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31 Best Catan Accessories, Upgrades, and Gifts!

Catan is easy to love. It’s no wonder fans and enthusiasts have created wonderful upgrades and accessories for Catan!

Check out my favorite nifty upgrades, gaming accessories, and nerdy gifts for the Catan geeks in your life (or yourself!). Rejoice Catan-lovers, there’s something for everyone out there!

Settlers of Catan Resources

Use these upgrades to spice up the basic Catan board game. My personal favorites are the 3D printed resource tiles and the paintable hexagon grid set. I need them, asap!

Hi! This post may contain affiliate links to online stores. If you use a link and buy something, I may get a commission at no extra cost to you. See my affiliate disclosure.

1. Wooden Catan Pieces

Wooden Catan pieces from JonesLaserWorks
Wooden Catan pieces from JonesLaserWorks

Diversify your playing pieces with a whole rainbow of colors. There are over 13 colors to choose from.  

If you lost any pieces from the original set, it’s a bargain to snag them here too! They’re just like the normal pieces but with extra color combos. Get yourself the perfect replacement wooden Catan pieces on Etsy!

2. CATan Pieces

Cat themed Catan Pieces by Coordinates Cubed on Etsy
Cat themed Catan Pieces by Coordinates Cubed on Etsy

For all the feline lovers out there, this set is purrfect! 

All the roads have shapeshifted into kittens. The settlements? They’re boxes now. The cities are a cat’s favorite lounge area, can you guess? Couches!

The seller pulled out all the stops in this adorable CATan piece set. Wait until you see what the robber is!

Okay, we couldn’t keep it a secret – it’s a vacuum. A kitty’s arch-nemesis. Go see the adorable CATan pieces for yourself on Etsy!

Don’t fret canine companions, there’s a dog themed Catan set too! Guess what the cities are for the dog themed Catan pieces? Dog beds!

3. Upgraded resources

Clay Catan resources handmade
Clay Catan resources handmade by epicycledesigns on Etsy

Want something more tangible than cards to trade in Catan? Then how about these adorable handmade clay Catan resource tokens on Etsy! The sheep expressions are great!

Because stone, wheat, brick and wood are used across other games too, you may find yourself using these tokens more often than you expect!

Robber Upgrades

4. Clay Robber Game Piece

Clay Catan Robber game piece by Epicycledesigns on Etsy
Clay Catan Robber game piece by Epicycledesigns on Etsy

Somehow it’s not so bad losing resources when the robber card looks like a cute, handmade little clay robber from Etsy.

Plus the color stands out more than the original robber so you’ll always know exactly where it is. You can choose the skin tone and feet color options for your robber. They can even be barefoot!

5. Customized Robber Game Piece (UK)

Clay Catan custom robber
Clay Catan custom robber by Geo Clay Atelier on Etsy

This robber will take your heart because it’s perfectly personalized for you. Commission your dog in a robe, or your partner as the main Catan nemesis. There are plenty of inspiring custom Catan robber examples from the talented maker, GeoClayAtelier on Etsy!

It’s made of clay and travels easily in your Catan game board box. Pull this robber out at parties to get a rise out of its look-alike. 

Disclaimer: This product ships from the UK, but buyers report decently-speedy shipping times. It was too precious to leave out of this list. 

Player Organizers and Holders

6. Wooden Card Holder

Catan Card Holder Trays
Catan Card Holder Trays by Jones Laser Works on Etsy

Use these intricately designed wooden card holder trays to display all the resources in style.

Each resource is elegantly engraved above its appropriate slot, helping to keep the bank organized. No more cards littered around the board when you have these compact Catan card holder trays from Etsy. 

7. Wooden piece holder

Wooden Catan piece holders
Wooden Catan piece holders by Joneslaserworks on Etsy

Gone are the days of having all your cities, roads, and settlement pieces in a disordered pile on the table! Behold this nifty wooden Catan pieces holder from Etsy!

Having the roads arranged vertically almost makes them look like high-rise tower blocks, creating a little cityscape for your settlers.

8. Travel Catan Storage Bag

Catan Game Bag
Catan Game Bag by Fangorn Forge on Etsy

If you’d like to jet-set with Catan in tow, this Catan game bag makes it easier.

I love lugging along three games with me when I travel: Spyfall, Catan, and Tsuro. This bag can hold all three if I sort them properly. 

It’s machine washable, lightweight, and highly adaptable. 

Not to mention – both the slogan and design on the front of the case are punny! And if you’d prefer a different slogan about board games in general, there are others to choose from!

9. Catan Trading Post

Unlike the other storage boxes in this list – this trading post-style Catan box at Amazon is able to transform. 

You can use it as:

  • Storage: for your base set and 5-6 player expansion
  • Card Holder: for the resource card bank
  • Dice Tray: with pop-up sides, it’s easily convertible into an ideal place to roll your dice

It’s fabulous!

