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250+ Male Dragon Names: Famous, Mythical, Fire, Ice, D&D + More!

The right name can say a lot! Whatever you’re naming – your adorable new pet, your next child, or the dragon in a story – an epic male dragon name is just the ticket for conveying grandeur, vitality, and wit!

We’ve collected a dragon’s hoard of names – fierce, fire breathing, and utterly fabulous! Fly through our male dragon names ranging from: famous, to mythological, to fire and ice, Dungeons & Dragons, and more!

Famous Male Dragon Names

Smaug from The Hobbit famously guarded his horde of treasure.

Looking for something to pique people’s attention immediately? Try a pop culture dragon name for your next winged inferno!

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Here are 20 of our favorite famous male dragons!

  1. Smaug
    The wicked and greedy antagonist of the Hobbit. Smaug sleeps in the mountain stronghold of the dwarves on a bed of stolen gold and treasure.
  2. Ancalagon the Black
    The greatest of Tolkien’s dragons, he was created by Lord Melkor himself.
  3. Fin Fang Foom
    An alien dragon that appears in Marvel comics as a villain initially. He eventually converts to Buddhism, gets a job as a Chinese cook, and starts assisting heroes in various story arcs. A few of Foom’s powers include flight, super strength, shapeshifting, and telepathy.
  4. Spyro
    Everyone’s favorite little purple dragon, he’s the star of the Spyro franchise of games. Even though Spyro is the youngest of all the dragons, somehow he’s the only one smart & determined enough to save the world – repeatedly!
  5. Temeraire
    The main character of the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik. He is a kind & highly intelligent, celestial black dragon whose human captain is the former British naval officer, William Laurence.
  6. Shenron (Shenlong)
    The mighty dragon in Dragon Ball series who grants the bearer of all seven dragon balls any one wish. He is modeled after the classical Chinese Dragon – long, sinuous, and crested.
  7. Falkor
    The luxuriously furred, white luckdragon from the Never Ending Story. Long, like a Chinese dragon, but with distinctly canine features.
  8. Haku
    A white dragon that can take the form of a human boy. Haku appears in Miyazaki’s Spirited Away and has a long, twisting body that flies through the sky and water.
  9. Trogdor the Burninator
    Trogdor! Trogdor was a man. I mean, he was a dragon man. Or maybe he was just a dragon… But he was still Trogdor!!
  10. Bahamut
    This enormous dragon appears in many Final Fantasy games as a companion you can summon to explode your enemies into bits with his ultra-powerful MegaFlare. He is the lord of the sky and revered as a kind of god.
  11. Charizard
    Charizard is the famous fire-flying type Pokemon that evolves from Charmander. Getting nerdy, it technically it doesn’t gain the ‘Dragon’ type until it evolves to Mega Charizard X, but it does have dragon moves and looks like a dragon in Charizard form!
  12. Toothless
    The loveable kitten and dog-like dragon from How to Train Your Dragon.
  13. King Ghidorah
    Godzilla’s nemesis – a formidable golden dragon with three heads!
  14. Fang
    Roku from Avatar: The Last Airbender, found Fang as an egg and raised him as his own. Fang was a fire dragon in the living realm and became a spirit dragon with telepathic powers.
  15. Puff
    The magic dragon who lived by the sea and frolicked in the autumn mist in the land called Honah Lee! From the song, Puff the Magic Dragon!
  16. Errol
    From Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett, Errol is the tiny swamp dragon that Sybil Ramkin gives to the City Watch of Ank-Morpork to be their mascot.
  17. Jakiro
    The two-headed dragon from the video game, Dota 2. One head breathes fire and the other breathes ice!
  18. Ender Dragon
    Minecraft‘s final boss is a purple-eyed black dragon who lives in The End. Commonly known as Ender Dragon, but its name might actually be Jean!
  19. Ridley
    The final boss from the Metroid game series resembles a dragon, although it’s unclear exactly what species it is!
  20. Mushu
    Bringing some comedy to Mulan, Mushu is a little quick-talking red dragon sent by the ancestors to help her out!

