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270+ Female Dragon Names: Famous, Mythical, Badass, Fire, Ice, D&D + More!

Names convey a lot and can be around for a lifetime! So, why pick any old name for your daughter, bearded dragon, or even your next Dungeons & Dragons character? Choose one of these 270+ female dragon names for something truly epic!

In this mega list, we’ve collected and created a treasure trove of dragon names! Soar through our female dragon names featuring: famous, mythological, Japanese, Fire & Ice, Dungeons & Dragons, and more – names so spirited and serpentine you might just want to change your own!

Famous Female Dragon Names

Maleficent in her dragon form from the Disney Board Game Villainous
Maleficent in her dragon form in the Disney Board Game Villainous

When it comes to pop culture, the list of awesome dragon names is practically endless. Here are some of our favorite female dragon names from books, tv, movies, and video games.

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  1. Maleficent
    An enormous, purple and black dragon that breathes green flames who appears in Sleeping Beauty. It is unclear whether she is a dark sorceress who can turn into a dragon, or a dragon who can shapeshift into a human. She is known as the Mistress of All-Evil and an evil fairy.
  2. Ramoth
    The golden dragon Queen of Pern from Anne McCaffrey’s classic series, the Dragonriders of Pern. She was the last Queen left until her daughter was hatched, and she is the largest and most powerful dragon on Pern. Her rider is Lessa of Benden Weyr.
  3. Norberta
    Though raised by a well meaning giant groundskeeper at the magical school of Hogwarts, Norberta is one of the biggest and meanest dragons encountered in the Harry Potter series. She was originally called Norbert because of a mistaken assumption that she was a he.
  4. Tintaglia
    A blue lady dragon originally thought to be the very last of her race from Robin Hobb’s series The Liveship Traders. She finds a mate, however, and dragons are brought back to the world.
  5. Lien
    This albino dragon from the Temeraire series is a highly intelligent, cunning, Chinese dragon. When her human companion, the Prince Yongxing, was lost, she became a primary villain of the story.
  6. Siveth
    One of the main characters of Dragonheart: Vengeance. A white and silver dragon who travels to Wallachia and eventually bonds with a man named Darius, teaching him about true friendship and love.
  7. Vermithrax Pejorative
    The villain of the dark fantasy film, Dragonslayer. She makes the classic bargain with a kingdom: sacrifice virgins to me and I won’t ravage your lands. Later it is revealed that she does this to feed her young.
  8. Aithusa
    A young, white dragon hatched by Merlin in the BBC television series Merlin. She possesses healing powers.
  9. Dragon
    A huge, ruby colored dragon from Shrek. Though she is introduced as an antagonist (and has a taste for broiled knights!) she end up befriending the good guys and falling in love with the talkative Donkey. In one of the later films, you even get to meet their half-dragon, half-donkey children!
  10. Saphira
    From the Eragon series of books by Christopher Paolini, Saphira is the kindly blue female dragon that’s ridden by Eragon.
  11. Sisu
    Fun, kind and friendly, Sisu is the water dragon from Raya and the Last Dragon. In her human form she has long, silvery-violet colored hair.

Female dragon names in How to Train your Dragon

Zooming in just on the famous female dragons from How to Train Your Dragon, here are the female dragons names!

  1. Stormfly
    The blue dragon with yellow spikes is Astrid’s dragon and best friend.
  2. Light Fury
    The only other Nightfury dragon in the How to Train Your Dragon movies. Light Fury, a beautiful white dragon, is released from captivity by Hiccup and Toothless and eventually joins their family. Light Fury can blend into the sky and has amazing plasma powers!
  3. Meatlug
    A huge fan of food and eating, her human companion Fishlegs, has a lot in common with his dragon!

Female Dragons from Game of Thrones

No female dragon names list would be complete without featuring some of the female dragons from Game of Thrones!

