique, well-rounded characters.

This book of non-player characters has over 500 NPCs that the DM can use for immediate inspiration for bartenders, sailors, merchants, and plenty of other roles besides!

There are over 50 character illustrations to further inspire your DM, plus 3 bonus one-shot adventures to mix up your gaming sessions!

It’s written by the same author that created the GM’s book of Random Encounters, so it’s coming from a credible author.

Have a look inside this GM NPC ideas book on Amazon.

21. Hero Forge Gift Card

hero forge mini
Image: Hero Forge

Hero Forge Gift Card at Hero Forge

It’s typical to have a few important NPCs in a campaign. That mysterious mage who keeps appearing just when you need them, the street kid who always has the inside scoop on what’s going on, the suspicious noble lord and his entourage of goons.

Well, now your DM can create a custom mini to perfectly represent their central character at Hero Forge! The huge library of races, items, clothes, and accessories means that you can pretty much create anything you want. You can even customize the pose and facial expression of your character!

Minis can be printed in plastic, metal or 3d color print. For DM’s with a 3d printer, they can save the file for their mini and print it themselves. There’s can even use their character’s profile image in online games!

A gift card for Hero Forge is a fantastic gift for a DM to bring their world to life and treat themselves to custom miniature! For more about Hero Forge, I have an in-depth Hero Forge review.

Conclusion – Dungeon Master Gifts Ideas Your DM Will Love!

I hope you’ve got some gift ideas for your Dungeon Master!

The great thing about some Dungeon Master gifts is that they also end up being a gift for you! You get to enjoy the 3d terrain or a fancy DM screen too. And if you’re in the DM’s good books, they might just fudge a few more rolls for you!

Still looking for the perfect gift? Take a look at my 33 Best Dungeons and Dragons Gift Ideas!

If you want to treat yourself to something too, check out my article, 15 Epic D&D Gaming Accessories for Players!

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