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17 Epic Ticket to Ride Accessories, Upgrades & Gifts!

Ticket to Ride is a classic modern board game with a beautiful early 1900s railway theme. The Ticket to Ride upgrades and accessories are just as beautiful! Take a look at some of my favourite Ticket to Ride upgrades and accessories in this article.

Perhaps there’s something that you’d like to treat yourself to? Or maybe you could surprise your favourite Ticket to Ride fan with a gift they’ll love?

Ticket to Ride trains

Playing the trains on the board in Ticket to Ride feels awesome after you’ve saved up your tickets for a route! And when they’re all laid down on the board at the end of the game, the colourful routes winding their way across the map look so cool! Why not get yourself some more train colours or even different train types to make it even cooler?

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1. Extra trains in different colours

Ticket to Ride coloured trains. Image credit: BKPrint on Etsy

As much as I love the trains in Ticket to Ride (especially the bright blue ones!), it is nice to have different coloured trains! I love to play as purple whenever I get the chance, but it’s a rare player colour in most board games.

My boyfriend bought me a purple train set for Ticket to Ride as a gift! I love them!

You can get replacement trains in loads of different colours! On Etsy, BK Print create 3d printed train cars in the Ticket to Ride shape in all the standard colours as well as many other colours including purple, orange, pink, grey, brown and lime green.

2. Wooden trains

Wooden gold Ticket to Ride trains. Image credit: MeepleStudioCom on Etsy.

If you’d like more of a premium feel to your Ticket to Ride trains, wood is a great option. There’s something indescribably wholesome about using wooden gaming components.

These gorgeous gold engraved wooden train sets from Meeple Studio Com on Etsy are simply stunning! They look so decadent on the board and fit wonderfully with the game’s aesthetics.

They come in complete sets of 45 and are available in orange, pink, purple, white and grey, as well as the original Ticket to Ride train colours. Each set also includes its own marker for the score track.

3. Hand painted train set

Hand painted Ticket to Ride trains. Image credit: MiniBadWolf on Etsy.

What about if you’re happy with the Ticket to Ride plastic trains but just wished they looked a bit more in keeping with the theme?

How about getting your trains hand-painted by MiniBadWolf on Etsy? The quality of their painting is fantastic and they add such a huge level of realism to the game!

You send them which trains you’d like painting, they make them look awesome and send them back to you! The commissions are priced per 50 trains so you could get 10 of each colour from the base game painted, or an entire set of your favourite colour!

Ticket to Ride cards

Even though trains are the most tactile component in Ticket to Ride, cards are the thing you’ll be handling most of the time! How can you make that experience better?

4. Card sleeves

My cards are looking quite dirty after years of use! It’s too late for me, but perhaps you could get some Ticket to Ride card sleeves for your cards!

There are 144 cards in Ticket to Ride. The cards in the base game are 44mm x 68mm.

3 packs of these 50 sleeve packs of 44mm x 68mm cards from Ultra Pro on Amazon will be enough to sleeve all your Ticket to Ride cards. They fit perfectly and even have Ticket to Ride mentioned as a game they fit on the packet!

If you’re using the cards from the 1910 Ticket to Ride expansion, they are slightly larger at 56mm x 87mm so you’ll need these card sleeves on Amazon instead for the 179 cards in that edition!

Ultra Pro are a reputable card sleeve brand too so you know you’re getting high quality sleeves too.

5. Card holder

Ticket to Ride card holder. Image credit: WoodWORKedForFun on Etsy.
Ticket to Ride card holder. Image credit: WoodWORKedForFun on Etsy.

If you’re opening the game by stockpiling lots of coloured cards like I mention in my Ticket to Ride Strategy Guide, then you’ll end up with quite a handful!


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It can be tricky to fan them all out to actually see what’s on them! One neat solution to this is a card holder!

Because the Ticket to Ride cards are small, we need a cardholder with shallow slots so that the card faces can be clearly seen and they don’t sit too low down in the holder slot.

I really like these hand made wooden card holders by WoodWORKedForFun on Etsy. They have three slots of different depths that are specially designed for Ticket to Ride cards. But they’re also perfect to use for other games with small cards too!

6. Player organizer

Ticket to Ride card and train holder. Image credit: WoodWORKedForFun on Etsy.
Ticket to Ride card and train holder. Image credit: WoodWORKedForFun on Etsy.

A card holder is fantastic and can be used across any board game with cards. But what if you want something that can also store the trains? Something more like a player organizer?

This set of 5 wooden card and train holders are from the same seller on Etsy that makes the card holders. They are high quality, handmade and fit the cards and trains perfectly. The set of five means that there’s one for everyone!

Now everyone’s cards, trains and tickets to have somewhere beautiful to live!

7. Deck holder

Ticket to Ride deck holder. Image credit: McMaster3D on Etsy.
Ticket to Ride deck holder. Image credit: McMaster3D on Etsy.

So you’ve got all your player cards and trains organized, but what about the cards on the table?

A holder for them not only looks better, but it also stops people from accidentally knocking the stacks over or out of line. In my group there’s always someone that’s a little clumsy and nudges the card stacks when they draw or discard. I’m such a tidy person that I can’t help but straighten the cards on my turn!

I love this space-efficient deck holder on Etsy that’s a perfect fit for the base Ticket to Ride edition cards, discard pile, draw pile and ticket cards. Keeps the cards nice in line too! If you’ve got the slightly larger cards from the 1910 expansion, you’ll need to find a larger deck holder!

Ticket to Ride extras

The artwork on the Ticket to Ride board is beautiful and really helps to set the tone for the game. The pencil drawings of little ships, hot air balloon, carriages and early planes take you away to a different time.