Male Names That Mean Dragon

Looking for human names that are serpentine or fiery in nature? Here’s a variety of draconic names from Greece, Japan, Wales, and more!

Which is your favorite male name that means dragon?

  1. Aiden
    An Irish name, it means “little fire” in Gaelic. The Celtic sun god Aodh is the origin of the names Aed and Aodhan, of which Aiden or Aedan is a diminutive.
  2. Brantley
    From Germany, meaning a fiery sword or torch – a weapon or a lightbringing tool. “Brant” has Germanic or Norse roots as a word for “firebrand.”
  3. Brenton
    Traditionally a surname derived from a place, Brenton means “town of fire.” It comes from the mixing of the Olde English word “byrne” for fire and “tun” for homestead.
  4. Draco/Drake
    Roots in both English and Greek meaning “dragon.”
  5. Dracul
    Old Romanian for “dragon,” an ancient title for the rulers of Walachia. Most famously associated with Vlad Dracul (AKA Vlad Tepes III/Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for Dracula). In modern Romanian it also means the “devil.”
  6. Longwei
    A Chinese name that means “dragon greatness.”
  7. Ormr
    Norse or Icelandic in origin, it means “snake/serpent” or “dragon.”
  8. Pendragon
    An ancient title given to British & Welsh leaders of great importance. Most commonly associated with the Arthurian legends.
  9. Tatsuya
    A common boys name in Japan, Tatsuya can mean a variety of things depending on how it is written. Among those are “dragon, to be” and “sign of the dragon.”
  10. Tyson
    From the Old French word tison or “firebrand”
  11. Ryu
    Like the Street Fighter character, Ryu is a Japanese masculine and family name meaning ‘dragon’.
  12. Jiao-long
    Jiaolong is a dragon in Chinese mythology, described as a “scaled dragon”. The name, Jiao-long means “looks like a dragon’.

Male Dragon Names in Mythology

dragon from tsuro of the seas
One of the Daikaiju meaning “giant strange beast” in Japanese from the board game Tsuro of the Seas.

Nearly every mythology around the world includes dragons and there are loads of words for giant monsters too! For example, ‘daikaiju’ means ‘giant strange beast’ in Japanese, that sounds like a dragon to me!

Here are twenty of the coolest male dragon names from folklore and legend to inspire awe! All of these male dragon names from mythology are fantastic ancient dragon names!