  1. Dreamfyre
    She broke her chains escaping from King’s Landing, hit the ceiling to break it, but met her end as a result.
  2. Meleys
    Also known as the Red Queen, Meleys was an incredibly powerful dragon. It took Sunfyre and Vhagar to defeat her.
  3. Moondancer
    Small and fast, Moondancer was a pale green dragon with pearl wings and chest.
  4. Morning
    A pale pink dragon with black crest and horns.
  5. Shrykos
    A dragon that was never ridden, Shrykos met her end during a storm on the Dragonpit.
  6. Silverwing
    Like her name, silver wing was a silver dragon in House Taragaryen.
  7. Syrax
    A massive yellow dragon who spent most of her life in chains being fed lots of food!
  8. Tessarion
    A beautiful blue dragon dubbed the ‘Blue Queen’ who was ridden by Prince Daeron Targaryen.
  9. Vhagar
    A huge dragon and one of the three dragons at the Field of Fire. She lived over 180 years and was incredibly powerful and ferocious.

Female Dragon Names from Skyrim

There are no female dragons in Skyrim! If you’re looking for female dragon names inspired by Skyrim, take a look through the male names instead. You can find them in our male dragon names article!

Female Dragon Names from World of Warcraft

There are loads of female dragons in World of Warcraft! We’ve hand-picked a selection of wow female dragon names here!

  1. Alexstrasza
    Alexstrasza, the Life-Binder, Queen of all dragons, has a red dragon form and an elf-like form. She protects all life on Azeroth.
  2. Onyxia
    A black dragon and Deathwing’s daughter and ruler of the Black Dragonflight.
  3. Sintharia
    Onyxia’s mother, Lady Sinestra is a dragonkin who was once Deathwing’s consort.
  4. Nyxondra
    Daughter of Sintharia and sister to Onyxia, Nyxondra is a black dragon who can be found in the Ruins of Kargath.
  5. Merithra
    An ancient green dragon with a night elf form.
  6. Ysera
    One of the dragon aspects and protector of the Emerald Dream. She is a green dragon with a night elf form.
  7. Andorgos
    A blue dragonkin searching for adventurers to help save her brethren held by a spell.
  8. Tyrygosa
    Nicknamed Tyri, Tyrygosa is a blue dragon who can take elven form. She has a quick temper and is full of pride and confidence.
  9. Saragosa
    A huge blue dragon who breathes frost.
  10. Kirygosa
    Daughter of Saragosa, she is a blue dragon who can take human form.
  11. Soridormi
    A bronze dragon who leads the Scale of the Sands. She can take the form of a high elf.
  12. Keristrasza
    The daughter of Alexstrasza, the Life-Binder, Keristrasza is a stubborn and willful red dragon who refuses to do the bidding of blue dragonflight.

Female Dragon Names in Mythology

Nearly every single culture in the world has dragons in their legends and folklore! Mythological female dragons are synonymous with power and nobility. Here are nine of the most mind-meltingly cool lady dragons from across time and space.

  1. Tiamat
    The primordial goddess of the sea from Mesopotamian religion. Also known as “the glistening one,” Tiamat is a force of pure chaos and creation from which were born all the rest of the gods and goddesses.

    Babylonia myth says she made the first dragons, filling them with poison instead of blood, and gave birth to all the monsters in the Mesopotamian pantheon. She is depicted as a mighty sea dragon and usually considered a force of nature rather than strictly good or evil.
  2. Coca
    From Portuguese folklore, she is the dragon that battles St George. When St Geroge cut her ears off, she lost her strength and was defeated by the knight.
  3. Ayida-Weddo
    Also known as the Rainbow Serpent, she is the loa of wind, water, fire, rainbows, fertility, and snakes in Vodou lore. Wife to one of the most important load, Damballa, she lives in the sky, streams, and trees. Ayida-Weddo is most popular in Haitian and Benin Vodou.
  4. Kihawahine
    This goddess from Polynesian mythology is described as a dragon with fiery red hair, a women, and even a giant black lizard. Some legends say she lost her eye in a great battle with another goddess. She is the oldest recorded aumakua (spiritual helper, teacher, and guardian) in Hawaii.
  5. Kalamainuʻu
    Another goddess from Hawaii, Kalamainu’u is a minor lizard goddess who fell in love with a man.
  6. Toyotama-hime
    Daughter of the great dragon sea god Ryojin in Japanese myth. Her name means Lady Bountiful Soul and Luxuriant-Jewel-Princess.