Tiles and Hexes

10. 3D Printed Resource Tiles

Catan 3d printed resource tiles
Catan 3d printed resource tiles from ChiaHandCraftShop on Etsy

How freaking awesome are these 3d printed Catan resource tiles though? Once I saw these on Etsy, they were an instant buy. They are the same size as the standard Catan tiles so you can collect them over time.

I don’t think I would travel with these tiles since they take up more vertical room than the base set. But, when I’m having people over, they’re definitely going to make an appearance!

The artists really hit it out of the mark on the designs, and I can’t pick which tiles I adore most. 

The ore is outstanding, with towering mountain ranges. The normal fields of wheat look simply charming with their rolling pastures of hay. Check them out!

11. Magnetic Hexagon Grid Converter

Catan magnetic tile kit
Catan magnetic tile kit by Emersonphotoart on Etsy

For clumsy gamers, like me, you’ve found the answers to your wishes.

It’s a magnetic hex game grid, used to mitigate table sweeps and slips.

The best part about this converter is that you can use it with other hexagon grid board games that fit, so you’ll get your use out of it.

With set grooves for the roads, settlements, and ports, you have no risk of game board wipeout. I once upended an almost finished Catan table after seeing a spider so I think my friends and family would appreciate this upgrade!

Replacement Catan Cards

12. Laser-Cut Victory Point Cards

Catan wooden Victory Point cards
Catan wooden Victory Point cards by JonesLaserWorks on Etsy

Wood-crafted longest road, largest army, and building cost cards designed and cut precisely like the base set. 

They will last longer than the original cardboard cards, and since the building cost cards are used the most in the game – it’s a valuable investment. 

It adds a sophisticated element to the dog-eat-dog trading ways in Settlers. 

13. Replacement Resource and Development Cards

Catan replacement resource and development cards
Catan replacement resource and development cards from JonesLaserWorks on Etsy

All Catan experts deserve a new set of resource cards. Why not invest in a high-quality graphic set?

They’re compatible with the original game but with better-refined images and graphics. All the cards are labeled for clarity and are of the utmost casino-quality level.

Once your base deck gets too worn out, it’s easy to identify which resources and development cards are which because you can spot the pattern of dog ears and scratches on them! This can create a card-counting effect that could ruin game strategy.

It’s fairer for everyone when all the cards look and feel the same. Treat yourself to a shiny new set of replacement Catan cards from Etsy.

14. Card Sleeves

One can never go wrong with card sleeves.

Call me extra but my cards stay looking top-notch. My secret is in the card sleeves. 

It preserves the life of the cards and keeps Dorito dust away from their high-res images. Let’s face it – we all have our fair share of spills playing games and some cards just never recover.

Catan cards measure 54mm x 80mm so these Ultra Pro card sleeves from Amazon fit perfectly.

Luxury Catan Editions

15. A Work of Art Hardwood Catan Set

Hardwood Catan Game Board
Hardwood Catan Game Board by TheBoardGenius on Etsy

The detail and work that must have gone into creating this extravagant hardwood Catan game board is astounding!

It’s majestic, and I want to hang it on my wall… if that’s not weird?

The details are stunning, and the finishes on each piece fit the mold perfectly. Also, take a gander at the sheep icon. Isn’t it the cutest?

16. Catan 3D Edition Wonderland

A pop-up Catan world that makes sheep farming seem even more lifelike.

This official 3D Catan hand-painted set on Amazon is glorious from grid line to grid line. The ocean’s waves are as pristine as the open water, and the ships in port are charming. 

You’ll notice changes to the roads, settlements, and cities. They have more structure in this set and look less shapely. 

17. DIY Catan Grid

Catan wooden engraved set unpainted
Catan wooden engraved set unpainted by Joneslaserworks on Etsy

We know it’s not considered “luxury” but we also don’t know how good of a painter you are!

While I love paint-by-numbers, I don’t think I could paint a sheep to save my life.

If you’re artistically inclined, have a go at this unpainted wooden Catan grid set on Etsy. It has detailed linework so you can follow the normal patterns, but make them your own. Just don’t forget to send us a photo when you’ve completed it!

18. Personalized Board Catan Wedding Gift

Personalized Catan board
Personalized Catan board by PageLaneDesigns on Etsy

The little bespoke touches make this personalized Catan board extra special and a perfect wedding gift for board gamers!

“We settled on forever.” followed by the date of the wedding is such a lovely sentiment that of course ties in wonderfully with Catan!

Engraving the name of the happy couple makes it truly theirs forever.

19. Minimalist Wooden Catan Board

Minimalist Catan board
Minimalist Catan board by Boardstamp on Etsy

Ok, last luxury edition I promise! We couldn’t resist including this colorful minimalist Catan board on Etsy!