  1. Apalala
    The name of a water dwelling naga (half-man, half-serpent) or dragon in Buddhist myth. He was said to live near the Swat River in modern day Pakistan. Usually, tales of Apalala are about his conversion by the Buddha.
  2. Apep
    In Engyptian mythology, Ra is the sun god and bringer or light and Apep his greatest foe. Often depicted as a giant snake with a head of flint (or sometimes a crocodile), Apep is also called “the Serpent from the Nile” and “Evil Dragon.”
  3. Bakunawa
    From Philippine mythology, Bakunawa is a serpentine dragon. Commonly considered a water dragon, he is also depicted living in the sky or underworld and was thought to be the cause of rain, wind, earthquakes, and eclipses. His name means “bent snake.”
  4. Bashe
    A python-esque dragon from Chinese myth that eats elephants. The name is a combination of the characters ba (“tip, tail; crust; greatly desire; cling to; be near”) and she (“snake; serpent”).
  5. Cadmus
    A Phonecian prince from Greek mythology famous for planting dragon’s teeth in the ground. Warriors sprang forth from the teeth and helped Cadmus found Thebes.
  6. Druk
    This thunder dragon comes from Bhutanese and Tibetan myth.
  7. Ehecatl
    The pre-Columbian wind deity from Aztec & Mesoamerican mythology. Most commonly interpreted as an aspect of the feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl, he is a creator god, heroic figure, and associated with the cardinal directions.
  8. Fafnir
    Fafnir is a dwarf from the Nordic Volsung Saga. When his lust for treasure caused him to kill his own father for possession Andvari’s cursed gold, he retreated to the deep forests and turned into a dragon to guard his hoard. His breath is a poisonous miasma that makes the very earth around him toxic.
  9. Falak
    The enormous serpent from One Thousand and One Nights. He lives below the foundations on the earth in the seventh, and deepest hell. Only his fear of God prevents him from devouring all creation.
  10. Jormungandr
    A serpent so huge that he circles the entire world and holds his tail in his mouth. He is called the World Serpent or Midgard Serpent and is the son of Loki. Legend has it that when he releases his tail, Ragnarok will begin.
  11. Kuraokami
    He is the Shinto deity of winter, ice, snow, and rain. The name combines the characters kura (“dark; darkness; closed”) and okami (“dragon tutelary of water”).
  12. Ladon
    Also known as the Dragon of the Hesperides, Ladon is the serpentine monster from Greek myth that guards the Golden Apples which belong to the Hesperides nymphs.
  13. Leviathan
    A massive sea serpent from Hebrew and Christian mythlogy. He is the embodiment of chaos and is often associated with the Christian demon of the deadly sin Envy. Though the name now refers to sea monsters in general, the original translations are “to twine; to join” or “wreathed, twisted in folds.”
  14. Lotan
    This older, Canaanite dragon was the origin of Leviathan. Lotan means “coiled.” Other names associated with Lotan are “the fugitive serpent,” “the wriggling serpent,” and “the mighty one with seven heads.”
  15. Orochi or Yamata no Orochi
    The 8-headed and 8-tailed dragon of Japanese legend. He has a penchant for eating beautiful young women. When he was slain by the storm god Susanoo his body was used to create the three sacred Imperial Regalia of Japan.
  16. Rahab
    Rahab is an ancient sea monster from Jewish folklore, an embodiment of the primordial abyss as well as a water dragon of chaos & darkness. He is also know as “the demonic angel of the sea.” In the Hebrew Bible his name became a word used to indicate arrogance, pride, or insolence.
  17. Ryujin
    A benevolent guardian dragon, Ryujin is the Japanese patron deity of the sea. He can shapeshift, has knowledge of medicine and magic, and brings rain and thunder. From his coral palace under the waves he controls the tides. Sea snakes, turtles, jellyfish, and fish are often depicted as his servants.
  18. Ur
    In Mandaeism, a Gnostic religion, Ur is the draconic ruler of the World of Darkness AKA the underworld. Some texts refer to him as Leviathan, and Ur’s mother also calls him “the Great Giant” and “Power of Darkness.” (Aw, how sweet!)
  19. Vritra
    A dragon, serpent, or demon from the Hindu Vedas. He is the personification of evil, chaos, and drought and is the great foe of Indra. In reference to holding back the rains and waters, Vritra name translates to “cover, obstacle.”
  20. Zahhak
    Persian mythology originally described Zahhak as a three headed dragon, one of which was a human head. Later, he became a man with a snake growing from each shoulder. Whether dragon or man, he is a cunning, power hungry, and demonic figure.

Elemental Male Dragon Names

How about dragon names that relate to the element the dragon gets its power from? That’s what this next section of names is all about. Find dragon names for fire, ice, earth, wind and water dragons below! Each section even has dragon titles if you want more than just a first name. How about Emberkin, Lavatongue, the Ash Maker, or Blizzarik, Ice Heart?

Male Ice Dragon Names

Male Ice Dragon from the D&D Board Game expansion
Male Ice Dragon from the D&D Board Game expansion

For some inspiration for male ice dragon names, see our fun list of unique names. First name only, or add a full title, the choice is yours!