    She lives in an underwater kingdom made of shimmering fish scales. Once, she took the form of a woman and fell in love with a prince. When he broke a promise and spied on her as she gave birth, he saw her true form (a dragon, or some say a crocodile or shark) and she fled back under the waves.
  7. Delphine
    From Greek mythology, Delphyne guarded the orcale of Delphi as commanded by her mother Gaia, the Earth goddess.
  8. Python
    Another daughter of Gaia, Python was a huge earth dragon with giant snake like coils. She was one of the pets of Hera, so she was free to destroy whatever she liked without consequences.
  9. Campe
    One of the drakania (female dragons or serpents with human features), Campe in Greek mythology is said to have had the lower body of a dragon, a scorpion’s tail and the upper body of a woman. She kept the Cyclopes captured in Tartarus.

Female Names That Mean Dragon

Looking for something that doesn’t scream “fantasy,” but still carries a certain draconic grandeur? All ten of these common names are fiery, strong, or filled with serpentine grace.

  1. Adalinda
    Of German origin, it means “noble serpent.”
  2. Aine
    A name from Gaelic or Celtic that can mean “brilliance,” “splendor,” and “fire.”
  3. Alina
    The origins of this name are debatable, but it has similar meanings in multiple languages. “Light” in Arabic & Russian, and “bright, beautiful” in some Slavic languages.
  4. Chumana
    A Native American name, most likely Hopi, than means “serpent maiden.”
  5. Chusi
    Also from the Hopi, this sweet little name means “dragon flower” or “serpent flower.”
  6. Iormungand
    A feminine version of Jormangandr, the Midgard Serpent, it is used as a girl’s name in Norwegian culture.
  7. Nuri
    Arabic for “my light.” Aramaic for “my fire.”
  8. Tanwen
    “White fire or “holy fire.” From the Welsh, tan meaning “fire” and gwen meaning “white, fair, blessed.”

Japanese Female Dragon Names

Just Japanese female dragon names here!

  1. Kaida/Kayda
    Japanese names for girls that mean “little dragon” or “resembling a small dragon.”
  2. Tatsuo
    Meaning “a female dragon”, Tatsuo is as literal as you can get for female Japanese dragon names!
  3. Tatsuya
    Capturing the potential of the thing names Tatsuya, it means “dragon, to be” and “master/accomplished, to be” in Japanese.
  4. Uwabami
    A Japanese word that means “giant serpent” or giant snake” but can also refer specifically to snakes of the boidae family (i.e. boa constrictors, pythons). Though a girls name, it is also associated with shapeshifting youkai (monsters) that greedily consume alcohol.
  5. Ryuu
    A female or male name meaning “dragon”. Can also be spelled Ryu.

Badass Female Dragon Names

Only the most awesome female dragon names have made this list! Add a title to the end of your dragon’s name create the ultimate badass female dragon name! How awesome does Darkfury, the Raven Queen sound?

  1. Doomdrake
  2. Darkfury
  3. Cryptclaw
  4. Talonspine
  5. Everdusk
  6. Gnawghast
  7. Soulfrayer
  8. Shadowfiend
  9. Brimstone
  10. Firestrike
  11. Blackblaze
  12. Demonfang
  13. Nightmare
  14. Savagewing
  15. Bloodstrike
  16. Dream eater
  17. Peacedestroyer
  18. Shatterscale
  19. Hornedspectre
  20. Worldcrusher

Badass Female Dragon Titles

  1. , the Wicked
  2. , Angel of the Black
  3. , Toxic Scourge
  4. , Dawn Slayer
  5. , the Corrupt
  6. , the Ceaseless Hunger
  7. , the Raven Queen
  8. , Everlasting Shadow
  9. , Serpent of Ruin
  10. , Suppurating Poison

Elemental Female Dragon Names

Earth, air, fire, water, lightning – dragons often get their power from particular elements! The dragon names in this next section all relate to elemental dragons. As well as name ideas for each dragon type, we’re included titles so you can have an even grander dragon name! For example, how about Smolder, the Burnished for a fire dragon? Or Indigo, the Sapphire Majesty for a water dragon?

Female Ice Dragon Names

Only coolest female ice dragon names here! Add a title to the end of the name for subzero cool.