10. Custom player markers

Ticket to Ride conductor player markers. Image credit@ MadeByMoin on Etsy.
Ticket to Ride conductor player markers. Image [email protected] MadeByMoin on Etsy.

How adorable are these scoring markers?

The super talented Moin on Etsy creates these hand made custom player markers out of polymer clay for Ticket to Ride! You can customize the hairstyle, hair colour, skin tone and even overall colour for each character because they are made to order!

Your set of Ticket to Ride meeples will be totally unique to you!

I love the idea of a little family of train conductor meeples that look like our gaming group! They’ll look so cheerful skipping around the score track!

11. USA 1910

USA 1910 is the official expansion to the USA Ticket to Ride board game which you can buy on Amazon.

It includes:

  • 35 new Destination Tickets
  • A new rule book with 3 new ways to play
  • Globe Trotter bonus card for completing the most tickets
  • Replacement deck of cards for the base game

The replacement cards are larger than the cards which come with the original Ticket to Ride game. The cards are the same size of cards you’ll find in other editions like Ticket to Ride Europe.

Because the cards in the Ticket to Ride 1910 expansion are larger than the cards which come with the base game, so you may need to buy some larger card sleeves from Amazon and deck holder for them!

12. Map collection expansions

As well as the card-based 1910 Ticket to Ride expansion, there are Ticket to Ride Map Collection expansions on Amazon too.

Map collection expansions usually include a new board giving you an entirely new country to explore! Some map collections include a double sided board with a different country on each side! The Ticket to Ride map collections include Africa, Asia, the Netherlands, Japan & Italy, France & the Old West, and the United Kingdom & Pennsylvania.

Each map collection comes with:

  • A new map board
  • Cards specific to the new maps
  • New rules specific to the expansion

They don’t include coloured train cards and trains because you use the coloured train cards and trains from the Ticket to Ride base game to play the map collection expansions.

Map collections are fantastic ways to mix up your Ticket to Ride gaming time!

There are also custom maps made by fans that you can find on the Days of Wonder website if you fancy playing a different map!


Keeping board game components neat and tidy is super important to me. It’s so nice to open a box and see everything neatly stored, just waiting to be played!

13. Inserts

Ticket to Ride inserts. Image credit: KaCoPrints on Etsy.
Ticket to Ride inserts. Image credit: KaCoPrints on Etsy.

The Ticket to Ride insert is pretty good at keeping the cards and score markers in place, but it’s pretty bad at keeping the trains tidy, especially because I like to store my board games vertically!

These bright and colour co-ordinated inserts from KaCoPrints on Etsy are fantastic at keeping the trains organized!

I love how colourful they look when you open the box. Everything looks so inviting! The added bonus is that train container double up as token holders for each player as they play!

They’re available in two sizes so they fit perfectly in your game box. One for the original version of Ticket to Ride, and one for the Europe version.

14. Wooden box

Ticket to Ride wooden box. Image credit: BasicallyWooden on Etsy.
Ticket to Ride wooden box. Image credit: BasicallyWooden on Etsy.

If you’re after something with enough storage for your Ticket to Ride game plus some map collection expansions, then you need to check out this stunning custom-designed wooden storage box on Etsy!

There are two map inserts inside the box which comfortably fit all the boards and cards from most of the map collection expansions. The box doesn’t fit the boards from Rails and Sails and Japan/Italy because they are different sizes.

It’s made from hardwood ply sealed with a varnish and it has a beautifully engraved lid. And don’t worry about needing to put it together! It arrives fully assembled and ready to enjoy!

Ticket to Ride accessories and gifts

If you love Ticket to Ride, why not treat yourself to a cool accessory for yourself or your home? These ideas also make perfect gifts for Ticket to Ride fans in your life!

15. Ticket to Ride t-shirt

Ticket to Ride tshirt. Image credit: MeepleMerch on Etsy.
Ticket to Ride tshirt. Image credit: MeepleMerch on Etsy.

If you’re a big Ticket to Ride fan, this train pattern t-shirt on Etsy is the perfect way show the world!

I love how it looks like a cool abstract pattern to people who aren’t familiar with the game, but to Ticket to Ride fans it unmistakably looks like trains from the game! It’s like you’re walking around wearing a secret code on your shirt!

The solid colour fabrics are made of 100% cotton and you can choose from several different t shirt colours including forest green, navy and brown.

16. Mug

Ticket to Ride mug. Image credit: MeepleMerch on Etsy.
Ticket to Ride mug. Image credit: MeepleMerch on Etsy.

The same seller also has a very cool Ticket to Ride mug in their shop! I love the yellow colour inside this mug and on the handle, it looks so cheerful!

Yellow not your colour? You can also get it with black or blue inside and on the handle!

I think this mug would make a perfect gift for a Ticket to Ride fan too!

17. Cross stitch pattern

Ticket to Ride cross stitch pattern. Image credit: GratedExpectations on Etsy.
Ticket to Ride cross stitch pattern. Image credit: GratedExpectations on Etsy.

Wow! Take a second to admire this stunning Ticket to Ride cross stitch pattern on Etsy!

I absolutely love it! All the colours from the wildcard train look so vibrant!

If you’re an avid cross-stitcher, this is a brilliant pattern to complete. Or perhaps you know someone who cross-stitches and plays board games? They might enjoy doing this one!

Conclusion – Ticket to Ride Accessories, Upgrades & Gifts!

There are so many awesome accessories for Ticket to Ride to take your gaming experience to the next level and show off your love of the game!

If you like Ticket to Ride, you may want to check out my strategy guide, 19 Ticket to Ride Strategy Tips – How to Win! and my ideas for similar games in 12 Fun Board Games Like Ticket to Ride!

Fancy getting some game upgrades that you can use across all your games? See my ideas in 28 Must Have Board Game Accessories and Upgrades.

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