  1. Blizzarik
  2. Arctik
  3. Winter
  4. Chilly
  5. Pierce
  6. Glacier
  7. Blackglaze
  8. Icequake
  9. Sorbet
  10. Rink
  11. Frostius
  12. Whitedrift
  13. Frostscythe
  14. Krystix
  15. Polarspike
  16. Blanko
  17. Deepfreeze
  18. Subzero
  19. Frostbite
  20. Eskimo

Ice Dragon Titles

  • , the Ancient
  • , the Needle
  • , the Frozen
  • , Mountain’s Breath
  • , Lord of Winter
  • , the Alabaster
  • , Ice Heart
  • , King of the Peaks
  • , Glacier’s Heart
  • , the Icy Grip

Male Fire Dragon Names

We have some fire dragon names that we’ve made up. First names and title options for added grandeur! For example, Prye, the Black Flame!

  1. Pyre
  2. Tinderflare
  3. Emberkin
  4. Hotscotch
  5. Smokey
  6. Bonfire
  7. Firestorm
  8. Glowmare
  9. Flint
  10. Spark
  11. Tyrathis
  12. Blazig
  13. Furnace
  14. Infernio
  15. Ashkoort
  16. Torch
  17. Combious
  18. Ignatholon
  19. Scorch
  20. Charred

Fire Dragon Titles

  • , the First Flame
  • , Flame’s Fury
  • , Lavatongue
  • , the Black Flame
  • , the Sulfurous
  • , the Ash Maker
  • , the Bright
  • , the Everburning
  • , the Anvil
  • , the Lightness

Male Earth Dragon Names

You know you’re on firm ground with one of our male earth dragon names!

  1. Terrafirma
  2. Rumble
  3. Onyx
  4. Alluvium
  5. Dust
  6. Cliff
  7. Sublunary
  8. Geo
  9. Gravel
  10. Muddy
  11. Quartz
  12. Dig
  13. Fossil
  14. Mudmine
  15. Terrance
  16. Crustcore
  17. Landlocked
  18. Osmium
  19. Stoneshake
  20. Lava

Earth Dragon Titles

  • , the Immovable
  • , the Verdant
  • , the Mountain
  • , Stone Heart
  • , Earth Shaker
  • , Bones of the Earth
  • , the Unbroken
  • , Lord Under the Mountain
  • , Gem Eyes
  • , Volcano’s Fury

Male Wind Dragon Names

Ride like the wind away with one of our male wind dragon names! Choose a first name and an optional title for your wind dragon name!

  1. Zephyrus
  2. Stratus
  3. Twister
  4. Bluster
  5. Cumulus
  6. Tornado
  7. Jetstream
  8. Fan
  9. Squall
  10. Cloud
  11. Cyclonus
  12. Blastem
  13. Myrsky
  14. Gusto
  15. Featherfall
  16. Whirlwind
  17. Boreas
  18. Nimbus
  19. Tempest
  20. Cirrus

Male Wind Dragon Titles

  • , the Lightning Bringer
  • , the Biting Wind
  • , the Silvered Tongue
  • , the Whisper
  • , the Rising Storm
  • , Cloudsurfer
  • , the North Wind
  • , the Hurricane
  • , Storm Bringer
  • , the Typhoon

Male Water Dragon Names

Make a splash with a male water dragon name from our list! Add a full title to the end if the waters lead you that way!

  1. Drizzle
  2. Sail
  3. Tidus
  4. Swampy
  5. Blue
  6. Caspian
  7. Maelstrom
  8. Murky
  9. Lagoon
  10. Saltcreek
  11. Brackish
  12. Nile
  13. Cloudburst
  14. Vapour
  15. Drink
  16. Splash
  17. Flood
  18. Mizu (Japanese for ‘water’)
  19. Okeanos (Greek Titan God of the River Okeaos)
  20. Vandenynas (Lithuanian for ocean)

Male Water Dragon Titles

  • , the Serene
  • , Lord of the Loch
  • , the Torrent
  • , the Winding
  • of the Black Sea
  • , the River
  • , Tidal Tyrant
  • , the Crashing Wave
  • , Raindancer
  • , King of the Sea

Scary Male Dragon Names

Only the most formidable and scary male dragon names have made this list! Whichever you choose is bound to make a powerful impact!