  1. Krystal
  2. Diamonde
  3. Ivory
  4. Chiffon
  5. Flurry
  6. Powder
  7. Chilldust
  8. Whitey
  9. Freezaria
  10. Glacier
  11. Sherbet
  12. Frostglaze
  13. Zero
  14. Coldsnap
  15. Blackice
  16. Polar-vortex
  17. Icicle
  18. Whitefall
  19. Pine-cone
  20. Hail

Female Ice Dragon Titles

  • , the Cutting Wind
  • , the Winter Witch
  • , the Silver Sisters
  • of the Eternal Slumber
  • , Fury of the Peaks
  • , the Opal Dragon
  • , Moonsister
  • , the Relentless
  • of the Frozen Wastes
  • , Sword of the Arctic

Female Fire Dragon Names

These female fire dragon names are scorching! Add a title to throw more fuel on the fire!

  1. Enflame
  2. Kindle
  3. Flamme
  4. Light
  5. Smolder
  6. Tindera
  7. Firee
  8. Burner
  9. Heatem
  10. Pyro
  11. Scareflare
  12. Myr
  13. Sparks
  14. Stoke
  15. Radiance
  16. Red
  17. Charr
  18. Scald
  19. Ablaze
  20. Singe

Female Fire Dragon Titles

  • , Cleansing Flame
  • , the Dark Flame
  • , Jewel of the North
  • , Dawning Light
  • , Grinning Shadow
  • , the Ruby Teacher
  • , the Burnished
  • , the Brilliant Star
  • , the Bonfire
  • , Winter’s Bane

Female Water Dragon Names

Dive into our female water dragon names for some ideas for your dragon! Add a title to the end to make your dragon sound as grand as the mightiest ocean!

  1. Monsoon
  2. Breeze
  3. Aqua
  4. Windemere
  5. Coral
  6. Ripple
  7. Wave
  8. Puddle
  9. Whirlpool
  10. Briny
  11. Marine
  12. Rain
  13. Bluegaze
  14. Yangtze
  15. Orinoco
  16. Mississippi
  17. Pacific
  18. Sapphire
  19. Cerulean
  20. Indigo

Female Water Dragon Titles

  1. , the Collector
  2. , Oathmaker
  3. , the Mist Maiden
  4. , the Blue Shadow
  5. , the Sapphire Majesty
  6. , Keeper of Secrets
  7. , the Kind
  8. , Ocean Mother
  9. , the Torrent
  10. of Deep Waters

Female Lightning Dragon Names

Get a bolt of inspiration for your female lightning dragon from these dragon name ideas! Add a title for a extra flash.

  1. Sparkle
  2. Flash
  3. Lumos
  4. Frazzle
  5. Levin
  6. Bolt
  7. Dart
  8. Dazzle
  9. Flicker
  10. Glimmer
  11. Forks
  12. Radiance
  13. Pulse
  14. Thunderbox
  15. Zigzag
  16. Blink
  17. Electra
  18. Strobelight
  19. Shockwave
  20. Decibel

Female Lightning Dragon Titles

  • of Stormy Skies
  • , the Flash
  • , the Thunderlight
  • , the Thunderbird
  • of the Blackened Sky
  • , the Hurricane
  • , the Lightning Queen
  • , the Thundercloud
  • , Bright Star
  • , the Quick

Female Wind Dragon Names

Soar above the other dragon names with our list of female wind dragon names! Extend the name with a title for extra force!

  1. Gale
  2. Mistral
  3. Whirl
  4. Oxy
  5. Sky
  6. Updraft
  7. Spiral
  8. Headwind
  9. Airstream
  10. Jet
  11. Drift
  12. Twist
  13. Breeze
  14. Current
  15. Sirocco
  16. Aoelia
  17. Whisk
  18. Spindrift
  19. Windswept
  20. Spool

Female Wind Dragon Titles

  1. , the Biting Wind
  2. , Moon Blessed
  3. , the Desert Scourge
  4. , the Historian
  5. of the Flight
  6. , the Wind Witch
  7. , Soaring Princess
  8. , the Fleet
  9. , Quicksilver
  10. of the Heights

Female Earth Dragon Names

Rock solid female earth dragon names await you! Grow the name further with a title on the end!

  1. Terrainia
  2. Pebble
  3. Evergreen
  4. Dusty
  5. Clay
  6. Mudcrust
  7. Geotic
  8. Magma
  9. Gaea
  10. Grit
  11. Element
  12. Muck
  13. Earthite
  14. Bulldoze
  15. Telluria
  16. Diatomite
  17. Globe
  18. Mira
  19. Root
  20. Terrafirma

Female Earth Dragon Titles

  • , the Two-Faced
  • Iridium of the Stone Garden
  • , the Golden Empress
  • the Emeralidine
  • , the Monument
  • , the Rockslide
  • , the Healer
  • , Old Venomtongue
  • , the Blazing Mountain
  • , Fury of the Earth

Female Dragon Names in D&D

Female Ice Dragon from DnD Adventures in the Forgotten Realms
Female Ice Dragon from MTG D&D Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. Image: Wizards of the Coast.