It’s made from absolutely stunning baltic birch plywood and no painting required!

10 Meeple-Approved Catan Gifts

Wood you like some sheep-selected shirts ore maybe you fancy a Catan-ified enamel pin. Wheat-ever you choose – I’m sure it’ll rock.

Catan Attire

20. Catan Development Card T-Shirt

Catan development card tshirt
Catan development card tee by Geekonfleek on Etsy

The most disappointing moment in a game…

Everyone refuses to barter with you, the bank is overpriced, and your port is closed for the season. Ah, what a shame. 

Thankfully, we can always buy a development card or this shirt from Etsy.

21. Hex-y Button Down Shirt

Catan hex button down shirt
Catan hex button down shirt by Geektropicaloffical on Etsy

It’s settled – this Catan button down shirt on Etsy is too cool for school.

The quality is superior and the colors are vivid and bright. The little sheep on the fields is a cute detail.

It does ship all the way from Vietnam, so keep that in mind when you’re ordering for a birthday or holiday.

22. Settle Down Shirt

Subtley punny and with a potentially calming effect on the group around the table, this Settle Down t-shirt on Amazon has a minimalist classic style.

Available in navy, brown, dark heather, and heather grey as well as black, the icons and little sheep look great whichever color you choose.

23. Sheep Shirt

Ah, little do they know sheep can sneak up and win the game if you play your resource cards right. (Read all about how in our How to Win Catan Guide.)

“Nobody wants your freaking sheep!”

We love this sheep shirt from Amazon, and it’s great to point to it when playing Catan.

Catan Accessories

24. Lover of Sheep Card

lover of sheep Catan card
Lover of Sheep Catan card by TabletopMonthly on Etsy

There’s always one baa-rilliant Catan player who goes all in on sheep. Well, now you can honor them with their very own Lover of Sheep title!

There’s only one catch. Whenever they get 3 or more sheep on a roll they must BAAAH like a sheep!

See this woolderful novelty Catan card for yourself on Etsy.

25. Enamel Pin

Catan enamel pin
Catan enamel pin

It’s accurate. The song lyrics sound even better this way, don’t you think?

*adds to cart*

We’re getting nostalgic vibes off this pin’s slogan. The little city in the middle is the perfect finishing touch to this Catan enamel pin on Etsy.

26. Catan Hex Pin

Catan hex enamel pin
Catan hex enamel pin by PinDungeon on Etsy

I love the understated design of this Catan hex pin on Etsy. It’s like a secret Catan fan club badge that only gamers in the know will recognize.

Available with brass or black nickle plating for extra pizazz.

Ships from the UK so allow for delivery time when ordering.

27. Button Pins

Catan sheep knit pins

Growing up, I was addicted to pins. I would collect the new $1 packs every day at the local supermarket and stick them on everything I owed. 

My favorite? Punny pins, always.

Check this handmade sheep pin set on Etsy! Perfect for Catan players who not only trade sheep, but knit with their wool too!


28. Catan Coasters

Catan coasters
Catan coasters by JonesLaserWorks on Etsy

Just like you coasted through the game, now you can have your very own Catan coasters by way of these lively printed hexes on Etsy.

Made from sturdy cork, they keep your table from getting watermarks and burns as you sip the tea and trash talk your Ore-grain opponent.

29. Oversized Robber

catan oversized robber
Catan oversized robber by NatesHobbiesNLSales on Etsy

The gift that nobody needs, but everyone wants? It’s a giant robber pawn from Etsy!

Place the robber around your house for giggles or make a larger-than-life statement in gameplay.

Available in several bright colors as well as the classic grey to make the robber stand out even more!

30. Fridge Magnets

Catan fridge magnets
Catan fridge magnets by ReforgeDesigns

Now you can shuffle your Catan hexes on the refrigerator as well as on the table!

The design of these Catan fridge magnets on Etsy is so cool, they look good to people who have never even heard of Catan. Perhaps the perfect conversation starter to get a new gamer intrigued by Catan!

31. Catan Dice Edition

You might be familar with the many Catan expansions and editions, but did you know about the Catan Dice Edition available at Amazon?

Get your Catan fix in 15 minutes with this roll and write game for 1-4 players. That’s right, you can play it solo! It’s handy pocket size makes it perfect for travelling with too.

Conclusion – Catan Accessories, Upgrades, and Gifts!

Every holiday, my partner and I always upgrade one of our favorite games or buy a board game-related present. What was your favorite on this list? For pure fun, mine was the huge robber, it’s so unnecessary but it somehow makes sense?

If you’re looking for more upgrades for your favourite games, see our Must-Have Board Games Upgrades list.

And for the perfect gifts for the board gamers in your life (that aren’t more games!) see our ideas here!

Happy shopping Meeples!

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