  1. Dreadwing
  2. Grizzledrake
  3. Darkfang
  4. Crimsonfury
  5. Riftcurse
  6. Daggertooth
  7. Talonfiend
  8. Souleater
  9. Phantomblaze
  10. Ragestorm

Scary Male Dragon Titles

  • , Ruin of Man
  • , the Scythe
  • , King Eater
  • , the Scourge
  • the Noxious
  • , the Sable King
  • , the Fell
  • , the Withering
  • , Vein Drinker
  • , Primal Hunger

Skyrim Male Dragon Names

The Elder Scrolls games are a treasure trove of dragon names, especially Skyrim with its in-depth dragon language. Here are most of the named dragons in the game:

  1. Alduin
    The main villain of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He is also called World Eater and is considered both the progenitor of all dragonkind and the harbinger of the end times.
  2. Durnehviir
    A Necromancer and undead dragon cursed to forever haunt & protect an ancient place of power and the vampire who resides there.
  3. Krosulhah
    An emissary of the would-be king, Miraak. One of the frost dragons you encounter in the game.
  4. Kruziikrel
    This dragon uses a mix of frost and fire, and is one of Miraak’s fighters.
  5. Mirmulnir
    One of the first dragons you fight, this large black creature uses both fire and frost attacks. He lived for hundreds of years and craftily evaded the fanatical dragon hunters before meeting his end.
  6. Naaslaarum
    Twin to Voslaarum, this dragon uses life draining magics and swims in frozen waters to surprise prey.
  7. Nahagliiv
    A faithful servant of Alduin, this dragon is resurrected by the World Eater near the beginning of the game.
  8. Numinex
    A fearsome dragon that once ravaged the land, burning entire villages & towns down at will. He was imprisoned by King Olaf One-Eye and spent the rest of his days slowly succumbing to madness and, eventually, death.
  9. Odahviing
    Though killed in the great Dragon War, he is resurrected and reclaims his rightful place as Alduin’s lieutenant. His name means “Winged Snow Hunter.”
  10. Paarthurnax
    Brother to Alduin, he betrayed the World Eater and taught mankind how to use dragon magics. He lives on a remote mountain and leads a pacifist monastic order called the Greybeards.
  11. Relonikiv
    A dragon that uses fire and frost breath. His name means “Dominate Enlightenment” in the dragon tongue.
  12. Sahloknir
    A terrible foe that utilizes frost and fire. Though killed long ago by a Nordic hero, he is resurrected by Alduin.
  13. Sahrotaar
    This serpentine dragon is a servant to Miraak. In the dragon language his name means “Mighty Slave.”
  14. Viinturuth
    One of Alduin’s resurrected soldiers.
  15. Voslaarum
    A revered dragon and brother to Naaslaarum. He swims in an icy lake with his twin to flank victims.
  16. Vuljotnaak
    One of the dragons you can watch being resurrected by Alduin. His name directly translates to “Dark Maw Eat.”
  17. Vulthuryol
    Huge with bronze scales, this ancient dragon’s name means “Dark-Overlord-Fire.”

Male Dragon Names in Dungeons & Dragons

The Fire Dragon from D&D Adventures in the Forgotten Realms MTG. Image: Wizards of the Coast.
The Fire Dragon from D&D Adventures in the Forgotten Realms MTG. Image: Wizards of the Coast.

Dungeons & Dragons has a wealth of masculine dragon names from modules, core rulebooks, novels, and more! They take the traditional style of high fantasy dragon names and there are loads to choose from! We’ve taken our favorite 6 names for each type of dragon, so you can roll a six sided dice and quickly choose a name. For our full list of D&D Dragon Names, see our article.

Below, we’ve split the categories between chromatic dragon names and metallic dragon names. Whether you’re christening your next BBEG or benevolent draconian deity, you’re covered. Grab your dice to make choosing a random, color appropriate name for your dragon easy and fast!

