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9 Awesome Wingspan Upgrades & Accessories!

Wingspan is a board game with quality components and illustrations. Fortunately, makers and creators have made their Wingspan upgrades and accessories gorgeous and super high-quality too! Take a look through these upgrades and accessories for Wingspan and see what takes your fancy!

If you love Wingspan as much as I do, it’s worth upgrading!

1. Bird feeder

Bird feeder dice tower from The Shipshape Gamer on Etsy.
Bird feeder dice tower. Image credit: The Shipshape Gamer on Etsy.

The bird feeder that comes with Wingspan is one of my favorite game components from any game. Beautiful and practical too. So you might think that there’s no need to upgrade it. Well, think again.

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This bird feeder from The Shipshape Gamer on Etsy is absolutely stunning. The laser-cut design on the sides and the tiled roof and chimney are just delightful.

See that woodpecker? It pecks on the bird feeder when you roll dice through it!

This upgraded Wingspan bird feeder dice roller is available in a choice of woods to fit your budget and taste: draftboard, birch plywood, basswood plywood, and walnut plywood. The basswood and walnut ply bird feeders are sanded and sealed.

It’s pretty much the exact same size as the original bird feeder. You can store it flat and detach the woodpecker so that it fits into the game box. Perfect!

Check out the Wingspan bird feeder from The Ship Shape Gamer on Etsy.

2. Nests

Wingspan nest. Image credit: Smoking Sardine on Etsy.
Wingspan nest. Image credit: Smoking Sardine on Etsy.

Where do birds eggs live? In a nest of course! Not in a plastic baggie!

Well, after trying out a couple of fake birds nests which left small flakes of wood all over my table, I now recommend these gorgeous nests from Smoking Sardine on Etsy.

You can get a set of 4 or 5 nests to hold eggs for individual players. Each set is hand sculpted and made to order and has incredible attention to detail! You may be pleasantly surprised at the price for the amount of time and work that goes into each set!

To keep your nests and tables in tip-top condition, the nests are felt-based. If you don’t store your Wingspan bird feeder in the box (like me, I store mine on top of the Kallax game shelf!) then the nests will fit into the game box.

Go and see for yourself the amazing detail on these Wingspan nests on Etsy.

3. Food tokens

Realistic food tokens. Image credit: Meeple Source on Etsy.
Realistic food tokens. Image credit: Meeple Source on Etsy.

The cardboard tokens that come with Wingspan are great quality, but they are still made from cardboard. And you know what happens to cardboard components for games that you play a lot. Yep, they fade.

Instead of the cardboard tokens, you could treat yourself to a set of these painted wooden tokens. Just look at those little eyes on the worms!

Go take a look at these food tokens at Meeple Source on Etsy.

4. Action markers

Wingspan bird action markers. Image credit: Needful Things by Ann on Etsy.
Wingspan bird action markers. Image credit: Needful Things by Ann on Etsy.

How adorable are these little bird action markers?! Beats using cubes to mark your turn!

All these little birds perched along the edges of your board look so cute. You can’t help but smile!

The colors of this 3D printed pastel set look lovely with the Wingspan palette. This set even comes with an owl-shaped first player marker!

Go check out these little birds and owl player maker in the Needful Things By Ann store on Etsy.

5. Player mat

Wingspan player mat. Image credit: Lizard Den on Etsy.
Wingspan player mat. Image credit: Lizard Den on Etsy.

The player boards in Wingspan are beautiful, but they are missing one thing – birds!

Look at how beautiful that eagle looks on this player mat! Eagles not your favorite bird? You can get mats with a different bird on instead like an owl, stork, red kite, or kingfisher.

The mats are officially licensed and are made from neoprene so feel much softer on your hands. I like the larger Play A Bird area on this mat too.

Go see all the beautiful Wingspan player mat designs on the Lizard Den store on Etsy!

6. Storage organizer insert

Wingspan organizer. Image credit: The Shipshape Gamer on Etsy.
Wingspan organizer. Image credit: The Shipshape Gamer on Etsy.

It’s such a joy to open a board game and see all the components neatly organized!

This Wingspan organizer by The Shipshape Gamer is beautiful and practical too. With laser-engraved illustrations and covers for every storage element you can even store your copy of Wingspan vertically and nothing will fall out of place!

It’s available in draftwood and birch plywood. So you could get the birch plywood woodpecker bird feeder to match! The storage inserts also look to be large enough to store the upgraded food tokens from Meeple Source too and they double up as token holders on the table!

What more could you want from a storage insert?

Take a closer look at this Wingspan organizer on the The Shipshape Gamer store on Etsy.

7. Mug

Wingspan mug. Image credit: Meeple Merch on Etsy.
Wingspan mug. Image credit: Meeple Merch on Etsy.

Playing Wingspan is thirsty work! Such a wholesome game also goes nicely with a hot beverage, like a fruit tea.

How about a cool Wingspan-themed mug for that tea? Use it when you play to feel at one with the game!

I love this design by Meeple Merch. The blue is so bright and cheerful (and it’s similar to my hair color!). Bright blue not your thing? You can get it with a black inside and handle instead.

See this Wingspan mug for yourself at Meeple Merch on Etsy!

8. Poster

Wingspan poster. Image credit: Meeple Designs on Etsy.
Wingspan poster. Image credit: Meeple Design

If you’re a huge Wingspan fan or you know one, how about this gorgeous poster? It will look fantastic hanging on a games room wall!

Meeple Designs create some of the best board game art! They have a few different styles to suit different tastes. They’ve created posters for games like Ticket to Ride, Catan, and Everdell too, so if you like their style you can get a few posters for your walls!

Go check out this Wingspan poster and their other designs too at Meeple Design.

9. T-shirt

Wingspan synthwave t-shirt. Image credit: Meeple Designs on Etsy.
Wingspan synth-wave t-shirt. Image credit: Meeple Design

Perhaps you prefer to wear cool board game art to show off your love of Wingspan? Good news! The fantastic designers at Meeple Design also have Wingspan shirts!

This synth-wave-inspired one looks so happy! Other Wingspan fans will recognize what it’s from immediately due to the silhouette of the iconic scissor-tailed flycatcher from the Wingspan box.

As well as aqua blue, this shirt is available in other colors like black, dark green, purple navy, and navy.

If you fancy a different design to synth-wave, then Meeple Design has other Wingspan tees in their store. From a cool pixel art shirt, to a habitat symbols one, and a nest icons shirt too.

Go check out the Wingspan t-shirts at Meeple Design.

Conclusion – Wingspan Upgrades and Accessories

I hope this article has given you some awesome Wingspan upgrade ideas!

If you love upgrading your games, get more upgrade inspiration from my must have board game accessories and upgrades article.

I’ve also written a strategy tips article for Wingspan! Check it out for tips on how to win Wingspan! Or if you’re looking for more eggcellent games like Wingspan to try, see my roundup of 11 Fun Games Like Wingspan.

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