Let’s not forget, Dungeons & Dragons by Wizards of the Coast has a cache of dragon names to choose from! Here are just some of the female dragons from D&D categorized by color and grouped into handy randomization lists of names. For our full list of D&D Dragon Names, see our article with over 350 official names!

Grab your dice, give it a roll and see which numbered name it lands on!


Female Black Dragon Names in D&D

  1. Amnemis
  2. Arlauthra Manytalons (dracolich)
  3. Casarial
  4. Cheleen
  5. Jharakkan
  6. Skurge

Female Blue Dragon Names in D&D

  1. Araugauthos, the Bluetalon
  2. Azarvilandral, Shard (dracolich)
  3. Eshaedra
  4. Faenphaele
  5. Iymrith, Doom of the Desert, Dragon of Statues
  6. Karselridrith, Brightstrike

Female Green Dragon Names in D&D

  1. Agyrtclughwaur, the Forest Wyrm
  2. Azurphax (dracolich)
  3. Chloris
  4. Claugiyliamatar, Old Gnawbone
  5. Emikaiwufeg, the Emerald Daughter
  6. Mornauguth, the Moor Dragon (dracolich)

Female Red Dragon Names in D&D

  1. Arnfalamme Redwing
  2. Arsekaslyx, Guardian of the Well
  3. Eboanaflimoth, Ebonflame (dracolich)
  4. Fyrentennimar, Old Fyren
  5. Heltipyre
  6. Maughrysear, Flashburn

Female White Dragon Names in D&D

  1. Aerihykloarara
  2. Arkhelthingril, Ice
  3. Arveiaturace, Iceclaws, the White Wyrm
  4. Augaurath
  5. Icasaracht, the Great Wyrm
  6. Saurglyce (dracolich)


Female Brass Dragon Names in D&D

  1. Dabshabah
  2. Janic
  3. Narbdy
  4. Silixia

Female Bronze Dragon Names in D&D

  1. Alaerurrgos
  2. Arellaxerrontoal, Arella
  3. Lhammaruntosz, Claws of the Coast
  4. Naelere
  5. Nusas
  6. Quelindritar, Wardancer

Female Copper Dragon Names in D&D

  1. Balarystul, Burney
  2. Carynnallerastis
  3. Chellewis
  4. Gracy Cooper
  5. Ilnezhara
  6. Tazmikella

Female Gold Dragon Names in D&D

  1. Dracolnobalen
  2. Garlokantha
  3. Havarlan
  4. Shattershree
  5. Tlanchass, Hailstorm
  6. Valamaradace, the Dragon Queen of Silverymoon

Female Silver Dragon Names in D&D

  1. Agrelia
  2. Argentorkillauri
  3. Dalanyrr
  4. Miirym, the Sentinel Wyrm
  5. Silverywing
  6. Symarra Brightmoon

Female Steel Dragon Names in D&D

  1. Jalanvaloss, the Wyrm of Many Spells
  2. Razylymingeir, Steelheart
  3. Stalagma Steelshadow
  4. Zundaerazylym, the Laughing Wyrm

Female Dragonborn Names D&D

Born of dragons, Dragonborn are a Dungeons & Dragons race with the opportunity for some cool-sounding names!

  1. Akra
  2. Biri
  3. Daar
  4. Farideh
  5. Haraan
  6. Havilar
  7. Jheri
  8. Kava
  9. Korinn
  10. Mishann
  11. Nala
  12. Perra
  13. Raiann
  14. Sora
  15. Surina
  16. Thava
  17. Uadjit

Conclusion: 270+ Female Dragon Names

With these 270+ female dragon names, you’re sure to find something unique that absolutely oozes ferocity and grandeur for your next baby, pet, character, car…

For even more dragon name inspiration, you have to check out our 250+ Male Dragon Names article! And if you’re a D&D fan or love the D&D dragon names style, see our extended 350+ D&D Dragon Names list!

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