Chromatic Dragon Names

Male Black Dragon Names in D&D

  1. Rhoaringoarh, the Mighty, Old Roar-and-Gore
  2. Maelestor Rex
  3. Zarlandris
  4. Sablaxaahl Three-Horns
  5. Kreston
  6. Iyrauroth, Wyrm of the Peaks

Male Blue Dragon Names in D&D

  1. Sapphiraktar, the Blue
  2. Krashos
  3. Vrondahorevos, Lightningdance
  4. Arharzel
  5. Lynnorax (dracolich)
  6. Olothontor, the Minstrel Wyrm

Male Green Dragon Names in D&D

  1. Grax Rekaxx
  2. Ishenalyr
  3. Antasillix, Defender of the Pit
  4. Xavarathimius, the Everlasting Wyrm (dracolich)
  5. Maldrithor, the Sarbreenar Wyrm
  6. Eldrisithain

Male Red Dragon Names in D&D

  1. Golozz
  2. Ajax Firestorm
  3. Balagos, Dragonsbane, the Flying Flame
  4. Dran Draggore
  5. Malagarthaul, Flaming Claws
  6. Gorthalylaug, Stormcrossing

Male White Dragon Names in D&D

  1. Glazhael, the Cloudchaser
  2. Auroxas
  3. Torixileos, Bringer of Ice Agony, Lord of the Frozen Mountain, Master of the Blizzard
  4. Ruuthundrarar
  5. Ma’fel’no’sei’kedeh’naar, Wi
  6. Arkhenthus, the Mage Devourer

Metallic Dragon Names

Male Brass Dragon Names in D&D

  1. Baratathlaer
  2. Brazz Polis
  3. Girac
  4. Ileuthra (celestial)
  5. Samdralyrion
  6. Topher

Male Bronze Dragon Names in D&D

  1. Dizmallorthan, Shimmerwing
  2. Vingdavalac
  3. Ohmrathedar, the Thoughtful
  4. Felgolos, the Flying Misfortune
  5. Ashgarlyth
  6. Nymmurh, the Wyrm Who Watches

Male Copper Dragon Names in D&D

  1. Galadaeros, Sunset Flame
  2. Gorge Cooper
  3. Filauxerimos
  4. Chatulio
  5. Vexilanthus
  6. Ilimalaaros, Errant

Male Gold Dragon Names in D&D

  1. Kriionfanthicus, King Kriion
  2. Aurinax
  3. Palarandusk, the Unseen Protector
  4. Mikkaalgensis, the Harper Dragon
  5. Larendrammagar, Nexus
  6. Lareth, His Resplendence, King of Justice

Male Silver Dragon Names in D&D

  1. Skeldaer, Shimmerscales
  2. Baerithryn (weredragon)
  3. Deszeldaryndun Silverwing, the Guardian Worm of Everlund, the Kindly Dragon
  4. Uinnessivar, Moondragon
  5. Elariymmsarl, Starglimmer Brightmoon
  6. Sylvallitham

Male Steel Dragon Names in D&D

  1. Auntyrlothtor
  2. Ferreous Costello
  3. Qiminstiir, the Swordwing
  4. Quituryte
  5. Velsaertirden
  6. Yemere

Male Dragonborn Names in D&D

While dragonborns are not strictly dragons, they are the children of dragons! And so, here are some dragonborn names for inspiration! Roll a dice to choose randomly from the list!

Roll 1d10:

  1. Arjhan
  2. Balasar
  3. Bharash
  4. Fonaar
  5. Ghesh
  6. Heskan
  7. Kriv
  8. Medrash
  9. Mehen
  10. Nadarr

Roll 1d6:

  1. Pandjed
  2. Rhogar
  3. Shamash
  4. Shedinn
  5. Tahrun
  6. Torinn

Conclusion: 250+ Male Dragon Names

With these 250+ male dragon names, you’ll never be at a loss for grandiose names for your next dragon (or cat, or gecko, or baby…).

For even more dragon name inspiration, you have to check out our 270+ Female Dragon Names article! And if you’re a D&D fan or love the D&D dragon names style, see our extended 350+ D&D Dragon Names list!

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